Regal sat down at his desk and turned on his laptop. He was going to see what was going on today so he went to google and typed in chatrooms. He went down the list and found the one he was looking for. "Symphonias Heroes" He clicked on it


Swordmaster: Heya guys!

ILoveLloydie: Hi my cute little Lloydie

GrandSorcerer: Hi guys!

BeautifulSummoner: Colette, me and Lloyd are going out, remember, so dont call him Lloydie. Hi everyone!

Beautifulchosen: Im having a party at my house tonight, whos coming over

Swordmaster: That sounds cool, count me in

GrandSorcerer-BeautifulSummoner: No ur not!

Swordmaster: why not

GrandSorcerer: Last time we went to one of Zelos's parties it was full of whores and crackheads.

BeautifulSummoner: Im really proud of u for not doing anything there Lloyd, since i got there an hour late.But ur still not going.

Swordmaster: Dont worry Sheena, id never do anything with another girl

ILoveLloydie: Lloydie would never do anything bad, in fact he was helping Chocolat change her clothes

BeautifulSummoner: change her clothes...

Swordmaster: Colette what are u talking about...

ILoveLloydie: It was at Zelos's party, i saw u through the crack in the door. u were helping Chocolat undress then u closed the door so i couldnt see anymore


ILoveLloydie: Then after that he went and got some punch, 2 cups, then he went over and was talking to Zelos when Kate the scientist lady came over and asked Lloyd if he wanted some "poonani". Then he followed her to a room downstairs and locked the door...i was sad. But then he came out half an hour later and found u then he gave u a kiss...i want to be kissed by Lloydie (

GrandSorcerer: Did you follow him the whole time?

ILoveLloydie: Of course )


BeautifulSummoner: Lloyd!


Swordmaster signed off

BeautifulSummoner: Grrrrrrr

BeautifulSummoner signed off

ILoveLloydie: poor lloydie...what do u want to talk about Genis

GrandSorcerer: ...i feel so alone

MisunderstoodBlossom signed on

GrandSorcerer: Hi Presea )


ILoveLloydie: Hi peep peep



ILoveLloydie: Frosted Flakes is my favorite cereal, u know why? because its Lloydies

MiunderstoodBlossom:... colette, why did u call Presea peep peep

ILoveLloydie:thats her nickname silly



ILoveLloyd: I found choclate at school today, someone left it in Raines cabinet

GrandSorcerer: Choclate?...wait Raines cabinet, she doesnt keep choclate in there, only her artifacts...


GrandSorcerer: Who are u. And have u been watching us this whole time?

RUINS4EVER: um...maybe

RUINS4EVER signed off

MisunderstoodBlossom: weird...


GrandSorcerer: i just realized something, what happend to Zelos?

Beautifulchosen: oh uh sorry i was busy...

MisunderstoodBlossom: busy with what

Beautifulchosen: i was um...organizing my...stamp collection

GrandSorcerer: u dont have a stamp collection...

Beautifulchosen: oh, stamp collection, i didnt mean stamp sword collection

GrandSorcerer: sword collection...

Beautifulchosen: ya, i probly have over 500 now, i guess since i use 2 swords though i only have 250 pairs...i think...

MisunderstoodBlossom: 2 swords...

GrandSorcerer: you dont use 2 swords

Beautifulchosen: of course i do Genis

GrandSorcerer: 1. no u dont ...2. when have u ever called me by my name, u usually call me brat

Beautifulchosen: of course i call u Genis, why wouldnt i call u Genis...oh shit...

GrandSorcerer: this Lloyd

Beautifulchosen: NO, what would make u think that Genis

GrandSorcerer: hmm...

MisunderstoodBlossom: Lloyds mother is so ugly she makes Rodyle look good...

Beautifulchosen: U TAKE THAT BACK DAMMIT!

GrandSorcerer: Ah Ha! it is Lloyd, good job Presea

MisunderstoodBloosom: lloyd...what are u doing in Zelos's house

Beautifulchosen: uh...i

MisunderstoodBlossom: ...

GrandSorcerer: are u there for Zelos's party

Beautifulchosen: well after Sheena got mad at me i needed comfort, and Zelos offered )

GrandSorcerer: o.0


Beautifulchosen: what?

GrandSorcerer: did Zelos comfort you...

Beautifulchosen: i dont know yet, he said hes going to go change

GrandSorcerer: o.0...Lloyd get out of there now!

Beautifulchosen: Zelos locked the door before he left, he said it was so none of his hunnies would disturb me while he was getting changed. why should i get out?

ILoveLloydie:Zelos is going to take u swimming

MisunderstoodBlossom:...what were u doing the whole time Colette

ILoveLloydie: i was eating Frosted Flakes

Beautifulchosen: i love Frosted Flakes

IloveLloydie: i know )

Beautifulchosen: i have to go now guys Zelos is back, i cant wait to go swimming

GrandSorcerer: No wait!

