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Shin-Hana: Lots of OOCness in this fic. I'd have to say...this is a crack fic! Yay crack! It's me and a few of my friends in this. And they all chose a name to be called by. I shall give you...a wee little list. And a list of Naruto characters used in this crack fic!

Naruto Characters:

Orochimaru (will be called Orochi due to my laziness)





My Friends:

Michael (Soldier Elite)

Andrew (Kage)

Co (Elite Sin)

George (Zanderbell)

Sreeram (Pipe Line (A/N?))

And me! (Shin-Hana)

Note: Please don't ask me about the "Elite" thing or the "Pipe Line" thing, because I can't really explain it. I have nothing against anyone being gay or lesbian or bi or Indian people, neither does my friends.


"Hurry up Sasuke!" Kakashi shouted. Sasuke was moving items for a teleportation. But he was too slow because he was scared he'd brake a nail.

"Oh dear! Don't yell at him like that! In fact, don't yell at him!" Orochi defended in an overly gay manner.

"But he's too slow! We need to hurry!" Jiraiya complained.

"Fine then .:does some jutsu hand signs:." Orochi sighed.

A big ass snake appeared and hauled everything Sasuke was "suppose" to carry.

"There, everything is done Orochimaru-sama. We can begin now." Kabuto grinned.

The four men plus boy started doing some retarded dance around the items and they were teleported to a place called Shiro He (A/N: My made up world. I pretty much live in my head.) What they really wanted to do there was have a nice little vacation. They couldn't do it in the Naruto world because they were known as the "Lolita rapists"! They just wanted a break from scaring little kids (boys mostly) and raping them. They all just wanted to relax and enjoy themselves. Sadly for them, Orochi's "Michael Jackson-ness" rubbed off on them. So they couldn't help the urge to rape little kids. Namely little boys.

"Hey, if we could teleport here, why don't we teleport a bunch of random children here? Then teleport them back." Sasuke suggested.

At Carleton Village Public School somewhere on Earth...

"Blobbie!" Shin-Hana laughed when she poked Kage's tumtum (belly).

"IT'S KAGE! NOT BLOBBIE!" Kage roared and chased Shin-Hana in a circle.

"Man, you have such a gay name. Pipe Line. Who the hell calls themselves...'Pipe Line'?" Elite Sin mocked.

"Shutup! I couldn't think of anything! And I just use it for everything. Sorta." Pipe Line replied fiercely.

"Soldier Elite! Come! Be gay with me!" Zanderbell grinned while running like a retard towards Soldier Elite.

"Gee! .:shivers:. Gahhh! Gooo! No! I'll use my sweat powers!" Soldier Elite warned. (A/N: Doesn't really have "sweat powers" but th toxic breath is 100 true.)

He shook his head like crazy. Then his sweat flew everywhere on Zanderbell. The boy screamed in horror as it burned him a bit. Soldier Elite then blew his "toxic breath" on Zanderbell. Everything around the burned boy either burned or melted. Lucky for Zanderbell, he had gay pride! (A/N: He's not really gay...I think, but he does support gay people.)


A flash appeared and absorbed the six friends. It was a worp-hole! The six were heading for another dimension/world! In the worp-hole, they were spinning out of control! Elite Sin got quisy and puked on Pipe Line.

"Aww man! You're so disgusting!" Pipe Line cried.


The six were teleported to Shiro He. Everyone wore something different once they were teleported there. Zanderbell wore a mask like Kakashi's, a black long sleeve shirt, black pants, double belts at his waist to hold his projectile weapons, black warp shoes that wrapped up to his shins, black gloves that could grip onto almost anything and does something..."special", and he had his dirty blond hair brushed forward.

"Sweet!" Zanderbell shouted as he did a "tapping" motion with his hands. Immediately when his hands touched, he vanished into the trees behind him. (A/N: It's the gloves...) "I think I'm a ninja in this...place."

"Aha! Now I know why this place seems so familiar! It's this world I created! I've been here with Takai-Tenshi before. And we had a little fun with Sasuke." smiled the Zardior girl (Shin-Hana). (A/N: Read Babysitting Shinobis & Coordinators! One must die! You'll know what I mean.)

"I think I'm an assassin. Along with Elite Sin, Soldier Elite, and Pipe Line!" Kage pointed out.

The three assassins had the same gloves as Zanderbell, except they had really high collared short sleeve shirts, and they all had black cloaks. There were a few differences in their outfits. Elite Sin had a little witch hat on his head (he looks adorable in it!), his shirt was colored red, pants that have a few rips at the bottom were also red, and he uses a really big fuuma shuriken that had triangular blades instead of the thick curved ones!

Kage wore a black bandanna, a white long sleeved shirt under the black high collared one, black pants with bandages that wrap around his ankles (so his pants don't make a flapping sound when the wind blows), and his weapon of choice was two swords that had really long blades.

Pipe Line was wearing a long black strip of cloth as a head band, his high collared shirt was like a turtle neck with gold-ish-yellow trim, a black assassin pants (also with gold-ish-yellow trim). So everything he had was black with gold-ish-yellow trim, except for his head band and wrap shoes.

Soldier Elite's clothing was different from his buddies. He wore a long sleeve mesh shirt, dark blue short sleeve top with black trim, dark blue shorts with black trim that end at his shins, two belts (one going from the left shoulder and the other from the right, to form a sort of criss-cross), and his weapon of choice is a staff with a black going down one side of it.

Shin-Hana wore a black pants that were ripped half way up shins, deep green skirt that went up to her thighs, bandages on her arms and legs, and a deep green short sleeves top. She had a sword hoster on her back to hold her sword which could also be used as a staff for a few magic spells. (A/N: The clothing doesn't change between the stories. This one and the Baby sitting one.)

"Wait, how come I don't have a weapon!" Pipe Line yelled with unspeakable fury.

"Well, you got projectiles like Zanderbell...but you're a sin, so that means you use hand-to-hand combat if you don't have a goddamn weapon! Damn, you're dumb." Kage replied back but yelled it in Pipe Line's ear.


"Shessh! You don't need to yell!" Pipe Line yelled back.

"Hey! We all have the same type of shoes! Warp shoes! And we all have gloves! Except Shin-Hana doesn't have gloves. Just a lot of bandages. And our warp shoes are all different colors! Cool!" Zanderbell pointed out.

"Wow. You're so late Zanderbell!" Elite Sin sighed.


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