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Just Like You

Chapter One

Cold as ice

Yuki sat up slowly in his bed and stared ahead at his white wall. His violet eyes were glazed with sleep and his hair was a rumpled mess. It was hard to tell that this was the prince of the high school. A banging on his door made him burry his face in his hands. " What?"

" Breakfast is ready ya damn rat!" Kyo called through the door.

" Huh?"

" Are you even awake?" Kyo asked and the door slide open. Yuki looked dully up at his enemy and sighed. " I'm almost awake. I'll be down in a minute."

Kyo snorted. " It takes you and hour to get ready rat!"

Yuki slammed the door shut in his face and Kyo fummed. " Fine! It's your loss!" Then stomped downstairs.

The rat waited untill Kyo's footsteps decended the stairs before he started getting dressed and ready for school. The cat was so foolish sometimes. one second he was a cool as a cucumber, the next he was raving off at someone. That someone being Yuki.

After his 10 min of speed dressing, Yuki walked downstairs to see everyone sitting at the table eating breakfast.

" Morning Yuki-kun." Tohru smiled at me. " Your food is on the counter."

" Thank you Miss Honda." Yuki nodded and disapeared into the kitchen, not knowing that Kyo was hot on his trail.

" Your tie is crooked. Get someone to fix it." The cat grummbled, setting his plate in the sink. Yuki's frustrated sigh made Kyo glace back. The rat was tring to do it himself. " Ignore me."

Yuki's eyes lifted slowly and galred at the cat-cursed. " I don't need your advice. Shove off."

" Like I'd give you any." Kyo snorted, leaving the room.

Yuki's eyes narrowed. ' You just did you idiot.'


School was uneventful as usual. haru followed Yuki around whenever he got the chance, Momiji was playing cute, Tohru was talking to her frinds and Kyo was arguing with Uo. What else was new? Yuki sighed and leaned back in his desk. Things had began calm down since that rainy night. Kyo wasn't as quick to anger...but he still has his moments. Tohru was acting as though the world was moving again, and what was he doing?

Tring to figure out why he had gone after Kyo.

He had tried to convince himself that he was going to make sure Tohru wouldn't get hurt. but he was lying to her...and to himself.

" Hey Yuki!" Momiji gigiled, slaping him on the shoulder. Yuki winced and the blonde boy gasped. " Yuki? Are you okay?"

All eyes fell on him and Yuki sighed. " I'm fine, really...I hit my shoulder the other day."


He could feel Kyo's red gaze burning him straight through.

Haru walked in and pulled Yuki's sleeve up to revel a white bandages with splotches of red. The ox's eyes narrowed. " What did you run into?"

Yuki pulled arm out of Haru's grasp. " I'm fine. Really."

The fan club girls all turned on Kyo. " You! You always fight with Yuki-kun! What did you do!"

Kyo looked up. " Thats none of your business."

Tohru looked from one to the other. Yuki was tring to cover the wound, but Haru persisted. " Who got ahold of you?"

There was an irritated growl and everyone turned back to Kyo. " Our dog got ahold of him."

Yuki smiled at the girls. " A husky, but after this...we had to bring him back."

They bought it. Like mice to cheese. Kyo smirked and went back to looking out the window. Yuki chuckled and smiled at Tohru's giggle.

Some people would belive anything they heard,


Yuki stared at Haru, who was watching him rebandage his angry red gashes. Kyo walked in with a cold wet rag and set it on the table by Yuki's first aid kit. " Tohru said you'd need it."

The rat nodded and winced as the cold hit his wound. Haru was still watching him and it was making his hands shake.

Kyo glared at the ox. " Look, he can't redo the thing if your gonna stare at him all day."

Haru smirked. " Your defending him?"

" No. but I don't want to have to hear him complain when it gets infected." Kyo snorted, then hears another of Yuki's hisses in pain. " Oh for God's sake! Give me the damn thing!" The cat knelt down beside the rat, took hold of his elbow and the rag. " Hold your breath and close your eyes."

Yuki glared. " Your not my boss. Go away, I can do it...OW!"

The rat did as he was told, and when the peroxide seeped intot he wound, his hand shot out and grabed Kyo's shoulder. " What the hell is that?"

Haru's eyes were narrowed, Tohru was standing in the doorway and Shigure was watching with a smirk. " Kyo knows what he's doing Yuki."

Yuki opened his eyes. The burning was subsiding and Kyo was rewraping a new bandage around his arm and shoulder. The cat silently stood up and left the room, but not before hear Haru's cool voice. " A dog didn't do that."

Shigure sighed. " You should have said thank you."

" Why? he'd probally yell at me." Yuki stated, shrugging slightly to make sure the bandage wasn't too tight. In fact, it was fit to hug his shoulder, not suffacate it.

" He gave that to you." Haru's words made everyone, but Kyo( He's upstairs), stare at him.

" Does Kyo have claws?" Shigure luaghed.

Yuki forced a chuckle. " Don't be ridiculous. When has Kyo laid a hand on me?"

Haru stoped glaring and sighed. " You need to say thank you."

Yuki's eyes turned to the color of steel. " No. He did it of his own free will. I do not owe him." the rince left the room and went outside.

Haru leaned back aginst the wall and sighed. " He's a cold as ice."


Angel: Well now. Better than I expected.

Yuki: Really?

Kyo: I touched tha damn rat!

Angel: Gotta give the girls what they want.

Yuki and Kyo: Are we like your pawns!

Angel: -lifts and eyebrow- What? Ya'll didn't know?