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Dean periodically checked on Sam, but his brother stubbornly refused to wake up, so he inched along the ground to the bottle of lighter fluid and grabbed it, replacing the top. Luckily not much fluid had escaped. He put it back in a hidden pocket and sat by his brother again. To his relief Sam's breathing stayed even and his pulse rate seemed to be calming down. The blood that had trickled from a gash on the side of Sam's head from where he'd hit it against the brick wall had slowed to a stop, and feeling his own head Dean determined his own wound had stopped bleeding as well. It still hurt, but the dizzy feeling was passing and he wondered if he'd done the right thing by calling in outside help. Hearing the rumble of an engine, he realized it was too late for second thoughts. He swept his gaze around the alley but except for the bedpost's ashes on the ground it looked untouched.

A door slammed and quick footsteps heralded his rescuer's approach.

"Dean?" Evie called.

"Over here," he replied and the woman came into view.

"Oh my gosh, are you okay?" she exclaimed when she got close enough to get a good look at the brothers. The moonlight streamed into the alley and the first faint streaks of false dawn gave her a good enough picture to see that all was not well.

"Oh, just peachy," he grunted, slowly getting to his feet. This time the world stayed flat as it should be and he began to regret calling her.

The regret disappeared when Evie bypassed him to go to Sam, gently turning his brother's head so she could get a look at the gash. She gasped as she saw the bruising around Sam's neck.

"You both need a doctor! Don't worry, I know just who to call. I'll take care of it. Come on, I'll help you get Sam to my car and we'll go back to my house. My childhood doctor lives just next door, we used to call him when we-"Evie stopped and swallowed. "Anyway, he'll help," she finished.

Dean opened his mouth to say something then shut it, and instead replied, "Thanks."

With Evie helping him Dean managed to get Sam situated in the back seat of the blue late model Ford parked haphazardly at the end of the alley. The short exertion had brought the dizziness back so when he started for his own car to follow her he thought better of it and slid into the passenger side when Evie held the door open. She circled around the front and got in the driver's side and a short while later they were pulling into the driveway of her house.

"We'll get him inside and I'll call Dr. Gregg," Evie said.

Dean nodded and got out, and after opening the back door he gently shook his brother's shoulder.

"Come on sleeping beauty, time to wake up," he said, trying to hide the worry in his voice.

"Since when do you read fairy tales?" Sam croaked, eyes opening to a slit.

Dean grinned, his aches dissolving as if by magic. "I don't, but a young twerp used to sing songs from Disney movies when he got back from visiting his friends. Used to annoy me to no end."

"Oh my god," Sam said, "You remember that?" His eyes opened fully and he groaned as he sat up from his slumped position. He took in the car and his brother and…Evie?

"What happened?" he rasped, raising a hand to his throat.

"Well I managed to finish the exorcism and sent that chick back to hell but I wasn't going to haul your sorry bleeding butt into my car and Evie here knows a doctor so we're at her place," Dean said, giving Sam a once over. His brother was pale but at least conscious and aware of the present.

"Come on, there's a couch with your name on it," Dean continued, giving his brother a hand out of the seat.

Sam swayed when he was finally upright so he reluctantly accepted the woman's support as well as his brother's as he made his way into the house. He collapsed gratefully on the couch, noting that the blue blanket had been moved to the side and the living room was actually clutter free.

"Hey, guess the maid has been in," Dean said, noticing the same thing.

"I was feeling better," Evie admitted, and then gently pushed Dean down to sit next to Sam. "You need to rest too. You looked like you were about to fall down. I'll make the call and be right back," she finished.

Dean watched as she walked into the next room, then heard the one sided conversation as she talked with someone, presumably the doctor. He was wondering again if this had been the best idea, when he felt as though he were being watched. He turned his head to see Sam scrutinizing him. Caught, his brother lifted a hand to gently touch Dean's head. He batted it away.

"Dude, cut that out. I'm fine," he said.

"How did that happen?" Sam asked, concern lacing his voice.

Dean sighed. "That misty bitch hit me with the bedpost," he replied, quickly filling Sam in on events while his brother had been out of it. He then demanded to know what had happened while the batibat had his brother, and Sam summarized his own experiences.

Evie then walked back into the room with three bottles of spring water. "I thought you could both use a drink," she said, handing them each a bottle and then opening her own. "Dr. Gregg should be here in a few minutes. Is that thing, whatever it was that killed my sister, gone?" she asked.

"Yeah, it burned to a crisp," Dean said with a smile. It was close enough, anyway.

Evie smiled back, her face lighting up. "Thank you! For taking care of it and for letting me know I'm not crazy. This is on me," she said, as the doorbell rang. She opened the door to admit a portly balding man with glasses.

