The Compass

by GypsyPrincessNRM

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He ran his fingers over the carved wood of his Pearl, memorizing the feel of it with his fingers. How often did a man get to intimately caress his coffin? He would enjoy this moment, he decided. And why not? Why not go out enjoying it and fighting, rather than being terrified and fighting? He knew he would loose. But it was what had to be done. It was the only way. That damn compass had finally starting working for him again at the precise moment he had hoped it wouldn't. MONTHS of trying to get the stupid thing to work - and it finally did. It pointed him to his death. Is that what he really wanted? Death? Jack Sparrow? No. But the compass had pointed to his ship. So. Here he was. Ready to take on this foul beastie and fight for what he wanted. Couldn't be that bad, right? RIGHT? Heh. Right.

"Thank You Jack." Elizabeth - Lizzie. Another reason. That damn infuriating woman. That beautiful damn infuriating woman. Another reason to stay here on this doomed ship of his. If you don't want to be tempted, don't hang around it. And oh how she had tempted him. Curious? Damn. He was curious alright. She'll probably gloat for days about how I 'did the right thing.' Shout 'I TOLD YOU SO' to the waves. If she made it. If they made it. His crew.

"We're not free yet, love." In more ways than from that beastie. Freedom. That's why he was here. That is why she was there, whether she admitted it or not. Peas in a Pod they were.

"You came back. I always knew you were a good man." There she goes! Already starting with the gloating. Poor Will. There will be no living with her after this - His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the feel of a woman's lips on his. He froze a moment before responding. That beautiful damn infuriating woman was kissing him. And he realized that the compass hadn't been pointing to his beloved Pearl but to a different kind of treasure.

She kissed him passionately, not actually intending to enjoy it. But as she felt his lips move over hers she felt an unfamiliar knot form deep inside her. It was a different kind of knot than the tiny one that formed when Will kissed her. His tongue ran over her lips and inside she cried. She had already made up her mind. She HAD to do this. But it was going to be harder then she thought. Maybe - just maybe that damn compass was on to something. No. No. It was just a stupid compass. It was Jack Sparrow's compass. Everyone knew the damn thing was broken. But. It did point us to the chest. No. God damnit. No. This has to be done. She enjoyed the kiss a moment longer and then pushed that part of her out of the way and locked it in a hidden place in her heart and mind. She felt the lock click and realized she had just locked Jack to the mast. It didn't matter. It didn't matter. She opened her eyes and expected him to look surprised or even angry. But a small smile formed on his lips. Those Lips. Stop it!

"It's after you, not the ship. It's not us. This is the only way, don't you see?" She took a deep breath and tried to convince herself.

"I'm not sorry." Maybe just one more moment - she leaned in to taste him again but stopped. She knew. Knew that if she so much as touched him again she would unlock him and damn the consequences.

"Pirate." It was like an intimate caress, that one word. It was almost like he was - proud of her. Or saying 'I told you so.' But either way, it touched her. She turned and walked away. She would make him a hero. She would never tell. Never. And someday that piece of herself she'd locked away would have to die. Just like he was about to.

He pulled the telescope away from his eye and sighed as he saw the last bit of one of his greatest ventures sink under the tentacles of the Kraken. The Pearl. It had been a feat raising that beautiful beast from the depths.He had heard the stories of the adventures of that ship and it's crew. He had gained many of his own crewmembers as a result of the Pearl sailing again. Ah, but to have Jack Sparrow - that was the greatest prize of all. He would have preferred him on crew - slowly watching him become the ship. But knowing his fate in the belly of the Kraken was almost as satisfying.

"Jack Sparrow. Our debt is settled."

"The Captain goes down with his ship." That was surprising. Jones had always taken Jack to be less - honorable - than that. After all, their history together had proven that on more than one occasion.

"Turns out not even Jack Sparrow can best the devil." The devil. He was the 'devil.' The nightmare of so many sailors. No one, not even 'Captain Sparrow - Something wasn't right. Something felt - wrong - somehow. This was too easy. Everything fell into place too quickly for dealings with Jack.

"Open the chest! Open the chest, I need to see it!" The crew members rushed the precious chest to their captain and laid it down. Davy Jones pried it open, his tentacles curling in anticipation. His breath stilled as he gazed into the empty box. No. NO! Not that.

"Damn you, Jack Sparrow!" The wind pick up his cries and the whole sea heard. And it churned for its master.

A sudden wind rattled the shack, causing Tia to open her eyes. She tilted her head to one side and listened for a moment before she reached for her stones and shells and shook them in her hands. Destiny. That wind brought whispers of the destiny she saw before. Raising her hands over her head, she threw the items onto the well worn table. A small smile painted her face as she saw their story. Her eyes found those of the man sitting across the room from her.

"It. Is time." She smiled again and tossed this ghost man an apple as she got up and walked from the room. It was time.