My grandfather had passed away just a few days ago that why I came here to Alice Academy. Right before my grandfather died he told me to come here he says I have great powers within me. It was his last wish for me to come here in Alice Academy.

As I walked around my new school I remembered my grandfather and started to cry. I ran as fast I could I dint care where I was going I just kept on running.

I came across a beautiful Sakura tree. I sat under it and cried.

"Hey, little girl, why are you crying?"

I heard a voice from the top of the tree. I looked up and saw a raven haired boy probably the same age as me. (they were ten here)

"Its nothing…."

He climbed down the tree and sat in front of me.

"what you name?" he asked he had such a gentle voice that it made me smile.

"uh…. It's Mikan, Mikan Sakura"

"I'm Natsume Hyuuga are you new here?" he asked

"umm yeah. I just arrived."

"why were you crying?"

"Its just that my grandfather just died and told me to come here because he said that I have great powers within me."

"oh.. I see…I'm sorry about you grandfather. Do you know what your power is?" He said while whipping the tears from my eyes.

"He said something about nullification. I don't really know what that means"

"mines fire" He said while making fire come out of his hands.

My grandfather once said "never play with fire no matter how beautiful it is. In the end it would just hurt you." I got scared at first but when he held my hand the fire disappeared.

"see that's your Alice.."

What he said made me smile.

"I like you better when you smile"

I blushed at what he said then he took my hand.

"come on I'll bring you to your room"

I took his hand than we started walking. As we walked people were staring at us I was wondering why. Is it maybe because we are holding hands I suddenly blushed at that thought. When I saw Natsume's eyes they looked cold but when he looks at me, his eyes look really soft and gentle.

As days pass by I started getting to know a lot about my Alice. The teachers ranked me a three star. I met a lot of nice people who I now call my friends. I saw that people were scared of Natsume I always wondered why he is always so sweet and gentle to me but to others he is always in a bad mood so people just ignore him.

As months pass me and natsume got much closer. I have notice some changes in him. Sometimes he could be really hurtfull but he would always be nice and sweet to me after. One Saturday night, It was a full moon. Natsume told me to go to the Sakura tree and meet him there at midnight.

When i climbed down from my window I notice a trail of cherry blossoms and roses on the floor some were burnt but the others were still fresh. My instincts told me to follow it, and so I did. It led me to the Sakura tree. I looked up in the sky.

"The stars are so beautiful tonight" I said in a whisper, I knew that Natsume was already here I was just waiting for him to make an entrance.

"yeah I know…."

I looked up he was standing on top of a branch. Then he jumped down and started to walk towards me. I trembled a bit. I dint know this feeling it was like a mix of excitement and I'm also feeling nervous. Its really hard to explain this feeling inside me there was also a bit of heat even if it is a cold night in November.

As Natsume was walking he pulled something out of his pocket. It was a small heart shaped box. He then bent down in front of Mikan.

"Mikan Sakura, will you be my girlfriend?"

I was shocked of what I had just heard. I jumped to hug him with tears in my eyes.


We both shared a passionate kiss………….


(they are16 years old here)


"what the fuck?"

"come on Natsume wake up already we are going to be late!"

"What am I doing in you room?"

"you fell asleep last night" Mikan said while drying her hair


"come on Natsume ill bring you to your room"

great he is drunk again! Mikan thought

"No I want to stay with you!" He said whil kissing her

Natsume pushed mikan against the wall of her room and started taking of her blouse.

"Natsume wait!" she tried to shout but natsume carried mikan to her bed.

"Natsume stop! We might get caught!" mikan said while pushing him off of her.

"What the fuck is your problem?"

"whats my problem? You're the one with the problem!" Mikan said buttoning up her blouse.

"I… I'm sorry" He said while hugging her

"It's okay. Just stop drinking for awhile. Come on its late you'd better sleep here i'ts too late to go back to your room."

End of Flashback

"Mikan I'm sorry about last night" Natsume said while facing down making his bangs cover his eyes.

"It alright. You couldn't do anything you were drunk. Come on lets go we might be late"

They both walked silently to their classroom until they heard something in the speakers.

"Natsume Hyuuga please report to the headmaster's office immediately."