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Chapter 11: Nothing on Earth could come between them

For nothing this wide universe I call,
Save thou, my rose; in it thou art my all.
(W. Shakespeare)

After the big events of that day the six exhausted guys went to the "Silver dragon" to inform Mrs. Lin that they were alright, that the foe had been defeated and to tell her everything in detail.

The kind old lady had been sitting in the kitchen (she had closed the restaurant for all the customers that day) and waiting for the guys to return. The Lin family had always been outstanding for their optimism and presence of mind but now even merry Yan Lin was fretting. She was really worried for her young under wardships and although she believed in their powers, she was aware that nobody had managed to defeat Ursula yet. Most of all she wanted to help them somehow but there was nothing she could do but wait. Minutes seemed hours and hours seemed days to her before her granddaughter and her friends finally arrived.

«Thank heavens, you are alive! » the old lady exclaimed joyfully and towards the gang «And you've defeated Ursula! » she realized when she saw the rescued Cornelia.

«Yes, granny, we did it! » Hay Lin cried hugging her old grandmother «We'll tell you everything right now, it was soooo dangerous! »

Mrs. Lin invited the tired guardians to sit at the table and made a hot medical drink for Cornelia to calm down – the girl was still trembling with horror and tried not to burst out crying again.

The old lady sat at the table with the girls and Caleb and asked them to tell her how they managed to fulfill such a difficult and dangerous mission. Irma, Will, Hay Lin and Taranee were still under impression of the great events of that day so they started telling the story of their victory in detail from the very beginning constantly interrupting each other.

And what about Blunk?

While the girls were informing Mrs. Lin with the details of the big battle, nobody really cared about him and he was completely left on his own devices. So, without losing time, the little green creature turned over the all the products he could find, heaped them up in a big bowl and then sat comfortably on the floor and started swallowing up the result of his culinary efforts with a big ladle. He couldn't seriously tell anything himself so he was just listening to the girls with genuine interest and got very proud of himself when the guardians mentioned him in their narration. He sometimes inserted such phrases as "Blunk help girls" or "Blunk smell underground portal" or "Will not let Blunk go with Caleb" or "Blunk worry about girls" and "Blunk cool guy!" and he generally thought that the girls managed to defeat the witch only thanks to his contribution.

Cornelia was staring at the table-board silently and from time to time sipping her sedative, she didn't utter a word during the whole conversation. There were too many thoughts and feelings from what she had gone through concentrated in her heart and she needed to think everything over.

Caleb either didn't say much, he entered the discussion only once or twice and the rest of the time he was silently looking at Cornelia, at her hands which were mechanically slightly twirling the mug with the drink while she was recalling the terrible moment of her betrayal again and again. More than anything in the world he wanted her to clam down, forget that grisly night and that monstrous woman, not to blame herself. He was gazing into her deep azure eyes which were motionlessly staring somewhere down and understood that she still couldn't forgive herself. T was not in Cornelia's nature to blame herself for so long, to torment herself with remorse but was the case when she considered herself a traitor and the reason of the friends' troubles. Although everything was over now, the blonde Earth guardian couldn't forgive herself for being so stupid to believe that witch and to sign the document willingly. She was sure that her friends would hate her and would never be able to pardon her completely although they had told her it was not her fault.

While Cornelia was deep in thoughts, her four girlfriends had already finished their story. They so much liked their roles of narrators that they started retelling the most emotional moments of the battle again.

«And then he said "If there is anything left from former Cornelia in this monster, recall me!" » Hay Lin started retelling her most favourite moment with her eyes wide opened. «It was deadly dangerous, but so romantic! »

«And just with those words, the seashell where Cornelia's real soul was started to shiver. She recalled and responded Caleb! » Will continued. «And we immediately realized everything »

«If not this fact, we would have never discovered how to return our Cornelia » Taranee said in conclusion.

Cornelia raised her head for a moment and spoke for the first time during the whole conversation. «I will never be able to forgive myself» she said bitterly and hid her face in her hands «I've nearly done such a terrible thing! Only when I think about it my heart starts bleeding! I feel so guilty! » Caleb put his arm around Cornelia's shoulders to support her a little.

«Dear, nobody accuses you! » Mrs. Lin said softly. «It was Ursula, who did everything, and you were just a victim»

«Mrs. Lin's right, you've signed the paper in the state of affect» Will confirmed.

«Please, don't blame yourself» Taranee added.

But Cornelia couldn't put up with that. All those terrible images when her monster self was fighting against her friends made her feel again and again that it was her entire fault.

«But I've nearly killed you guys! » she exclaimed and looked with sorrow at the four girls «… and Caleb» she looked in the eyes of the one she loved.

«Well, yes, but then you saved us all! » Irma reminded. «You managed to turn the power of the spell to good and this was not easy! »

«We were all risking, but you most of all» the Fire guardian said «If not you, everything would have failed. Without you, we could do nothing, even with the Heart of Kandrakar»

«And it's such a pity that the power of the spell is lost forever» the Water guardian sighed. «The power of the spell, turned to good and combined with powers of the Heat of Kandrakar could remove all the evil from Meridian. And our victory on Ursula is mostly your merit, Corny» she added, forgetting that Cornelia didn't like being called that way.

«That's right» Hay Lin agreed «And each of us sitting here is sure for 200 that you never stopped loving Caleb, even when your monstrous aspect was fighting against him. Just look, Ursula was trying to do everything to separate you two: she hypnotized you with that music, she brought her to her secret "headquarters", she told you awful things about Caleb; finally, she made you sign the document and turned you into a monster. But this didn't bother you, you guys are still together! You're Romeo and Juliet; you'll love each other for the rest of your lives. Put up with it! » she smiled.

