"Thanks for inviting me, Sasuke!" The blond boy slurped his noodles happily. Not only was he eating this meal for free, but Sasuke was actually the one who initiated the outing instead of him. Sasuke was finally coming around, wasn't he? Even if the Uchiha preferred to scowl blackly at his ramen like that, it didn't ruin his mood at all.

"Naruto, were you the one who brought me home last night?"

"No, I helped Hinata bring Neji home. It might have been Kakashi-sensei, Sai or Sakura-chan. Why do you ask?"

"It's nothing."

Sasuke's scowl turned pensive, as memories of gyrating bodies invaded his thoughts. The images were blurry and foggy at best, the image of the silhouette unclear, but it gave him an unexpected hot flash at the same time. He shifted ever so slightly in his seat, uneaten ramen in front of him. If it was Sakura... no. Sakura wouldn't do that to him, would she? Not when she insisted that she wanted to be his friend, now more than ever.

Sakura was certainly the best choice considering his other options were Sai and Kakashi. One was a cocky bastard whom he couldn't stand and the other was a pervert. Yes, Sakura was definitely the best choice. BUT! Did it really happen? Everything seemed so surreal, like a really hot wet dream. It wasn't like his normal wet dream either. This particular one still plagued him; it felt so good and so right for some reason.

So did it really happen? All he had were memories that made him hot and bothered, and a possible bite mark on the neck.

A vampire?

But why was he naked?

Granted, he did normally sleep in the nude, but he had no clear recollection of last night. He wouldn't be so bothered if not for those erotic flashbacks. It was one thing if it was about Sakura, but what if it was about Kakashi or Sai?

It took all of his self-control not to throw up all over his ramen.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit... was all she could think of for the next forty-eight hours.

As cowardly as it was (and she wasn't denying it), she decided to avoid Sasuke as much as possible for now. She threw herself in her work, taking double shifts, extending her work hours and practicing twice a day: one in the morning before the sun rose and one in the afternoon, during her break. She was so busy, literally on the move every second, that she had no time to wallow in her guilt or be in a situation where she would have to fess up her crime.

Technically, it wasn't really rape, was it?

She spared a couple of minutes looking up the technical definition of the word in the guise of doing research.

Rape (noun) 1) The unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.

Inner Sakura says: yay! Sasuke isn't a woman so does that mean I won't go to jail?

2) Any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.

Inner Sakura says: ... I'm doomed.

Sakura hunched over the dictionary with her hands gripping her pink locks. She was seated in a secluded part of the Konoha library so no one threw her weird looks for her weird behavior.

What was the punishment for rape in Konoha? Were the Akatsuki recruiting any new members? Was running away from home even an option? Hmmm… those Akatsuki cloaks didn't look so bad once you got used to it. Throw in a few accessories and she might even manage to make herself look fashionable. If they allowed her to shorten it and cut it in a few places...

Ack, what was she thinking!?

Running away from the law because of a crime she committed wasn't how she imagined she'd be doing at this stage in her life.

"Watchoo readin' there Sakura?"

Sakura jumped almost three feet into the air.

"Geez, calm down. I didn't mean to startle you. Not many good-looking men talk to you a lot, do they? Tsk tsk."

Sakura turned to glare at a smiling Sai standing behind her, a thick book in his hand. "Did you come here just to bait me? Go away; I don't have time to play with you and your cooties today."

Sai faked looking offended. "You wound me, now that we truly are team mates, isn't it a good idea to spend more quality time together?" Team Seven was now composed of Naruto, Sakura, Sai and Sasuke.

Kakashi filled in once in a while when they needed an extra member, but like all the other former senseis of the Rookie Nine, they've seen their former students flourish as ninjas and stand on their own feet now. Most of the other senseis of the Rookie Nine had a fresh batch of genin again, too. Their silver-haired former-ANBU ex-sensei didn't though; he claimed that no other squad could compare or pass his test after Team Seven, but Team Seven knew that he was just plain lazy to "babysit another batch of genin brats".