"Dr. Gregg thanks for coming so early. You know that the wait in the emergency room at this hour of the morning is horrendous and my friends here needed help right away," Evie said graciously, allowing the man to enter and then closing the door behind him.

He nodded at her and walked into the room, peering at the two young men seated on the couch. He placed his black bag on one of the armchairs and opened it as he responded to the woman who had woken him from a light sleep.

"Well I know what you went through and I did say if you needed anything to call me, I just didn't expect it to be this early or for someone else," the doctor replied. "Now let's see what we have here," he continued, tsking as he shone a penlight into Dean's eyes.

"Hey! I'm fine, go blind someone else," Dean said, blinking.

Sam chuckled only to have the light switched to him. "I'm fine too," he muttered, gasping as he turned his head to avoid the beam and having the miners start drilling into his skull again.

"Yes, I can see that," the doctor said dryly, a short while later finally completing his examination of both of them, then cleaning and dressing their wounds.

"Will they be all right?" Evie asked solicitously.

"Oh yes, they'll live. No broken bones, no sprains, no apparent concussion. Your friends are quite lucky for having been mugged," the doctor said, closing his bag after taking out two items and referencing the excuse Evie had given him over the phone.

"Thank you!" Evie said, smiling at the doctor.

He handed Dean a bottle. "I prescribe good old fashioned bed rest and pain medication, and for you," he turned to Sam, handing him a tube, "the same and put this cream on your neck, after you're done with an ice pack. It'll heal the marks faster," he finished.

"Thanks," Sam said, taking the cream. He nudged his brother.

"Yeah, thank you," Dean said.

"You're very welcome," the doctor replied. He turned to Evie. "I suppose by calling me here you don't want to report this?" he said with a shrewd look to the young woman.

Evie glanced at the Winchesters, noting Dean's alarmed look and Sam's knowing one, and then turned to face the man she'd called. "Actually, that's right. We don't want any trouble, and since my friends are going to be okay…" she trailed off.

"Very well, I normally would but you've been through enough. If you should change your mind, you know where to find me," Dr. Gregg said, grabbing his bag and walking to the door.

"Yes, and thanks for coming," Evie said, walking to the door to open it.

She talked a little more to the doctor, Dean not catching the whole conversation, but he lip read the word 'check' and the doctor nodding, and decided she was settling their bill. He turned to Sam, to see his brother yawning and then grimacing.

"Hey, you okay?" he asked. He was relieved to know that Sam would be fine, and found himself cracking a yawn as well.

"Yeah, guess we should get going," Sam said, but before he could get up Evie was back.

"Oh no you don't. You are both going to rest right here until you're better," she said, giving a warning look to both brothers.

"Well I for one don't think I'm going to get any sleep, and anyway, I wouldn't sleep in the beds, at least not until we take care of them," Dean said, his eyes scrunching as another yawn made itself known.

"I have camping gear, you both need to rest and you need an icepack," she said, turning to Sam. "Neither of you should be driving anywhere just yet. I want to help, please, let me, for Pris," Evie said, eyes shining.

Sam gave her an understanding smile and turned to look at his brother with what Dean liked to call his puppy eyes. Dean heaved a sigh. "Fine, we'll stay. We'll rest, and then we'll exorcise your beds, and then we'll go get my car and finish the rest of them."

"And I'll go with you!" Evie said excitedly. "There's a new play opening at the local theater, so people should be out at that tonight. I'll be right back." She left the room to go to the kitchen, returning with a bag filled with crushed ice. "Here," she said, giving it to Sam.

Before Dean could make his arguments about her going with them known she disappeared to her garage to get the sleeping bags. She came back with a mat and two expensive sleeping bags which she positioned on the floor next to the couch.

"Here, I thought maybe you can sleep on the floor and Sam can have the couch, I'll double the sleeping bags, it's surprisingly comfortable. I'll just sit in the chair and read," Evie said.

"I'll take the floor," Sam said, preparing to rise.

"No you won't, I will, not gonna sleep anyway," Dean said, first opening the sealed bottle of Tylenol the doctor had given him. He popped out two pills and handed them to Sam, then took two for himself, chasing them down with a swig of water. He settled down on top of the sleeping bags, deciding that Evie had been right. It was comfortable.

Sam stretched his frame out on the couch, sighing in relief as the painkiller began to take effect. He removed the bag of ice, his neck feeling a lot better. Evie silently took it and went back into the kitchen. When she walked back into the living room, both brothers were out like a light.

"Pris, you would have liked them. Miss you sis," she murmured as she took a seat in one of the armchairs, picking up one of her sister's novels. As the sun rose in the sky outside the lone sister kept watch over the sleeping brothers that had avenged her sibling's death.


