"Hikaru, please put some clothes on."

Usual Sunday morning request. Made by me, as always.

You may wonder why I asked him to put some clothes on, or you may not. It would have been a rather idiotic request, had he been getting changed, but it wasn't for that purpose.

No, he had just decided to strip to torment me.

He knows I'm gay. Yes, he knows. He also knows that I have the biggest crush on him.

So he makes it his life's mission to get me hot and bothered, every single day.

He's a great twin, isn't he?


A/N- Oh, shut up, the lot of you. I'm sick, haven't slept in 48 hours, and caffeine makes me throw up.

Flame away, buckos.

Oh, yeah. In the manga, Bisco says that Kaoru is a homo character. Kaoru says it himself. There you go.

…No, don't take my word on that, for the reasons stated in the first paragraph of Author's Notes.

EDIT: Ha. I'm better now, but too lazy to make sure I'm right about the manga thing. XD; Sorry?