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The moonlight now shone vibrantly through the dense forest, carefully piercing the empty branches of the trees and collecting itself against the pink outline of the young girl's hair as she danced beautifully along the night sky. Awe struck, the elder woman watched patiently as the other completed her task with such amazing grace and elegance. The child's movements were intense and passionate, stunningly beautiful, but hopelessly misguided. She knew it was her job to be this child's guiding light.

"That's enough for today, Sakura. We should be getting back now." The woman called innocently suddenly realizing the time.

"You sure, I think I could give the course a couple more runs." The pink haired girl replied in a determined manner.

"I'm sure you could. You've completed that training course perfectly three times in a row now. Doing that same course again would just be redundant." The other retorted coldly.

"Well you could just increase the difficulty a bit, touch it up a little, you know…" Sakura started back in excitement.

"While, I appreciate your new found determination, and want nothing more than to see you succeed, having you train until you pass out would really defeat the purpose. Or have you not realized how late it's gotten." The woman replied sarcastically.

"You're right, Tsunade sensei, it has gotten late, and it's cold out. We should probably be getting back." The young chunin said with a smile.

Tsunade, the fifth Hokage of Konohagakure, had set up this weeklong excursion to this isolated forest as a means to properly train her young disciple Sakura Haruno. In the two years that this child had been under her instruction, there had been few opportunities for her to familiarize the student with the more physical aspects of ninja training. Sakura was to be a medical ninja, but that did not mean that she would never have to fight. In fact being the one with the capacity to help the injured was sure to make her a target for her enemies. Despite numerous recent successes on missions and in the chunin exam, actual combat was one area Sakura was still lacking in. Recognizing that simple chakra exercises and medical study was not sufficient, Tsunade had set aside time from her busy schedule as the Hokage, to concentrate on ninja battle mechanics. In the first few days the young child had made incredible headway in harnessing her raw strength into refined technique.

"So how'd I do today, sensei?" Sakura asked excitedly as the two of them found their way to the small forest cottage they were using for the week.

"Excellent, like I said those last three runs were executed no worse then I could perform them... I still have trouble believing that any of this will transfer to actual battle for you though." Tsunade spoke with a laugh.

"And why is that?" Sakura replied indignantly.

"I've seen you fight before, and when the heat of the battle comes to you, you'll just charge all your emotion into your fist and forget you even know these battle techniques." The blonde was mocking in tone.

"If that's the case then why are you even giving me this training?" The chunin teased.

"I figure if you do this stuff enough, maybe there's a slight chance it will sink in and you won't die out there. I mean I can be optimistic, you know." The Hokage replied still mocking.

"Oh come on from what I've seen, were exactly the same when it comes to this stuff." Sakura said softly.

"Maybe, but that doesn't give me an excuse to not exhaust every training possibility there is for you. With our strength, letting our emotions run wild can be dangerous, it helps to at least show a little refinement. Not every battle can be won on wits alone, sometimes when you're caught in a corner your only choice is to fight." Tsunade spoke in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Maybe… and maybe the whole reason you organized this thing was so that you could have a vacation." Sakura joked.

"Hey, being the Hokage is tough, you don't know how many little annoyances you have to put up with." The blonde woman sighed.

"I suppose it is a nice escape, though, just me and you, the forest… It's kind of relaxing to be away from it all." Sakura sighed back with a tired gaze.

"Yeah, but don't think you're on vacation. You are here to train, not relax." Tsunade smirked back.

"I know… I need to be strong. That way me and Naruto… we can get Sasuke back." The young chunin spoke with a determined smile.

"You still think about them both a lot, huh." Tsunade smiled back.

"Of course, they are my teammates." The other replied.

"And that's your strength, Sakura. There aren't many people who would be willing to still accept Sasuke after all that's happened." The Hokage said dryly.

"Of course I'd accept him. I mean sure things don't look to good right now, but he's… he's the one I love." The younger Kunoichi retorted emotionally.

"You're young; I doubt you've truly experienced real love." Tsunade sighed longingly.

"Then what would you call my feelings for Sasuke?' Sakura questioned in an irritated manner.

"Raw sexual attraction, maybe?" Tsunade replied in earnest.

"That's wrong; I don't think about him like that, I never think about stuff like that..." Sakura started partly offended.

"A stupid girlish crush then." Tsunade laughed bitterly.

"It's not… but I… well, what exactly is love anyway?" Sakura struggled for a comeback.

"Love is something mutual, pure, and deep. Like protecting each other, and living and working for the benefit of one another." The blonde woman said smoothly, fully aware that Sakura had not sought an answer.

"But, I've been in situations like that before…. I think." Sakura continued to try to defend herself.

"I suppose, from what you've told me, you're relationship with Ino is pretty close to love." Tsunade responded with a sly smile.

"Are you saying I'm a lesbian?" Sakura said suddenly, not thinking the prior statement over.

"No, at least not necessarily, I'm merely stating that that's more of what love is then what you and Sasuke share. You don't have to be having sex with someone to love them." The Hokage said after a hard laugh.

"Just because you're so old doesn't mean you're some expert on love." Sakura spoke spitefully.

"I'm not old! I just happen to be more experienced then you." Tsunade spat in offense.

"I guess you're right, I mean you're past all that stuff now. You should know about misled love with all of it you've seen." Sakura pushed harder.

"Shut up. I'm young and beautiful and I am sure to have true love still ahead of me." Tsunade said loudly with a determined stare.

"That's where we disagree. As I see it you have nothing ahead of you but death." An odd male voice called behind the two.

"W-what, who's there?" Tsunade turned around suddenly, a serious glare upon her eyes.

"My, my, so this filth is the legendary Hokage of Konoha. Destroying you shall be most rewarding." The strange visitor said in a very formal tone.

"I won't let you harm my sensei. If you want to get to her you'll have to get through me first." Sakura started suddenly, determination evident in her stare.

"Aw, what do we have here? As expected the peasants gather to protect their princess. Child, you do not stand a chance of defeating me. Challenging me is the same as throwing away you're life." The man gave a simple cruel laugh as he walked into the light. He was tall and of relative build. His hair was black, untamed and seemed to reach near to his feet. He wore dark blue formal robes of unusual design and his eyes were a shade of cold violet.

"Who are you?" Sakura questioned intently.

"As I said before this is not you're fight, child. It would be truly terrible to scar that wonderful face of yours." The man smiled cruelly, his smile sent a shrill shiver down the girl's spine.

"He's right Sakura. This man's chakra is great. He's too strong for you. I'll handle this." Tsunade spoke reassuringly.

"How noble of you princess, to protect your loyal servant from certain death, especially when she is such a beautiful child." The man gave another shrill laugh.

The strange man opened his robe slightly and pulled forth a large battle staff, bladed on either end. Tsunade stepped forward facing him down, her determinate gaze unwavering in the face of her mysterious opponent. All Sakura could do was watch as the battle was soon to begin.

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