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Forbidden Art

by Luke Mason

So Kage Bunshin is kinjutsu. A forbidden art. Ever wonder why it's forbidden? I know.

By now the story is legend. How I was tricked into stealing the Hokage's scroll. How I stayed up all night, teaching myself this powerful technique, convinced it would let me become a ninja. Mizuki's betrayal, Iruka's redemption. Timeless stuff.

What they don't know is that you don't just give a kage bunshin your chakra, your soul energy, you give it a part of your soul itself. Not much, just a sliver, the smallest shaving. In normal people, all that would happen would be a slight loss of morals as they got older. An inability to determine right from wrong. Of course, I'm not a normal person am I.

Of course, normal people don't have the chakra to create so many bunshins, they never really fall that far. I don't have that problem. I've created thousands of bunshin at a time, each one grinding a few grains of love, respect and loyalty off my soul.

Even then, the soul can grow. Water it with friends and family, seed it with shared experience and happy occasions. My lack of this fertile ground is also a part of the legend by now. So I gained the respect of my teachers. I beat Orochimaru. I took down Akatsuki. I grew in power. And none of it was enough.

The problem is, along with the chakra, I had a spare soul. Well, not really mine. The kyuubi was more than willing to expand, to take up the slack as my soul shrank, like a balloon a few days after the party. It happened so slowly I never really realised what was happening, untill it was too late.

So now, I look at the hidden village layed out before me. From the top of the carved heads I can see people starting to awaken. False dawn fills the sky to the east. I look down at the flickering, transparent red claw that overlays my hand. I feel the tails waving behind me. I grin my foxlike grin. And I start the destruction that was stopped so many years ago.

It's always stuck with me that Kage Bunshin is talked up as forbidden at the start of the series. Why is it forbidden? This dark little conversation is the result of that.

kage bunshin - shadow clone. naruto's primary technique
jutsu - technique/art
kinjutsu - forbidden technique