"That was a bit harsh," Sam said to his brother several hours later as he sat in the passenger seat of the Impala.

"Look, there was no way I was going to let her come along. It's too dangerous," Dean replied. His answer was belied by the guilty look he wore as he drove.


After sleeping for a few hours Dean had awakened to find Evie half asleep in one of the armchairs. He stretched, feeling his bones pop and then rose from the sleeping bags, pleased that his head didn't hurt and that the dizzy feeling was gone.

"Hi. Feeling better?" Evie asked.

"Yeah," he admitted. "Thanks," he added, and turned to look at his brother. Sam was still asleep, chest rising and falling rhythmically, and Dean felt something inside ease.

"You're welcome. I'm glad I was able to help save him," she said softly.

"Yeah, me too," Dean replied.

The sound of voices woke Sam from a sound and dreamless sleep. His throat ached but his head at least felt clearer. He looked up to see two pairs of eyes examining him.

"Uh, morning, or afternoon I guess," he said.

"How you feeling, Sammy?" Dean asked and Sam's eyebrow rose. Dean must feel comfortable in front of Evie in order to call him that he thought.

"Better," he replied honestly and his brother nodded in approval.

"I'm glad," Evie said with a smile. "Are you hungry? I can go to the diner and get some food to take out."

"That's not necessary," "Sure we'd love it," both brothers responded at once.

Evie blinked. "Well it's no trouble; I was going to pick up my dinner anyway. What would you like?" she asked Dean, who had responded in the affirmative.

"Whatever you're having will be fine, just get three of them," he replied.

Sam opened his mouth to object, but was silenced by a look from Dean.

"All right then, I'll be back in a little while," Evie said, rising and heading to the door. "Just make yourselves at home. We can talk about what we're doing when I get back," she said and then left.

Dean went to the window and looked out; once the Ford was out of sight he turned to Sam.

"Okay, find something that can chop off a bedpost, we've got a few minutes to do an exorcism," he told his brother.

"Wait, what?" Sam asked, puzzled.

"Was I not speaking English? We've got to get that other misty witch out of Evie's bed before she comes back. Burning the post and the exorcism worked, so it should do the same thing here. Come on, chop chop," Dean said, heading to the garage.

Sam shook his head slightly. "Dude, I thought we were going to wait for her, after all it's her bed," he said, heading towards the kitchen.

"Think she has an ax in here? I don't have ours with me," Dean's voice floated to the kitchen where Sam was industriously opening cabinets.

"I doubt it," he called back, then muttered "Bingo" when he saw the electric carving knife.

"Found a shovel, it's more work but it should get the job done," Dean said, voice getting louder as he entered the kitchen.

"Or we could use this," Sam said, producing the expensive looking cutlery with the cord. "I think I saw this on a late night commercial once, it cut through a two by four," he continued.

"Yeah, that should work," Dean approved, and the brothers headed up to Evie's bedroom, Sam snagging the blue blanket on the way.

"So the batibat should be in her bed, right? Because it was in yours and you were the one having the dreams, and she had the dreams too. But which post?"

"Well, I'll just start cutting. It'll probably come out when I cut the right post and then you can start exorcising it while I set it on fire," Dean said, having dropped the shovel just inside the door. Taking out the lighter fluid from the pocket he'd hidden it in, he pulled out a lighter as well and plopped the items behind him on a bureau.

"Maybe I should cut the posts while you say the exorcism," Sam said, deliberately clearing his throat and hoping his brother had noticed his hoarseness. He placed the blanket on the bureau next to the other items.

Dean blinked, the idea of Sam anywhere near where one of the demons were hiding was contrary to all of his protective instincts, but his brother did have a point.

"Fine," he finally allowed, taking out the journal and flipping to the right page, "but we'll get you some lozenges or something and you can take the next one. And be careful."

"I will," Sam replied, and plugged the carving knife into a handy wall socket. He looked at Dean, who nodded, and then turned it on and started slicing into the post nearest the wall. It came away from the frame of the bed easily and then fell to the floor; the knife really was all it was cracked up to be. 'Guess you get what you pay for,' Sam mused as he waited, but nothing happened.

Shrugging, he started slicing through the next bedpost when a familiar white mist began to pour out of it. Shooting a look at his brother he quickly carved the post away from the frame and then turned it off, dropping the knife and grabbing the post. In fluid motion he picked up the lighter fluid and drizzled the post with it and then dropped the fluid and grabbed the lighter, flicking it on and setting the post on fire.