MisunderstoodBlossom: Lloyd!

Beautifulchosen signed out

Lloyd gained the title "Dumb Sexfiend"

Zelos gained the title "Michael Jackson"



GrandSorcerer: hes a goner...

MisunderstoodBlossom: yup...

ILoveLloydie: I heard a loud noise


ILoveLloydie signed out

Colette gained the title "Retarded Dumbass"

MisunderstoodBlossom: praise the lord

Barbiegirl signed in

Agarazium signed in

Stupidvermin signed in

GrandSorcerer: Oh god no...

Barbiegirl: yes, it is i, Mithos

Agarazium: i better be getting paid to be in this stupid chatroom with u stupid people

Stupidvermin: i agree

Agarazium: Magnius ur the stupidest of everyone, u get paid in cheese...


GrandSorcerer: What do u want Mithos...

Barbiegirl: Im bored...

MisunderstoodBlossom: dont u have your bardie dolls to play with


Agarazium: Yuan stole them

Stupidvermin:im going to eat some cheese in the Meltokio sewers with my family

Stupidvermin signed out

GrandSorcerer: One down...

Barbiegirl: Genis i have something to tell u...

Agarazium: ew, yuck, not this again...(shivers) im leaving. By the way, i quit.

Agarazium signed out

MisunderstoodBlossom: 2 down

Barbiegirl:...Genis...i love u

Barbiegirl signed out

GrandSorcerer: o.0...

MisunderstoodBlossom: very weird...but not surprising

Regretfulswordsman signed in

Regretfulswordsman: u know where Sheena is

GrandSorcerer: no

MisunderstoodBlossom: why do u want to know

Regretfulswordsman: because...


GrandSorcerer: because why...

RUINS4EVER signed on

Regretfulswordsman: because ive been physically lonely for 15 years


GrandSorcerer: ok...RUINS4EVER, who are u

MisunderstoodBlossom: what makes u think Sheenas going to do that with u anyway

Regretfulswordsman:because of my charm and good looks, besides, i only have to get her on one date...according to this little book

GrandSorcerer: little book?

Regretfulswordsman: Yes, i found this book, i dont know who wrote it but it tells how u can get some in only one night...even if its by force

MisunderstoodBlossom: date rape?

Regretfulswordsman: yes...

GrandSorcerer: who would write a book about date rape?

RUINS4EVER: A person that wants Kratos, Regal, and Lloyd really bad...



RUINS4EVER: yes u...but now...u have stolen my book, u will not be forgiven...espicially since u considered Sheena over me...

RUINS4EVER signed out

Regretfulswordsman:ill be going now...

Regretfulswordsman signed out

Kratos gained the title "Lonely Pervert"

GrandSorcerer: weird...

MisunderstoodBlossom: very...

BeautifulSummoner signed in

BeautifulSummoner: Hi guys

GrandSorcerer:Hi Sheena

MisunderstoodBlossom: Hello Sheena

BeautifulSummoner: can i ask u guys a question?

GrandSorcerer: What?

BeautifulSummoner: Well...should i stay with Lloyd...

GrandSorcerer: Well...he is my best friend...but, considering he slept with Chocolat and Kate...

MisunderstoodBlossom: Absolutely no

GrandSorcerer: Sheena, ur a very nice person and u look good to, im sure theres tons of people that would go out with u

MisunderstoodBlossom: except Kratos

GrandSorcerer:ya, stay away from Kratos...far away

BeautifulSummoner: lol, Kratos, hes like 5000 years old, no way. plus hes just a pervert anyway. Thanks guys.

MisunderstoodBlossom:isnt there anyone u would even consider to be bf material

BeautifulSummoner: Well...i dont think he likes me, hes 33 too. I doubt he would want a 19 year old. He doesnt seem like the kind of guy who goes after someone for their looks.

MisunderstoodBlossom: Who is it?

BeautifulSummoner: Regal...

MasterofGreaves signed in

MasterofGreaves: Sheena...i do like you

BeautifulSummoner: Regal?...u do...?

MasterofGreaves:yes i do...alot

BeautifulSummoner: oh Regal...

MasterofGreaves: pick u up tomorrow morning at 8?

BeautifulSummoner: Ill be ready

MasterofGreaves signed out

BeautifulSummoner:Ahhhhhhh, omg, YES!Thanks u guys, so much, i cant wait till tomorrow

GrandSorcerer:dont worry about it Sheena, thats what friends are for

MisunderstoodBlossom: Im happy for u Sheena

BeautifulSummoner: Thanks guys bye, Its like Heaven, Regals 50 times better then Lloyd

BeautifulSummoner signed out

Sheena gained the title "Head over Heels"

GrandSorcerer: im happy for her

MisunderstoodBlossom: me to

ThePope signed in

ThePope:Presea, u have been requested for an audience with the king.

