A/N: The final chapter. Two years have passed. Oh, for reference, Kotori means little bird or birdie like koinu means little dog or puppy. -chan is an endearment for people you are close to, children, or childhood friends. Or, you know, gal friends. Some sources also say that -chan is a term used to describe cute, personified things. Like chibis.

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Petition of the Heart

Chapter Three.

Online Transcript:

KotoriM: It's decided.

ZFWulf: When?

KotoriM: I should arrive by 3PM.

ZFWulf: ...

KotoriM: What's wrong?

ZFWulf: I have a meeting then.

KotoriM: Oh...

KotoriM: How's work?
ZFWulf: laugh Easy, compared to high school.

KotoriM: I thought the 'real world' was supposed to be harder?

ZFWulf: Maybe for others who weren't born in the real world.

KotoriM: ... You told me about your past... but I still can't quite believe it.

ZFWulf: ... It's alright if you don't. It's behind me now, anyway.

ZFWulf: About your arrival day... didn't you say before that the jet lag was terrible?

KotoriM: ...Yeah?

ZFWulf: Why don't you go home to relax and reorient yourself a bit.

ZFWulf: I can meet you for dinner.

KotoriM: ... Really? It's alright? In public I mean?

ZFWulf: laugh The meeting that same afternoon is in public too, you know. And yes, it'll be fine.

ZFWulf: Are you worried?

KotoriM: Worried? Why would I be worried? I'm being invited out to dinner by my dear Onee-sama.

KotoriM: Sorry, I slipped again.

ZFWulf: It's alright. I don't really mind.

KotoriM: ... where and what time?

ZFWulf: Hmm... How about Le Chatel at eight? I can pick you up...

KotoriM: flustered laugh No, no, you don't have to do that! I'll meet you there.

ZFWulf: Are you sure?

KotoriM: Of course.

ZFWulf: Mm... a total of seven years... I can hardly wait to see how you've grown up.

KotoriM: ... I did send you an updated picture, you know.

ZFWulf: I know. And I still haven't opened it. I'd rather wait for the real thing. It's more fun that way.

KotoriM: More fun?

KotoriM: What am I, a game?
ZFWulf: No... but I want to make proper use of my newly learned skill.

ZFWulf: Though, now that I think on it, I would draw a bit too much attention if I did that inside the restaurant. Hmm...

KotoriM: ...?

ZFWulf: Never mind. I'll just be discreet. So tell me.

KotoriM: Tell you what?

ZFWulf: Are there any long term effects of your time abroad, now that it's over?

KotoriM: ... I got a tan.

ZFWulf: laugh That's not really what I meant...

KotoriM: grin I know. I'm forcing you to imagine how I look now.

ZFWulf: Interesting game. Okay. Go for it.

KotoriM: I usually leave most of my hair down, but I have some of it tied back and colored with a broach.

ZFWulf: Ever per chance, the one I gave you two Christmases ago?

KotoriM: That one's my favorite. Heart

ZFWulf: laugh Well that's good to know.

KotoriM: My hair comes down to the middle of my back now.

ZFWulf: And what are you wearing?

KotoriM: blush

ZFWulf: Kotori-chan?

KotoriM: O-Onee-sama... It's late...

ZFWulf: Ending so soon?
KotoriM: No! No, don't go! It's just... blush I'm... I already prepared to go to sleep, so what I'm wearing...

ZFWulf: wolfish grin Ko-to-ri-cha-n Tell me.

KotoriM: whispers softly It's a new pale blue negligee... it came with a robe, but as that is transparent as well... it's a bit cold. The heater is on though, so I should be all right.

ZFWulf: "As well"?

KotoriM: larger blush O-Onee-sama!

ZFWulf: Mm... do you like it?

KotoriM: ...Well... yes... the fabric is soft... it tickles a little when I move a lot... and... as to how it looks... blushes again

ZFWulf: Well that settles it then. Make sure to pack it in your overnight bag.

KotoriM: Onee-sama...?

ZFWulf: Yes?

KotoriM: Why...?

ZFWulf: No reason, especially. I just want you to be able to sleep in something you like.

KotoriM: ...

ZFWulf: You know, I suddenly remembered a dream that needs to be had. I think I'll have to sign off for tonight, Kotori-chan.

