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Summary: Olivia and her husband of one year are having problems. Will unexpected news bring them together? Or will it push her into her partner's waiting arms?


Olivia had so many expectations when she had married Jacob Young. He was a successful attorney and belonged to one of Manhattan's most prestigious law firms.

Alex had introduced them a few years ago…Olivia never believed in love at first sight, but something transpired between them when they met.

He was tall, around 6'2'', medium build, with sandy blond hair and hazel eyes. He was so charming, and he had a great sense of humor that Olivia loved. Jacob had been absolutely mesmerized by her beauty and immediately fell in love with her personality. He loved the strength that she possessed while maintaining her femininity and respected what she did as a detective.

He proposed about eight months into their relationship and they were married four months after that. They purchased a larger, upscale condo downtown not too far from Olivia's old place.

During the first few months of their marriage, things were great. Jacob had made Olivia happier than she'd ever been. But soon, things began to change.

Jacob began spending more and more time at work, taking on big cases that required a lot of his time and energy. When he did have time for her, she was at the station or too tired from being at work herself.

They began to argue, at first about petty things, but soon they escalated into shouting matches about why the other was away from the house so much.

The stress at home began to take its toll on Olivia- she wasn't sleeping well or eating enough. Elliot noticed changes in her demeanor at work. She wasn't nearly as upbeat as she usually was, and on the rare occasions that she smiled, it didn't reach her eyes. He had tried talking to her when they were alone a few times, but she never wanted to get into it.

Elliot tried not to let his concern for her distract him too much, but most of the time he found that pretty challenging. Ever since he and Kathy had split a couple of years ago, he had come to the realization that his feelings for his longtime partner ran deeper than he thought.

He never told her any of this of course, especially after Jacob entered the picture, but he knew his feelings would never go away.

So naturally, when she didn't show up to work one day, he called her home and cell to see what was up.

"Benson," Olivia answered her cell after a couple of rings.

"Hey…where are you?" Elliot asked, tapping his pen lightly on some paperwork.

"Um…I already talked to Cragen. I needed a couple of days off," she replied quietly.

"Liv, I know something's been bothering you…will you please tell me what's wrong?" he gently pleaded with her and listened to her sigh.

"I will. Just not right now, okay?"

Elliot put his pen down and brought his hand to his forehead. "Liv…"

"Elliot…I have to go. I'll talk to you later," Olivia told him. "Okay…bye," he placed the phone back on the receiver, slightly shaking his head.

Olivia let out another sigh as she put her cell phone back in her purse as the doctor re-entered the small examination room.

"What is it?" Olivia questioned, looking at the smirk on her doctor's face.

"Well, it seems as if there's an explanation for you not feeling well these past couple of weeks…" Dr. Hanes flipped open her chart, glancing back at Olivia.

"What is it? Am I anemic?"

"No. You're pregnant. Congratulations," the doctor smiled warmly at her.

Olivia wasn't sure if she heard correctly. "What? That's not possible. I mean…really?" she asked in disbelief.

Dr. Hanes nodded her head. "I'm going to do a ultrasound, okay?"

"Okay…" Olivia leaned back on the cool table, lifting her shirt as she put the gel on her stomach. Olivia gazed at the ceiling as her thoughts consumed her. A quick thumping sound brought her back to reality as she focused her attention on the screen. "Here it is," Dr. Hanes pointed to the peanut size image.

"That's…that's it? That's my baby?" she asked in astonishment at the small object.

"It sure is…and judging by the size, I'd say you're about eight weeks along," Dr. Bader grinned at Olivia, who this time couldn't hide her smile.

"We're gonna have a baby," tears filled her chestnut eyes as it finally dawned on her.

"I'm writing you a prescription for prenatal vitamins and I'd like to see you again in about three weeks," she explained turning the machine off and wiping the gel away. "Try to take it easy until then."

Olivia nodded, "thank you doctor," she took the prescription and stuck it in her purse. She stood slowly, pulling her shirt over her head. She brought her hand to her flat stomach, rubbing it gently. A small grin spread across her lips.

"A baby…" she said quietly, taking a deep breath. She grabbed her things and left the doctor's office, knowing this news would change everything.