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Petition of the Heart

Chapter One.

My Dearest Onee-sama,

It's been a while since we've last made contact, hasn't it? Our days together at the Mew café seem like a dream from just the other night... but in reality... have you noticed? It's been five years.

I'm the age you were when you became a... only your eyes read this, I hope, but I still fear even mentioning IT an employee of the café. It's a wonder, you know, because ever since I started stopping by the day-care (remember the little girl that wanted to be just like you?) on a regular basis, I've been leaving behind bits and pieces, passing on advice I once heard you utter.

The way I feel now... was this how you felt? Able to give others encouragement, despite having no successful endeavor to speak from? To know the right path only by assuming it was a product of the choices you turned down?

I've tried my hand, at the dating game, I mean. After all, boys confess their love so often to me, and without you- no, without all the girls, there's not much reason for me to decline, is there? If I want company. After all, I'm not a high-school idol like you. Well, like you were. Now you're just a super popular young idol, aren't you?

My ballet has won me awards in that field, and I apparently have admirers, though not quite so much as you. Considering my field, I have far more female admirers of my talent than the male who appraise me for the good grace that being a rich prima donna has bestowed upon me.

But it never works out, those dates. I've even hesitantly tried dating the more courageous girls who confessed, but it's always the same. I'm too arrogant. Too cold. When I'm not ignoring them, I'm insulting them. I was still in contact with Ichigo when they first started saying that. And you know what? She agreed with them. Though she also said I'm plenty nicer once I'm with people I trust. Which hasn't been happening.

Maybe there's something about being forced together for a common goal that brought us all together on the inside as well. I will always remember your smile, your genuine smile- not the one you show on TV. I will never forget the fun we all had together.

Why can't I find anyone like that anymore? Were girls like us really that rare? That special DNA that gave us strength... and the will to carry on?

I lost my will before, didn't I? I still remember that night... when I opened my window and saw you there. Your voice was so cold... but your eyes...

No, I imagined it. Never mind.

I think I thanked you then, but I want to thank you again now. Remembering your words, your lesson, I can plow through any trouble that comes to me now. Tests? No problem. Juggling ballet, my new part-time, school, and my feeble attempts at dating? More than easy.

But... does that count? I mean... I've never really had trouble with that to begin with.

Ne... Onee-sama... I need your help. Your advice.

Forgive me if it is impertinent to ask for that which you gave, so long ago, freely.

I'm so confused.

No, confused isn't the right word. I know exactly how I feel. I just don't know what to do with it.

It's been a while, and I'm not like Ichigo (I hope) wearing my love on my sleeve, so let me give you a background.

I'm in love. Have been for a long time. But because it's a girl, I didn't want to do anything with it. And now, now that I'm leaving the country soon, we may never get a chance to see what could be.

As far as I know, she's straight. No, she's just not interested in love with her work as it is, but the assumption is that she's straight. You taught me, didn't you? That I have to believe in them if I love them. If I trust them. So... for now... let's just say I believe. I believe I have a chance... I just don't know how to bring it about.

She's a beautiful gi- no, woman now. I watch her from the distance, listen for news of her, but I don't talk to her anymore. I don't dare talk of her either, lest someone in this populous high school learn my secret. And I miss her every free second as a result.

Maybe that's the real reason my love life never goes down the right path. I'm already too far gone in the other direction.

I was friends with her, once upon a time. At least, I like to think that I was. It was never really said out loud, as if it were taken for granted.

When it comes to her, I don't want to take anything for granted.

But if I don't, there's nothing left for me to take.

I respect her more than any other person I've ever known, yes, to an extent, even more so than my dear brother, though I love him still. In a different way.

I... what else do I say? The more time I spend away from her, the more I dwell on the past we had together. I don't want that. I mean, I want our memories, but I would rather look toward the future. Does my future have light in it, Onee-sama? It's so foggy and unclear to me right now that I don't know anymore.

Please help me. I don't want to give her up- Kami-sama knows I've tried, but I just can't. Especially not now. But I don't see how things could possibly change in a way that would let us be together.

This letter has gone on too long. You're probably tired of listening to me now, I'm sure, if you've even gotten this far. I'm sorry.

I leave for America in a week. I'll be away from Japan for 24 months on a special boarding program. By private jet from the Nikihara Airport. At seven in the morning. It's already parked in the east wing in wait.

This... ending this isn't easy for me... but I have to do it. I have to believe. ... I want to believe.

Onee-sama... No... I shouldn't call you that anymore. You're not really my sister, and the title, however much I've used it in the past, will be obsolete soon.

I love you. (Daisuki.)

No. I said that before, and it didn't seem to get across what I meant.

I love you. (Aishiteru.)

Not like a fan. Not like a sibling. Not like an important friend. Though I love you in those ways too, just not as much.

Aishiteru. Aishiteru. I believe that if I write it enough, I'll eventually be able to say it in person. One day. But for now I am a coward, driven to only tell you this on paper.

Paper that, as long as it is not burned, will live on forever. Well, until it fades away with time. But that will be long after both of us are dead, and then it won't matter so much anymore.

Aishiteru, On- Za... Zakuro. Zakuro.

I hope this letter finds you before I leave.

I hope, beyond all measure of logic, that some sort of response, no matter what it may be, finds me before I leave.

One more time... Aishiteru, Zakuro.

Say... Sayonara (Goodbye.)

Yours Forever,

Minto Aizawa.


Minto looked at the envelope in her hands. She bit her lip, delaying the task before her. She traced the sticker of her swallow that she had found, the little bird that sealed the envelope's contents. She stared hard at it.

Then, closing her eyes, she released the paper into the box, letting it mix with thousands of other letters waiting to be received by the lovely Zakuro.

Clenching her hands, Minto walked away, back into the car.


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