And they fell, and they fell...and they fell. Genis sighed "Ok, this is highly impossible, weve been falling for 5 minutes..."


Genis:Lloyd stop screaming, at this rate it will be hours before we hit the ground

Raine was trying to air-swim her way over to Colette so she could whack her for making them fall, sadly she was not getting anywhere. While this was happening Colette was singing a different version of the song 'Girls just want to have fun' but every time the word girls came up she replaced it with Lloyd so it was 'Lloyd just wants to have fun' sometimes she would also say 'Lloyd just wants to have fun, with me'.

Presea:And you people wonder why i dont like to be within a mile of you anymore...

Then they all landed in the stampede, except Colette, she landed on concrete.

Genis, Lloyd, and Presea were kept above the crowd riding on the masses of people. Raine had fallen into the stampede, so right now she would be getting trampled by thousands of Nikes.

Lloyd:How do we get off of here?

Genis:Well, i guess we have no choice, Explosion!

The red ball of fire came down and hit the crowd, making a giant crater in the ground ahead the Genis and he others.

Presea:What was that supposed to do, their not even stopping...

Sure enough, the stupid crowd of horney women were running straight to the crater falling into it. Its not because they werent stopping that surprised him, it was because they werent just going around it instead of going into it.

Lloyd: A giant hole full of randy women, hmmmmmmm...

Genis:...You need help

Presea: I advise one of you do something because i do not want to fall into that crater and get pumled by hordes of ready women of all ages...that lady looks 80...

Genis: Spread!

The tower of water came up from under them knocking them and some of the ladys they were under out of the crowd.

Lloyd: Whad you do that for Genis? Maybe some of us wanted to go in that hole!



Colette: Me and you can go into our own hole Lloydie!

Everyone looked at Colette wondering how she had gotten there.

Suddenly they heard a wild call and looked over, Raine had gotten out of the stampede covered in peoples shoeprints. And she looked really MAD.Everyone got up and started running. Lloyd pointed to some old abandoned gas station and they went inside.

Lloyd: I know how we can escape, we can use these two bikes here

Colette: Two bikes wait that means...

(2 minutes later)

Colette:...That means we have to partnerup, IM WITH LLOYDIE!


Colette:I get to sit on Lloydies lap. YAY! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Genis: Your so shallow...

Lloyd: Sorry Colette, ummmm...Genis is sitting with me.

Colette:He is?

Genis: I am?

Lloyd: Yes he is...

Colette: WHAT!

Colette now had murderous intent in her eyes glaring at Genis.

Presea: If you think im going to ride with Colette i will kill you all...

Genis: Umm...i think i can fix that

Lloyd: Now everyone put on these jackets, its the only way you can ride these bikes

Genis: why?

Lloyd: Because these bikes belong to a bike club i joined

Genis: Alright

(5 minutes later)

Colette: Ive always wanted to be a kite! She said grinning like the retard she was

Presea was driving the motorcycle while Colette was tied to a string that was connected to the back of the bike, so yes, Colette was like a kite.

Genis was riding behind Lloyd on the other bike.

Genis:Lloyd, do you know what these jackets say...

Lloyd:Of course i do Genis, i was the one who joined the club after all.

Genis sighed and threw the jacket off glancing at the letters before it hit the road 'Dykes on Bikes'.

As they drove out of Meltokio with the occasional noise of "Ouch" or "Ouchies" from Colette. Since Presea took her time to travel underneath lamp posts or trees just so Colette would get him by them.

Genis: Where are we even going?

Lloyd: Um, how about Sybak

Genis: Sure

Suddenly another bike went past them, and surpriseingly, Chocolat was on it. She was wearing a jacket that said 'Hoes on Wheels'

Presea: Its moments like these that i just want to drive off a cliff and end my sad and pitiful insane life...

Colette: Ow, i think i broke my nose!

Presea: And yet its times like these im very amused to be alive...


Kratos walked up to a house and knocked on the door.

Random voice that sounds strangely familiar to Kratos: Yes?

Kratos: Um,(Ahem), im here for my appointment...

The door opened and the random man was...DUN DUN DUN...RODYLE! (Somewhere a little girl screams)

Kratos: JESUS!

Rodyle: Come in and just relax (Teehee) while i go get changed.

Kratos: I did say i was desperate but not this desperate...

And with that Kratos was out of there faster then Sheenas bra breaking.


Pope: Pass the diapers...


Suzie: More tea Mrs. Aurion?

Mithos: Yes please.


Sango: Miroku quit touching my ass!


Inuyasha: I never stopped caring about you Kikyo

Kikyo:...Im gay


Jaken: Master Shesshomaru i love you!


Colette: Im a real boy!

Lloyd: What?

Presea: I might be giving her brain damage

Genis:Who says she has a brain to give damage to...

Lloyd: I have a brain right Genis?

Genis:LMFAO!...i mean...yes you do Lloyd, yes you do...

Presea: Genis, cut down on computer time ok

Genis: Why..?

Presea: Because you just said laugh my ing ass off

Genis:Sorry, ill cut down

Lloyd: Cut down, why the hell would i cut down on my crack?



Colette: Lloyd just said my name YAY! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!


Raine was in her giant ship that was shaped like her head laughing maniacly

Raine: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA, we shall capture them and torture them so badly that they will cry like 4 year olds, are you with me...or against me?

Kvar: With you, ill always be with you...(sweatdrop) please dont hurt me anymore...

Raine: I am bored...turn on the radio.

Kvar:Yes sir! Shit, i mean ma'am. Yes Ma'am.


Kvar: Ill even dedicate whatever song is on the radio to you!

Raine: Very good.

Kvar turned on the radio. 'Hey,hey. Dude looks like a lady'




Barbie: I thought you loved me Ken!

Ken: I do!

Barbie: Then why did you cheat on me with California Kelly

California Kelly: Because...

Barbie: Because why!

California Kelly: Beeecause

Disco lights came on and she started dancing and singing

California Kelly: I got BIG BOOBS and i cannot lie!

Yuan sighed.

Yuan: I love playing with my Barbies.


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