It makes you Happy

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Daniel Jackson slowed at the sound of a voice, that once would have sent him running, and turned. Now it just brought a smile to his face.

"Hey Vala. What can I do for you?"

She was beaming like a kid in a candy store, and bounced almost as much.

"What are you doing?"

"I was just heading to my office to research our newest mission." She flashed him a hopeful grin. He sighed and tried to appear indifferent. "Would you like to join me?"

"Love too," she said while sliding her arm through his, she kept it there until they reached his door. Daniel shook his head, but didn't attempt remove her, Vala being this close wasn't exactly unfamiliar or unpleasant for that matter. Not that he'd ever admit that to anyone...ever.

Daniel didn't think he'd ever understand her completely. He watched as she immediately went over and grabbed the spare chair, dragging it next to his desk. She proceeded to plop down into it and rummage through the pile of papers he had set there earlier that morning.

"I'm really excited about this mission," she blurted.

"You are?" He couldn't keep the skepticism out of his voice as he took his seat next to her.

"Of course, aren't you?"

"Well," he grabbed the nearest report, "yes actually." He opened up the file and began reviewing SG-5's report on the planet they had nicknamed "geek central". That was off the record of course. But in many way it was, the world was chock full of temples, ancient villages, artifacts, and libraries. The odd thing was that it was uninhabited. No sign of any sentient life and no sign that the Ori had ever visited it. It was as if one day, everyone had simply vanished. It was one of the many mysteries of this new culture Daniel intended to unravel. He found it fascinating, what he couldn't figure out is why Vala would. For her this would be...well...boring. Nothing to shoot, no deals to make, no intelligence to gather. He had to admit, he was curious what Vala was all giddy about.

"I would think this kind of a mission would be rather dull for you?"

She ripped her gaze off the photo of one of the temples she had been studying. "Not at all. I think it'll be fascinating. Exploring these," she held up a photo of a small structure, probably a house. "Learning about these people."

Daniel blinked several times and gaped at her. "Okay I'll bite Vala. What's the game here?"

"Game?" She looked positively innocent, which for her was quite an accomplishment.

"Do you want something from me...a favor perhaps?"

"No Daniel, I just want to be able to," she paused a second and began to play with strand of hair that had escaped from her ponytail, "I want to be helpful to you on this mission. So I thought going over all these pictures and reports from Colonel Rath's team might make it easier for me to do that."

After all he'd seen and done, not much could surprise Daniel anymore. How was it this woman succeeded in doing it at least once every day. And the most amazing thing of all was she honestly seemed to be telling the truth.

She smiled somewhat nervously. "Besides it'll be a nice break from trying to constantly save the galaxy from the Ori."

Daniel found himself smiling again. "Yes, it certainly will be."

"Well, shall we get to work then?

"Lets." He handed her about a fourth of the stack. "Would you mind going through each of these and marking any of the photos that look similar to this," he held up a picture of a giant structure similar to the pyramids of Earth. "We think these are where most of the written documents will be stored. I want to try to go into as many of them as possible in the week we are there."

She beamed. "I can do that."


Twenty cups of coffee and a few days later, with Vala's help, he had managed to create a itinerary of sorts. It would make things much easier when they got there, that was for sure.

Vala had really amazed him over the past days. This side of her was new to him. She was full of questions about what he thought of the culture, what he thought the people did, and what he thought happened to them. When he answered she actually listened, didn't just zone out like most people did when he started talking about civilizations or ancient languages. It had made him feel...nice.

"Well we are pretty much done here, why don't you go ahead and call it a night Vala. I'm just going to clean up and then I'll be heading home to get a few hours sleep before we leave tomorrow."

"Oh. I could help."

He opened his mouth to say no, but something stopped him. "That would be nice."

Without complaint she spent the next hour helping him get everything he needed organized and ready to go for the mission.

Daniel had just about finished putting the last of his books in place when Vala caught him off guard for the tenth time that day.

"She was so beautiful Daniel."

"I'm sorr.." his voice trailed as he turned and saw Vala holding the only photo he had of Sha're. He rarely talked about his long lost wife to anyone. It was a deep, private, pain that he only discussed with those closest to him. Somewhere along the way, Vala had become one of those few individuals.

Daniel swallowed and stepped forward until he was standing next to her. "Yes, she was."

"Thank you," she breathed and leaned back against him. His hands found their way to her shoulders and rested there.

"For what?"

Vala was quiet for a few moments. "Trusting me enough to tell me about...what happened to her."

Daniel released his grip on her and stepped back a few steps. She turned and met his gentle gaze. He shrugged and felt his cheeks begin to burn. "It was no big deal."

She closed the gap between them again. "It was to me."

With a tenderness in which a mother would set down a child, she placed the picture back on his desk. "So now that we are all done here, I guess I should be going. We both need our sleep don't we." She winked at him and headed for the door.


She stopped and turned.

"By the way, thank you for all you help."

It was her turn to shrug. "It was no big deal."

"It was to me."

The smile vanished and just for a second Daniel thought he saw tears in her warm eyes. Then it was gone, and she was smiling and bouncing out of his office.

Daniel shook his head and felt a smile touching his lips. Nope never going to figure her out.

"Goodnight Vala," he whispered as he turned out the lights and headed for home. As he walked away he couldn't shake the feeling that the next few days were going to prove to be very interesting.

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