Ch5- But Not Too Late

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"Bones, open your eyes."

What the…?

Slowly, Brennan awakens without obeying the foreign command. Where was she? Oh. Yeah. In an incredibly uncomfortable airport waiting chair. And who was talking to her? It was a familiar voice…


Her eyes are wide open and she's fully alert and sitting up before he has the chance to call her again. "What are you doing here?"

Instantly his eyes darken. "I think the better question is, Temperance; what the hell are you doing here?" He towers over her like a giant thundercloud, threatening to rain down on her.

She glares back at him, unabashed. "I'm getting on a plane "

"Oh yeah? Says who?"

"Says me."

"Well, ya know what? My says outweighs your says." Booth folds his arms across his broad chest and scowls down at her. "Bones, you are not getting on that plane."

"Why not?" Brazenly, she stands up, nose to nose with him, and scowls right back.

And with that, his mouth is on hers and her knees are turning to mush, and she could really kick him for doing this to her, in a public place, no less, but he tastes just too damn good for his own well-being and she really couldn't pull away even if she wanted to.

She's just beginning to respond when he ends the kiss, breathing erratic. "Marry me, Tempe."

"What?" she shrieks, unable to help herself. "Are you crazy?"

"Far from it, Bones." He kisses her again, longer, and gently tugs her closer at her attempts to shove him back. "You see, I have a secret. And you have a secret. My secret is I love you, and your secret, I'm sure, runs along the very same lines. And you, doctor," he pokes her stomach ever so lightly, "are now carrying my child."

The thought, scary as it is, sends a warm rush flowing through her veins. "Oh" is all she can manage.

"Oh? I propose to you, and that's all you can say? I'm disappointed, Bones." He almost pouts at her.

She can't help it, she grins. "Alright."

"I'm not too late?" He grins back.

"You're late…" she amends, "but not too late."

"Really? Well I'd say that's pretty good for me, then." He smiles like a kid at Christmas and proceeds to swing her in a circle, then kisses her again, and again, and again, still smiling, because he knows he'll have a lifetime to do so.

The End