KotoriM: Really? (Wait, you can control the dreams you have?)

ZFWulf: laugh I like to believe I can. Sleep well, Kotori-chan.

KotoriM: Yes, Onee-sama. You too. Good night.

ZFWulf: ... Oh, and Minto?

KotoriM: ...Yes?
ZFWulf: Don't forget; you're
my cute little bird.

KotoriM: Zakuro-onee-sama... blush

ZFWulf has signed off at 12:35 AM.

KotoriM has signed off at 12:36 AM.


Zakuro sighed softly as she sipped her red wine. She'd gotten there far too early despite having a reservation, and now all she could do was wait.

Wait like she had been for two long years. Shortened by the frequent correspondence.

"Miss? Are you ready to order...?"

Zakuro shook her head. "I'm waiting for someone."

The waiter bowed. "Very well. Excuse me."

She was left alone again.

But she didn't feel quite so alone anymore. Not like she had been for most of her young life.

A little birdie had found its way into her heart.

And it was downright adorable.

Zakuro smiled at the thought.

She absently checked her watch.

Just a few more minutes...

How likely was her little birdie to be exactly on time? Was she an early bird or a night owl?

Zakuro winced. She'd been obsessing over birds and wolves for far too long. Ever since that sticker business, it had infected her like an illness. She shook her head. And tonight it would all come to a head.

Her fidgeting calmed at the reminder.

But she still smiled.

"One- Zakuro?"

When had she...? Zakuro made herself turn at a casual speed towards the voice. Her wolfish grin came out again.

What she had imagined was nothing compared to the real thing before her, as she had suspected. But everything she had expected and more was in the young woman that was her opposite that night.

When Minto had stopped before her table, Zakuro grinned and made the softest, but assuredly distinct, wolf whistle.

Minto, recognizing it, colored at the usually vulgar praise.

"You look beautiful, Minto."

Minto found herself tripping over her own blundering tongue. But she did eventually manage to utter, "Thank you... Zakuro."

Soon, the latest arrival had seated herself, and the waiter lost no time in getting them their menus. Zakuro instantly knew what she wanted, without having to look. So she admired her little birdie instead.

Minto, feeling those hungry eyes tracing every curve of her body, shivered softly, hurrying to place her order. "I'll... I think I'll have the house specialty salad and... this grilled fish here. Zakuro? What about you?"

Zakuro stated without missing a beat, "Gridloin steak. Medium rare. With string peas on the side."

The waiter asked if Minto wanted anything to drink, which prompted her to look at what Zakuro was drinking, and merely asked for a glass so as to share the same, since the bottle was already at their table. The waiter bowed and moved off to fill the request.

Suitably alone, but together, their eyes met.

Looking for something to talk about, Minto ran over what Zakuro had ordered. She shivered again, but smiled. "You... you're really taking to wolves now, aren't you? With the steak?" As it occurred to her, she added, "And that wolf whistle as a greeting..."

Zakuro smiled victoriously. "Does it still fit me?"

Minto leaned her elbow on the table, resting the side of her face in her palm. "Well, in America, no, even here, wolf whistles are considered to be on the obscene side, but..."

Zakuro frowned, just slightly. "I was aware of that when I came across them in detail, but knowing you were going to come back soon, I couldn't resist learning it."

Minto blinked, honestly surprised. "That was the new skill you wanted to use?"

Zakuro only grinned. "Did I at least do it well?"

Minto smiled back. "Onee-sama will always be perfect in everything she does, in my eyes."

Zakuro's smile softened, her gaze less focused. Offhandedly, she murmured, "I was also wondering why it was called a wolf whistle when wolves don't whistle and that sound is considered, as you said, obscene."

Minto considered the question, if, for no other reason than to make odd conversation. "Well... I suppose it might have something to do with the way your lips pucker to do it? The same way wolves are depicted when they howl?"

Zakuro frowned, leaning forward. "But wolves don't pucker their lips."

There was an appreciative silence between them.

Minto offered, "In that case, maybe it's just some absurd naming or phrasing that future generations will never understand like... 'eat like a bird'?"

Zakuro smiled indulgently at the comparison. "I'll take that."

They made more small talk, each knowing they wanted to delay the inevitable just a little longer, just let the peace settle a little more.

