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The glow of the moonlight illuminated the subtleties of the room; the woman's back heaved as a longing gasp escaped her lips. The young girl met it with her own sound, before pulling the other down atop her once more their lips meeting once again, giving both a sensation of magical warmth. It had been hours since they started this endeavor and Sakura Haruno prayed that it would go on forever. Though the wears oh their physical contact seemed miniscule on the young kunoichi, Sakura knew her lover was done. Sakura removed herself from her mentor and sunk into the warmth of her bed and Tsunade followed suit rolling to the other side. It was a moment before the overwhelming intensity subsided.

"So you done now?" Tsunade asked sensually gently caressing Sakura's countenance.

"Yeah, I guess. It's almost morning, and unfortunately we can't do this forever." Sakura sighed back with a blissful smile.

"I suppose you're right. I guess it's time we get back to the less exciting aspects of life, namely finding those ninja who are still out looking for me." The Hokage said with an equal sigh as she rose from the bed, her naked frame still attracting the admiration of her young lover.

"You sure you don't just want me to go look? I kept you up all night, you probably need some sleep." Sakura said with a slight tease.

"No, we should both go. It will make searching easier. Besides a kunoichi of my skill level can go days without sleep." Tsunade replied coolly as she proceeded to cover herself.

"Alrigtht… but before we leave, can I talk to you a little sensei." Sakura said softly.

"Sure, about what?" Tsunade replied knowing perfectly well the nature of the girl's inquiry.

"Well… about us." Sakura said hesitantly.

"It would probably be best if we forget the whole thing happened." Tsunade spoke coldly after a moment of silent thought.

"What, but you said you loved me. How could we just forget?" Sakura cried out.

"I do love you. I love you and will always love you, but that doesn't mean you should return my love. It'd be best if you found someone else to love." Tsunade spoke with obvious hurt in her eyes.

"No. I don't want anyone else, just you." Sakura shot back indignantly.

"Do you think a relationship between us would really even be possible? Can you imagine what people would say? It would shine a bad light on Konoha and the Land of Fire as a whole if it got out that the Hokage was engaged in an indecent relationship with her young female apprentice." Tsunade said with a tearful stare.

"Then we will just not let anyone find out ever." Sakura spoke firmly.

"I can't ask you to commit to a life of lies, secrets, and deception. No one's worth that much." Tsunade said lovingly, truly touched.

"Last I checked all ninja lived a life of lies, secrets, and deception." Sakura replied with a smirk.

"Ha. I suppose you're right on that one. If we're real careful we probably could keep it hidden, if that's what you desire… but Sakura you do realize that I won't always be there for you." The Hokge's slight smile wavered into a dismal melancholy as she reminded herself of her abbreviated remaining assistance.

"Then I'll just make sure to get enough out of you while you still are here." Sakura smiled back lovingly as she now began to stroke the face and hair of her sensei.

"You truly are an amazing girl, more than I deserve, but I'm certainly not one to refuse." Tsunade smiled back, content, before pressing her lips to the other girl's hotly.

"As much as I'd rather stay here and kiss you all day, sensei, we really need to get going. I feel kind of guilty about having the others search for you when you're right here with me." Sakura said with a slight laugh.

"Right, well then, finish getting ready and we'll leave." Tsunade replied.


The Hokage and her student rushed into the forest at blinding speed, searching for their comrades. The pair gazed at the ravished landscape, torn by the previous blaze. The fire had subsided in an odd way, it's flames had become singularly concentrated in a single area. A fearful thought entered both women's minds at the same time, and they both knew that that was their destination.

The scene looked bad. The three ANBU lay still on the floor, the figure of Kakashi Hatake, was stained with blood, of which the source was unclear as him and his opponent were in equally as dire condition. Tousou Kaseiyari had a sick smile on his face that was unmasked by the terrible wounds to his entire frame. Without hesitation the Hokage rushed to the side of the injured men.

"Are they alright, sensei?" Sakura called out as her mentor checked the life signs of the ANBU men.

"They're still breathing. I'll save them, you help Kakashi." Tsunade said certainly; a great weight lifted off Sakura's shoulders, as the death of these men on account of her actions would be too much to bear.

"So you're alive, huh, princess? I suppose I truly have had no victory then. I'm just a delusional fool with no chance in this world, but that doesn't mean I won't go out without a fight. In fact I'll start by stealing this poor girl's life." Tousou gave a manic, freakish scream that seemed contrary to his own humanity as he lifted his blazing staff toward Sakura.

