It's not often I take the time to just lean back and savor the moment, enjoy what I have, where I am and that I am.

It's not often I find the time to just breathe in deeply and not worry about what will be, what will not and where I fit in.

Today is one of those rare occasions where I do have the time, today is one of those seldom moments where I open my eyes simply to watch as she sleeps, peacefully, beautifully. Resting quietly in between the pillows and sheets on my bed, bare, vulnerable and trusting.

This is like a dream I often dreamed, a fantasy I've feared to lose except this is real.

As vivid as the soft tremble of my smile, the fluttering in my stomach, the tears of content, joy, overwhelming safety, slightly blurring my vision.

She is real, I am real and this moment is, in all its perfectness, in all its plain existence.

I am, watching, gazing, wondering. Amazed, in awe, infatuated.

With the one person making me feel secure by just silently lying in front of me, staying, offering.

And with one more breath I know. I will forever have enough time, I will forever have this moment. I will forever savor it, her, us.