The food arrived.

Minto watched with amusement as Zakuro ate ferociously while still maintaining perfect poise and manners. She even commented on it, which earned her a blood(from the rare steak)-stained grin, which, combined with the meat, was a very eerie picture. She ended up laughing. Which earned her teasing about eating fish, just like certain birds she knew. Though she doubted swallows normally ate fish. With salad.

The night wore on, and eventually, with dessert past, it came time to decide what would be done next.

Zakuro started, "Kotori-chan?"

Minto warmed to the affectionate nickname Zakuro had started calling her since that first Christmas she'd spent in the states. "Yes, Zakuro-onee-sama?"

Zakuro leaned forward. "Would you like to come back to my suite? I was going to tell you here, but after all, it seems I'd rather tell you in private, if you don't mind."

Minto, convinced that her answer, wherever it was, was positive, agreed. "If you don't mind, then I'd love to, Onee-sama."

Zakuro nodded, standing up. "Oh, Minto. Did you bring your overnight bag by any chance?"

Minto paused. "It's in the car..."

Zakuro smiled. "Good. Follow my car then?"

"Eh?" We can't leave together? Minto shook her head. What am I thinking? Of course not; we both drove here and we can't very well leave a car in the parking lot of a restaurant. "Ah, of course."

Zakuro extended a hand. Blushing shyly, Minto looked down and took it.

They walked out of the restaurant.

And Minto instantly regretted having to separate.

"Keep me in sight, Kotori-chan."

The simple encouragement was more than enough to spur Minto on. "Yes, Onee-sama!"


It was not long before both cars were parked again, and Minto had taken hold of her light overnight bag. Zakuro had offered to carry it, commenting something about wolves being used as pack animals in the arctic terrain, but Minto insisted that it was okay, that it wasn't far.

Which it wasn't, provided they took the elevator, which they did.

Zakuro opened the door, and let Minto in first. From the hallway light, she saw the dim outline of a couch, ornate rugs, tasteful framed portraits on the walls... all very nicely set up, not to mention cleaned. But when Minto went to turn on the light, she stopped as she heard the door close, the lock clicking.


And she suddenly found herself pinned against said door. Looking into the bright eyes of her love. Who was smiling.

"I'll only say this once, so listen, alright?"

Minto nodded.

Zakuro leaned forward, nuzzling the younger woman's cheek with her nose. "Aishiteru."

Minto couldn't help it. Hearing that phrase from Zakuro's own mouth... "I'm... so happy..."

Zakuro's arms sneaked down to wrap themselves around Minto's waist.

Minto murmured, "Zakuro, Aishiteru..."

Zakuro brought their bodies closer, thought that hadn't seemed possible before. On the spur of the moment, Zakuro ran her tongue along the length of Minto's ear. "I know."

Minto shuddered softly. "Zakuro...?"

"Mm?" A chaste kiss, still on the ear.

"Can I... Can I..." Minto bit her lip as she collected her thoughts. "Do you mind if... if tonight I sleep with you? Just beside you I mean?" She added quickly. "I... I don't want to wake up in the morning... and learn that this was all a dream."

Zakuro let out a throaty growl of a laugh as she leaned back, their eyes meeting again. "It could never be a dream. And, I don't mind... On one condition."

Minto waited patiently, though her body was leaning toward the impatient side.

"May I eat you?"

While Minto was stunned by the absurd sounding question, Zakuro leaned forward and stole a deep kiss.

At first, Minto wasn't sure which way to act, but she soon got the idea and kissed back. Just in time for Zakuro to break away. Though she was still smiling. "I like this taste." She licked her lips, her eyes containing a strange gleam. "You know, I think I'll keep you after all."

Minto initiated the next string of kisses. "With pleasure."


A/N: And there you have it. My work here is done. Ciao! Oh, note, the "Shall/May I eat you?" line is really from the anime. The beach episode with Lettuce-starring, though I don't remember the exact number. It's really interesting, since Minto was one of three to receive the question then. So I wondered if it would sound better under different context...

And it looks like it only had shock value. Which is fine for opening mouths, I suppose. n.n I hope I didn't make that too abrupt... I blame it on impatient wolves! 9.9 Now really, ciao! Hope you enjoyed it. n.n