The Halloween party

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Danny was sitting in the break room drinking a cup of coffee when Flack walked in

he said hey man are you going to that Halloween party on Friday I heard Stella and Lindsay talking about going

so are you going or not yea yea im going besides I cant wait to see what Lindsay goes as I hope she don't show up in a cowboy hat with cut off jeans not don't it wouldit be funny to see so what are you going as Flack I thinking of going in my rookie uniform no no Flack you cant go in that you have to go as something fun

Flack looked at him with a glint in his eyes ok Messer what are you going as I don't know yet im thinking a sailor

just then Lindsay walked in she said whos a sailor as she was pouring her a cup of coffee Messer here is going to the Halloween party as one she gets this big smile on her face you as a sailor Danny I just don't see it oh really Montana what are you going as

thats for me to know and you to find out come on Montana Flack chimes in yea Lindsay what are you going as well boys that wouldit be any fun if I told you

just them Flacks cellphone starting ringing he flips it open yea Mac I be right there he hangs up and says well kids this was fun but the grownups have to work haha Flack very funny yea Messer I am as he walks out of the room

so Montana are you going tell me or what well to tell you the truth Danny I don't know yet me and Stella are going to the shop after work today so Danny are you bringing anyone to the party naw im going Solo you

yea me to so Montana you wanna go with me you know as a date sure Danny only if you call me Lindsay at the party all come on Montana no Danny I mean it

ok but only at the party and when I bring you home I get to kiss you Lindsays eyes grow wide yo you want to kiss me

Danny looks at the floor and says yea since the first day I met you

she walks up to him and puts her fingers under his chin to bring up his eyes to meet hers well Danny I been wanting to do that since I first looked into those beautiful blue eyes of yours she cups his face in her hands and brushes her lips ever so lightly over his

he brings his hands to the back of her head to deepen the kiss when the need for air brings them apart there foreheads touch and they smiles at each other so Montana you wanna have dinner with me tonight yea Danny that would be nice good I pick you up at 7:30 and he gives her a quick kiss then he leaves the room a litter more happier then when he came in.