Pairings: Axel and Roxas

Rating: K +

Disclaimer: Don't own Axel or Roxas. :


Warm arms wraped around me softly.

It's not enough.

"Hold me tighter!" I demanded, pulling the red head closer.

He did as he was told and his embrace on me began to tighten.

It still wasn't enough.

My lip began to tremble. I wanted more.


The man before me sighed, but once again did as he was told.


I want to feel him!

More. More. More.

"Axel!" I yelped and pulled away as his nails dug into my back.

"I was just doing what you said.." He looked hurt.

I did hurt.

My body stung and thats when I understood. We can't exeperience anything but pain.

"I wanted to feel." I mumbled turning away.

"Me too.."

Even though we both knew we would get the same result each time...

We kept on trying.