It had taken him a long time. Given his supposed intelligence, probably too long.

It had taken many miles, many tears, a lot of blood, a lot rage, countless wishes and hopes, thousand of fruitless pleadings and bargains, trails of disappointments and shattered dreams...

Yeah, too long.

Dean slipped back into the drivers seat, "Here..." he said handing Sam a Twix candy bar, "Enjoy."

Sam took the offered candy. Studying his brother's profile for a moment as the older man pulled back into traffic.

The scars had faded and his freckles no longer looked like crayon spots on copy paper. He was still too thin, but time and cheese burgers would fix that.

He'd make sure of it.

"Take a picture, dude..." Dean murmured, shooting Sam an amused look.

Sam smiled a little, sitting back against the seat.

Yeah, no way was he as smart as people told him he was... not possible.

"We should make South Dakota by like 7 tonight," Dean murmured, stretching his hand out to the radio.

Sam nodded, "Sounds good," he added.

Dean flicked the cassette player on and music vibrated the car and Sam's rib cage.

"Shit! You think that's loud enough!" Sam yelled, instinctively reaching out towards the volume knob.

Dean slapped his hand away, "Touch my radio and DIE," he warned grimly, hazel eyes sparkling in a way that made Sam's world brighter.

"You're such a dramatist," he drawled.

"Insults that have more than one syllable don't count, Sammy," Dean drawled.

"It's Sam," he contradicted because it was his line.

It would always be Sammy though, they knew that.

Dean turned the music up, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU..." he cried, because that was his line.

And Sam rolled his eyes, turning to face the window, a smile spreading across his lips.

Too many hopes and dreams and wishes wasted, too much energy on pleadings and bargains and anger spent in vain... in pursuit of something empty, something hollow... something that didn't exist... he should have seen that sooner.

As he opened he opened the candy bar he marvlled at how simple it really was.

Normal was different for everyone-- and right now, thankfully, everything was back to normal.