MisunderstoodBlossom: understood, Genis i will talk to u later

GrandSorcerer: Ok, bye Presea

ThePope signed out

MisunderstoodBlossom signed out

Presea gained the title "Socially Sane Guard"

The Pope gained the title "The Poop"

Beauifulchosen signed on

Beautifulchosen: Hey brat whacha doin


Beautifulchosen:why dont u come over to the party

GrandSorcerer:...wheres Lloyd...

Beautifulchosen: Hes downstairs getting drinks )

GrandSorcerer: what did u do to Lloyd

Beautifulchosen: what?...oh...lets just say he wont be with anyone else for a while hehe )

GrandSorcerer: ...

Beautifulchosen: once uve had the Zelos u never want anyone else

GrandSorcerer: 0.o...U PERVERTED RAPIST

Beautifulchosen: :) its only rape if he doesnt like it...hehe

GrandSorcerer: XO ewwwwwwwwwww, omg, my brain has been tainted with unpure imgaes

RUINS4EVER signed in

RUINS4EVER: Zelos were u the one that stole a pink thong from Raine Sages closet

Beautifulchosen: why actually yes i did,Lloyd liked it alot, and who might u be my mysterious hunnie?

GrandSorcerer: o.0...


RUINS4EVER signed out

Beautifulchosen: i have to go and keep my hunnies company byebye :)

Beautifulchosen signed out

GrandSorcerer: what an ass, i bet he was grinning like an idiot the entire time...and now im talking to myself...

RUINS4EVER signed in

RUINS4EVER: Genis u just CURSED!

GrandSorcerer:...who are u

RUINS4EVER: Rain...Raiseila...

GrandSorcerer: ...wait...


RUINS4EVER signed out

Raine gained the title "Physchotic Bitch"


GrandSorcerer signed off

Genis gained the title "Sane Genius"

The next morning...

Meltokio Daily News Reports

A blonde girl was found drowned in a bowl of Frosted Flakes in her home.

An older man with dark brown hair was found in his home today chained to his bed, he was unconsious but from what we can tell he was raped.

A man with wings and long, blue hair, stole all "Barbie" products last night and has disappearded with them. Because of this we found a little girl crying hystericly in her home last night. When we offered to help her she said she was actually a "boy". So we shipped her off to a mental facility for young girls. The name of this facility is "Zelos's Home for Mental Little Girls", there is also another one for "Zelos's Home for Mental Little Boys".

Zelos Wilder's home was set on fire last night after an insane woman came in yelling strange things like "Give me my thong" and "Genis im going to kill you". The police tried to capture her but whenever they got close she would whack them with her staff or cast a "Ray" spell. They are still looking for this woman.

A twelve year old boy was found outside Zelos Wilder's house last night. He said he was hiding from his "Insane child abusing sister". He said he just made it out of the burning house before it had collapsed. According to the information he gave us Zelos Wilder and Lloyd Irving are trapped alone in the basement under the collapsed house, we are still trying to get them out at this time. The boy also says he is sueing his sister and is going to try to get out of her custody.

Last night a pipe broke in the Meltokio sewers and it was flooded. Anything in the sewers would have been washed out ot sea. People are grateful though because they said the rats had multiplied in the last couple of days. Possibly to a increase in food.

Presea Combatir has been pronounced has the Kings royal body guard. We also have been informed that The Pope is constipated.

Human Ranches all over the world last night were destroyed. We have been informed that it was Pronyma, one of The Grand Cardinals. We interviewed her and she says "I didnt get paid enough to put up with that crap". She is now working as a lingerie model and is happily living with her fiance, Forcystus.

We have been informed that Regal Bryant and Sheena Fujibayashi are getting married. And do to our resources we have found out they are going to adopt Genis Sage.

Police are trying to catch a young lady by the name of Chocolat. She has been running through the streets since 5 in the morning only wearing a bra and a pair of underwear.

Zelos's Home for Mental little girls

5 girls were sitting in a circle in a room with 2 bunkbeds, talking about...boys.

"So Mithos, who do you like"

"His name is...Kratos, hes my new crush"

"Cool, what do u guys wanna do? My little pony, we can use my easy bake oven, or we could put some make up on, we can play dressup, Cabbage patch kids, Bratz, we can play house, Mithos can be the mommy"

Mithos says"Those things sound so cool, what should we do first"

"Lets play my little Pony, while were doing that, Miranda can bake us some easy bake cookies"

While they werent looking Miranda took Mithos's pony and threw it in the oven. Then Mithos cried...


Author:No flames please, this is my first shot at a humor fanfic. hope u like it.