A/N- The twins can do zombie impressions. :D


They'd never been on a Merry-go-Round before.

One nervous glance between the two reassured both, and they hesitantly mounted the fake horses.

Kaoru was terrified – Hikaru wasn't doing much better.

They were sitting on things that people, people had been using before them. There were germs and bacteria and Lord knows what on those seats, and they were sitting on them.

Both whimpered when the ride started, clinging to the poles in front of them with one hand each. Their other hands were already clasped, tightening every so often.

When nothing bad happened for a few minutes, they felt brave enough to release their joined hands. The now free hand joined its partner on the pole, to which both of the twins were grasping tightly.

They shared another glance and smiled nervously. Kaoru let out a slightly hysterical chuckle, Hikaru quickly following. 'This isn't so bad,' both thought. 'I think I'm even starting to enjoy myself.'

When the ride stopped, they both jumped off of their respective horses and bolted from the machine, holding hands.

Merry-go-Rounds were spawns of Satan, and they'd never go near one again.


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