Dean began to read the exorcism. The batibat screeched as it took form, and reached out its arms to Sam to take a swipe at him. He dodged out of the way, dropping the flaming bedpost as his brother's voice rose, speaking above the crackling of the fire.

With a scream the batibat went for Dean, but before the demon could reach him he said the last word. The scream cut off abruptly and the plump form dissolved back into mist and dissipated. Sam beat out the flames with the blanket, coughing as smoke entered his irritated throat.

"You okay?" they asked each other, getting affirmative nods. Dean went to the upstairs bathroom, returning with a wastebasket filled with water, and drenched the remains of the bedpost. The brothers then looked at their handiwork.

Evie's bed had collapsed on one side, one bedpost was on the floor, and a wet charred area was in the middle of her bedroom along with the smell of smoke.

"Well, at least it worked," Dean said philosophically.

Sam stared at him, and simply coughed.

"Right, lozenges. Be right back. Wanna call a cab?" Dean disappeared into the bathroom before his brother could splutter a reply.


Dean had found cough drops in the medicine cabinet. After swiping them and a few bottles of water from the fridge, he cleaned up the mess as best he could and put the carving knife and shovel away. Sam had called a called a cab and it was there shortly. Sam left Evie a note and soon the cab had dropped the brothers where Dean had parked his car. It was now early evening but instead of going into the diner to eat Dean convinced his brother that it would be easier to get takeout from a fast food place. Sam sighed and acquiesced, and after eating in the car Dean drove to the first victim's house.

"I still think we should have at least waited for her," Sam continued his train of thought.

"Well you left a note, right?" Dean said defensively. "She'll get over it; she wasn't going to sleep in that bed anyway. All we have to do now is the same thing to the other beds of the other victims; destroy any other beds like it at Gutvik's and blow this town."

Sam shook his head, but had to agree with his brother's logic. The food and liquid and cough drops had helped, and he'd put the cream on his neck, so he performed the exorcism at the still empty house. Dean was back to using his trusty ax, and in three whacks had the bedpost with the mist coming out of it separated from the bed. He lit it on fire and then threw it on the flame retardant blanket he'd gotten out of the Impala's trunk. When the misty batibat demon took shape he drenched it with a ready bottle of holy water as Sam read the exorcism. It shrieked and then dissolved, and Dean dumped the bucket of water on the slightly smoking remains of the bedpost. The whole operation was over in minutes once started.

Grinning, the brothers alternated at the next house and then the next, happily finding that the people apparently didn't want to stay in their homes.

"Evie did say a play was starting tonight, I guess everyone went," Sam mused.

Dean wasn't about to question their luck, he just accepted it and said the Latin words in record time at the fifth house. "I win, beat you by twenty seconds," he hooted as the brothers left another broken bed behind. They had gotten the demon exorcising down to a science by then.

"It's not a race, Dean," Sam replied, belying his words as he quickly picked the lock to the closed furniture place.

The two quickly made their way to the bedroom showroom area, carrying what they needed. "Shit, this place is huge," Dean said as they went past bathroom fixtures, dinettes, and what seemed an acre of couches and armoires.

"Probably why they can keep their prices down, they do a volume of business," Sam replied, focused on the area ahead of him.

They finally reached the beds, seeing a couple of dozen of them-but only two with familiar looking bedposts.

Dean set his watch. "Faster one wins, slower one does the next wax job," he stated.

Sam shook his head but proceeded to say the exorcism faster than he had before. His time beat Dean's by two seconds. The demons exorcised, they headed to the office to make sure the beds were the last of the shipment. They were, and Sam noticed that that particular model had been "discontinued".

"Well that's that," he said as they got back in the car, settling back with a sigh. He patted the dashboard and chuckled. "I won, by the way."

Dean grumbled. "I do a better job than you anyway," he said. Sam laughed, and Dean decided that a wax job was worth it to hear his little brother laugh like that.

They went back to the motel and grabbed their things, and Dean walked to the office to drop off the keys. It was full night, and the freckle-faced young man that had been there when he checked in was there now. He nodded and then dropped an extra fifty dollars in cash onto the counter.

"What's that for? Your room's paid," Ray's son said to him with a frown.

"Yeah, it's for damages. My brother got a little bored and took it out on the bed. Shouldn't be a problem though, I hear that the furniture place is having a sale," Dean said.

He turned and left before the kid could comment, and slid back behind the wheel of the Impala.

"Want to say goodbye to Alice before we go?" Sam asked.

"Nah, I want to be in the next town by daybreak. Find a place that has rollaway beds," Dean said with a grin, glancing at his brother.

Sam grinned back and the midnight black car left the parking lot, its taillights shining in the night as it stretched its wheels on the open road.

The End.

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