«Yeah, love is forever, at least in your case» Irma summarized with a romantic sigh.

«Hey, girl, just fall in love yourself and you'll understand that your second half is the centre of the world» Will turned to the Water guardian. «Tested on me! » she winked.

«You're talking about Mattie, right? » Irma grinned.

«Who else! » Will smiled jauntily.

Cornelia calmed down a little and Hay Lin's words even made her smile transiently. The Earth guardian turned to Caleb, she had so much to say to him and to beg his pardon for the biggest mistake of her life.

Mrs. Lin noticed that Caleb and Cornelia needed to say something personal to each other. And she quickly found a reason to divert the others.

«Uh, girls» she turned to the four chatting guardians. «I need a little help with the dishes, do you mind? »

«Sure» was the answer and the old lady smiled. Her trick worked.

When the girls went away to the cupboard to help Mrs. Lin to arrange the dishes on the shelves, Corny and Caleb stayed alone at the table. Now they could finally talk without curious witnesses.

«And I've always known that you'll never stop loving me» Caleb said to his beloved when he was sure there was nobody to eavesdrop and mock at them.

«I have also always known that you'll always love me, even when I'm a monster» the Earth guardian replied softly and Caleb took her hands in his. «It was so painful to hear what Ursula said, that I couldn't control myself and has done so many mistakes! » she added with pain remembering everything that had happened. «Gosh, just when I think I could kill you, my heart pours with blood. Will you ever be able to forgive me? »

Caleb touched Corny's cheek with his hand. «I have forgiven you for a million times» he said. «And you shouldn't blame yourself; it was not you who wanted to kill me, but a beast with no soul while your real soul was captured by that witch. So I can't blame you in anything, you has always loved me»

«Thanks for understanding, I really always have» Cornelia whispered looking into Caleb's emerald eyes.

That was such a romantic moment! Both of them were ready for a kiss, when they felt they were being watched by four pairs of curious eyes.

The Earth guardian and the rebel leader looked to check and blushed instantly. The girls were watching them all the time with their mouths opened with pleasure, when they got Mrs. Lin's trick. Even Mrs. Lin was looking at the young people smiling.

«Ah, l'amour, l'amour! » Hay Lin sighted romantically rolling her eyes.

«Hey, guys, » Irma turned sarcastically to the blushing couple «It's such a pity that Shakespeare is no more alive, or he would have written such a romantic play looking at you two that it surely would have eclipsed all his passed works about love! » she teased.

«Oh, stop that, please! » Caleb said helplessly standing up. He was red as a beetroot. «Why do you always do that, I wonder? »

«Come on, » Cornelia said smiling to Caleb, though she was also terribly embarrassed. «What do you want from them, they're our friends! »

«Aha, what else are friends for?! » the optimistic Air guardian said ironically.

«So, what if we all go out somewhere to celebrate our new victory on evil? » Will suggested. She thought it would be the best moment to change the topic to save poor Caleb and Cornelia from next in turn friendly teases.

«I love the idea! » the blonde quickly answered and thanked Will for saving with her eyes. Everybody nodded.

«So, where are we going? » Taranee asked «Maybe we'll have a smoothie? »

«We'll decide on our way» Will said. «Come on, guys»

«Is Caleb going? » Irma turned to him.

«Of course he is» Cornelia answered before Caleb could open his mouth.

«Sure, what would you do without me? » Caleb noticed.

«Ok, so come on. Bye, grandma! » Hay Lin said.

«Goodbye, Mrs. Lin thank you» the others said and went to the exit.

«Bye-bye and take care of yourself» the old lady said to them.

Blunk also wanted to go, but Mrs. Lin asked him to stay. The creature was going to take offence as usual, but Mrs. Lin let him rummage in the biggest trash bin and the monster forgot all his offences for the sake of such a big pleasure.

The company left the "Silver dragon" and went along the road. Will, Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin went a little ahead chatting lively and Caleb and Cornelia hindered a bit.

«So, what did Ursula exactly tell you about me? » Caleb asked the blonde going beside him.

«You know, » Cornelia said gently «It doesn't really matter now. I'm just happy that everything's over» she sighed with a smile.

«Yeah, me too» Caleb replied. The two lovers took each other by hand.

«And by the way, speaking about Shakespeare» the Earth guardian smiled after a small pause «Tu toujours sera mon seul Roméo» (you will always be my only Romeo) she said in French «Toujours, pour l'éternité» (always, for the eternity)

«Et tu toujours sera ma seule Juliette » (and you'll always be my only Juliet) the young warrior answered sweetly « Pour l'éternité»

The four guardians going ahead stopped and turned back to the couple. «Hey, love-birds, are you stuck there? » Will asked Corny and Caleb giggling.

«You're going or not? » Irma screwed up her eye.

«Yes, wait for us» both of them said in unison and quickly ran to overtake their friends.

So, all six of them continued going along the street lit up with the evening sunlight and everybody was totally happy. Cornelia and Caleb the most. Nothing on earth could come between them. No trials could separate two young hearts, because this was love and love is forever…

Live, for the one I love

Love, as no one has loved

Give, asking nothing in return,

These two worlds tear us apart,

We're still together in my heart,

I want the world to hear my cry

And even if I have to die

Love will not die,

Love will change the world.

Live, for the one I love

Love, as no one has loved

Give, asking nothing in return,

I'll love, until love wears me away,

I'll die and I now my love will stay,

And I know my love will stay…

The end

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