Chapter 19

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"I was hoping for more than that darling." Vala stepped closer so that their bodies were only inches from touching.

"I thought you'd left." He grinned and made a move to step closer to her, but she put her hand on his chest keeping him where he was.

"Daniel, don't you get it?"

He stared at her not sure how to reply or even if he should.

"I'm not going anywhere." Then she closed the gap, her mouth devouring his, her tongue doing a dance that almost brought him to his knees.

He slid his hands up her back, and let them drift to other places. She groaned, but never stopped kissing him.

"Mine, " she whispered against his lips.

"Mine." he agreed and found his hands wandering down over her perfect body. He pulled her even closer to him. It occurred to him that this was beyond inappropriate for work. He grinned at the thought.

"What are you smiling about?" She panted as she pushed him against the wall.

"Is it wrong how much hotter this is, knowing we could be caught?"

She laughed softly. "Yes, but that's what makes it hotter."

"Is that how it works?"

"Yes." Her lust filled eyes met his. "It is."

"I want you." He moaned as she worked her magic.

"I know." She laughed.

Two could play this game. He grabbed her hand and pushed her against the other wall. He kept himself under control and worked his own magic until she was shuddering, gasping, and begging him to stop teasing her.

"You know what I want to hear." He said in between kisses.

"I want you, you bastard." She grinned.

"Such language."

"Well that's what happens when you fall in love with a linguist. You get a good vocabulary."

He grinned and stopped teasing. .

When they were done Daniel felt so right it brought tears to his eyes.

"Too bad no one caught us." Vala whispered her head resting on his shoulder.


"It would have made you a legend Dr. Jackson. That was amazing."

He laughed. "I'll remember you said that when we're old and our idea of a good night of sex is if we actually got into the same bed together."

"Afraid your snoring will scare me away?"


"Didn't you hear me earlier, Daniel."

"Refresh my memory."

"I'm not going anywhere."

"I just wanted to hear you say it again."


Daniel laughed as Vala attempted to flip a now burned hamburger. She only succeeded in flinging it onto the grass of Cam's yard which was littered with them. Vala was most certainly not domestic. But it was so damn cute to watch her attempt it.

"Okay that's it. You are dangerous. Look at all this meat you've wasted." Cam tried to sound annoyed. It wasn't convincing. They all had a few beers and were beyond relaxed. It was the first off day they'd all had in a long time. Daniel didn't realize how much they'd all needed this. But now, sitting in a lawn chair watching the woman he loved learn to cook out, he couldn't stop smiling. Hell, he hadn't even thought of death or the constant threat of total annihilation

by a hostile alien species all day. It was nice.

"Daniel. Am I really doing that bad?"

He just smiled. "Well, let's just say I think you should stick with shooting bad guys instead of flipping burgers. And believe me when I say that's not a bad thing."

She beamed. "I think you might just be right. Here I'll leave things such as burger flipping to experts like yourself, " she smirked and handed Cam back the spatula.

"Thanks Jackson."

"Hey," he held up his hands in mock defense. "I didn't say anything."

"Yeah, don't be surprised if your meal tastes a little funny."

He snorted, and opened his arms when Vala sauntered over and slid onto his lap.

The team spent the day relaxing, joking, teasing, and best of all laughing. The food was good despite Vala's mishaps. Sam had surprised them with steaks, which had earned her a hug from Cam who apparently had now forgotten the discarded hamburgers. He ate two by himself.

When it was time to leave, Daniel and Vala bid everyone goodnight and didn't bother to hide the fact that she was going home with him.

He opened her car door and then got in as well. He'd been wanting to ask her something all day, but hadn't found the right moment. "Vala," he said while letting the engine run.

She turned his way after buckling her seatbelt. "Hmm."

"I was just wondering something. You've been asking me a lot about my translations I've been working on lately. As well as my boring artifacts," he smiled, "I was curious why the sudden interest?"

"Oh." She looked out her window.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be mea-

"I know that Daniel. It's just kinda silly."

Now he was really curious. "Tell me. I promise I won't laugh."

She took a deep breath. "It's just that I know how much you love all that stuff. I see how much it means to you, how happy it makes you, and I guess I want to be a part of that. I want to understand it, at least a little. "

She must have taken his stunned silence for annoyance because she blurted, "That was beyond stupid wasn't it?"

"No, god no. That of the most wonderful things anyone has ever said to me."

"Really? Well I meant it."

"Yeah, I know. Thank you, Vala. But I want you to know something as well. Yes I do love my work, perhaps a little too much at times. I thought it made me happy. It was all I had at times. But being with you has changed things. You are what makes me happy, Vala. I hope you know that."

She was positively glowing. She kissed him, bathing him in her light. "Thank you, Daniel."

He rubbed her nose with his, "So if you want to stop helping me with my work so much I'd understand."

"Nah. It's not nearly as boring as I thought it would be."

He laughed and pulled away. "That's my girl." Daniel put the car in gear and they headed off, he didn't know exactly where they were headed, but he did know that they were going to get there together. And that was perfect.

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