Luna Lovefood had a secret lover. nobody knew who he was. Luna liked to sing and hum because she was so in love. everybody wanted to know who her boyfriend was, but she wouldnt tell anyone. sometimes people would see her sitting by the forrest seemingly talking to herself. people thought she was crazy, but they just couldnt see her lover! then one day harry and neville had detention together with hagris so they were going to his hutt, and then they saw luna and her boyfriend kissing! they could see him! but why could only harry and nevile see archibald, lunaz boyfriend? because he was invisible to everybody else! he was a thestral! then harry and neviile vowed to keep lunas secrit, because neville had a crush on her. but he coulnt tell her, becasu se she was in love with archiblad. but then harry told him that if he realy loved her he would tell her, so then luna said he could be part of theyre relationship, and luna and archibald and neville had a threesum and were all madly in love wit eachother..