"Will it make you feel better if I make that into an order?" Sakura asked sweetly. She enjoyed her odd yet close relationship with Sai but right now she needed some alone time to contemplate her situation.

"Just because you're the squad leader now doesn't mean you could boss me around in my free time," Sai replied just as sweetly.

Yes, Team Seven was Sakura's squad now, but they all liked to call it Team Kakashi still. If you took away her skill in manipulating chakra, she would still be the weakest member of their team, and her taijutsu, though quite good, would still be the worst, but she had the sharpest intellect out of the four of them and had the best leadership skills. Sai would probably make a sarcastic comment about that and contradict it, but it won't be enough to change facts.

"What are you reading?" Sai repeated his question, leaning over to take a look at her book. "Uh... why are you reading up on that?" He pointed at the word that Sakura was reading with her ruler.

A burst of speed she wasn't known for had Sai pinned on a library wall before he could blink.


The hand held to his mouth made it difficult to talk so he smiled his fake smile to encourage her to let him go. He didn't wish to pay for any damages they were sure to make if he struggled against Sakura's hold.

"I didn't mean to do it okay?" Sakura whispered frantically. Using her chakra to overpower him, she had one hand holding both of his in place, added to the hand on his mouth and her legs held his trapped. They were locked in an intimate position but Sakura was too panicked to notice and Sai was too curious about her behavior to care.

Do what? Sai would've asked if he could.

"It just happened... and... it was the alcohol!" Sakura's hazy green eyes were starting to creep him out, especially when her voice turned a little dreamy, "Yeah... that's right... it was the alcohol, nothing more... and it's never going to happen again."

He slowly extracted himself from her death grip. "What's never going to happen again?"

"Sex with Sasuke," Sakura replied before she could stop herself.

"What!" Sai would have shrieked the word if he were capable of shrieking. Thank god only girly men shrieked because he certainly wasn't a girly man.

"What!!!" Sakura screamed at him, mortified at her slip.

"What?" Sai asked again, wanting clarification.

"What!" Sakura looked really alarmed, internally debating the best course of action to keep Sai silent. Should she pretend it was just a joke or get rid of the witness. Where should she bury the body though?




"Ssshh!" The librarian chastised, she could hear the What Duo all the way from the front desk.

"Sai!" Sakura was doing her rendition of a panicked headless chicken, "I was only joking! Aha! Hahaha!"

"Your laugh is so fake, it's painful," Sai winced.

Sakura scowled at him. "I didn't say anything."

His smile was truly evil. "Yes you did." A gloved finger tapped the side of his forehead. "And I'm not dumb."

"Could've fooled me," she mumbled.

He let her insult slide like water off a duck's back. "I could put two and two together."

She continued to scowl at him. "So you can do elementary math, big deal."

His grin grew wider. "And it wouldn't hurt for you to be nicer to me, now that I know your secret."

"You don't know anything!" Sakura scoffed.

Sai crossed his arms across his chest. "Hmmm... let's see... there was this party, and you took the traitor home – he looked really sotted to me when I left," he ignored the fists that Sakura shook in his direction. "And after that you're looking mighty guilty after looking up a word... muttering suspiciously to yourself about this and that..." Sakura's angry fists faltered. "Do I have to spell it out for you or could that tiny brain of yours follow the direction where I'm going here?"

Sakura's fists were no longer angry, they were a little scared. "Heeh, so what? You only have assumptions from so little. What are you trying to say?"

"Oh nothing, nothing at all," Sai replied, putting his book back in its shelf. Suddenly, he wasn't interested in reading it anymore. Not when he found something else to amuse himself with.

Sakura didn't let her guard down.

"I guess," Sai said, pausing for dramatic effect, "I could always ask Sasuke-kun how his night was after you took him home..."

Obsidian and green eyes stared at each other for the next few minutes. Sakura's shoulders sagged when she was first to blink. "All right, what do you want in exchange for your complete and utter silence?"

What followed next was one of those really rare moments in history where Sai smiled a genuine smile.

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