"I'm glad you're beginning to see things realistically, but I don't see much backing up your threat. Your half-dead, insane, and tragically stupid; Sakura may just be young, but a child's more of an opponent then you can handle." Tsunade said lazily as she funneled her chakra into the open wounds of a wounded man.

"You bitch! I am the last of the Kaseiyari. The blood that made this nation what it is, burns through my body like these flames. I cannot lose!" Tousou was yelling even more frantically, his violet eyes held an intense look of horror that when coupled with the blood rushing down his face gave him the look of a spite-filled demon.

The demon-man flew at the chunin viciously. His staff was no longer spinning; whether he lacked the chakra or lacked the control was uncertain. Sakura pulled a kunai from her side and blocked the strike, and each sequential strike with what seemed like little effort. While his opponent was distracted, Kakashi took the opportunity to make his strike, cutting the evil maniac across the back with a large battle kunai. Tousou writhed in pain and Sakura took the opportunity to make a blow directly to his stomach. The evil ninja buckled over in pain and spat a great deal of blood.

"You've lost. There is no chance for victory now. If you give up now you're life may be prolonged." Kakashi called out coolly.

"Ha. You think I'd give up now only to be hauled of to some cell to await my death. I'd rather die fighting to bring chaos back to this idle world." The black-haired fire master cried fiercely as he recovered his footing. With a battle cry, he charged forward and managed to connect a powerful strike to his sharingan wielding opponent knocking Kakashi back and to the ground. The masked man struggled to get up, but collapsed under the weight of his previous wounds, and Sakura knew this fight was now up to her.

"Now it's your turn girl, it's time to pay for ruining my plan." Tousou spoke deeply hatred rushing through his eyes.

Sakura rushed forward and unleashed a volley of high-speed punches and kicks, which her wounded opponent struggled to parry. Kaseiyari fell back and sent a storm of flames directly at the kunoichi from his hands. Sakura avoided this technique with some careful movements and took the opportunity to close the gap between them. Sakura charged forth with a punch at full-strength; Tousou blocked it with his hand, which could clearly be heard fracturing. The evil ninja jumped back, his pain seething out of him as deep-rooted anger, with his good hand, he did several high-speed hand signs, and in a second, his battle staff had taken the form of a giant blade of flame, nearly twice as tall as its owner. He rushed forward channeling his wrath into power and his power into flame as he leapt at the now terrified girl slashing the fiery weapon at her with al his strength. At the last second, a protectorate appeared to block the attack.

"Tsunade-sensei, you saved me... Thank you." Sakura said, her love clearly evident in her gratitude.

"I've ensured that everyone will survive, so I thought it was about time that I stepped into this fight." Tsunade said with a smile to her secret love as she used a kunai to deflect the emblazoned staff. The intense flames singed her hands slightly as she managed to protect Sakura from harm.

Tousou Kaseiyari smiled. He gave a short laugh that reflected how meaningless he knew his short life truly had been. He charged the Hokage at a rapidly decreasing speed, his staff in hand though no flames could spout forth. Tsunade caught the depraved look in the man's eyes and realized there was truly only one way out of this. With a solemn glare Tsunade unleashed a fierce kick to the man's chest sending him hard to the ground. A writhed gasp of deep relief escaped the man's lips as Kaseiyari was forever silenced.

"Is it finally over?" Sakura asked with a deep parted breath.

"Yes. It would seem." Kakashi said from a distance as he and the other injured men began to find their strength.

"Tsunade-sensei, I 'm so glad we can finally put this thing behind us." Sakura called out as she rushed to the Hokage's side.

"Right. You really impressed me, Sakura. I guess that training really did pay off." Tsunade said with a beaming smile to her apprentice.

"But I was nothing compared to you. That's why I want you to start training me even more." Sakura said with a soft smirk.

"Oh, but as Hokage my schedule pretty full. I don't know exactly when I'd be able to squeeze in more time." Tsunade said with a slight laugh.

"I suppose we'll have to start training at night then." Sakura said simply, broadening her smile.

"That sound's like a plan." Tsunade responded with another soft laugh; Sakura could not know the true excitement these "nighttime training sessions" sparked in her. This apprentice, whom she had guided carefully, with her incredible radiance, had now, become her life's guiding light.

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