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Chapter one

Sasuke was walking in the village after a morning of hard training. Ever since he left Orochimaru he realized he had gotten stronger, he was only holding Sasuke back. Fortunately after he killed Orochimaru with his own technique he had found scrolls hidden by Kabuto. It contained information on how to remove the curse mark so with the help of Tsunade he was a free man!

"Sasuke-KUNNNNN! Over here Sasuke-KUNN!" a girl screeched.

He hadn't even enjoyed a minute of silence when all of a sudden he felt like his eardrums were about to burst from all the screeching. He turned around and saw a pack of wild beasts trailing him. (My bad…it was a pack of girls…ha-ha)

It was a week before Valentines Day and Sasuke dreaded this time of year. He would get stalked, well more than usual, and get bombarded by girls, again more than usual. Whenever he wanted to go somewhere he had to run out of his house because girls would hurl presents at him. It was a rare occasion when he would get at least five minutes of peace this time of year and whenever that happened he was grateful.

"Sasuke-kun! Sasuke-kun! Please be my boyfriend!" one girl yelled.

"Get away from him you freak! He's mine! Isn't that right Sasuke-kun?" a red haired girl screamed.

Sasuke just ignored them and kept walking. He really hated all his stupid fan girls, and he was glad that forehead girl and the blonde-haired blue eyed kunoichi had given up on him and moved on. They were the most annoying.

"Sasuke-KUNNNNN!" the girls screeched in unison.

"Sasuke-kun, what are you going to get me fore Valentines Day!" one brunette demanded rather than asked.

Sasuke was getting tired of hearing their shrill voices. His felt like his head was about to explode and was annoyed that these girls stalked him almost everyday. One time he even caught them starring at him while he was sleeping, in his own bedroom! After that incident he made sure the premises of the Uchiha compound were always secure.

"Sasuke-kun! You're so strong!" the blonde said while caressing his arm.

That's it, he had it. There was only one girl that he wanted to touch him like that. And that girl was definitely none of these freaks.She was a beauty among girls. These stalkers were just freaks among freaks.

Sasuke turned towards the girls with his signature cold-expressionless face. His onyx eyes bore into the girls with such intensity that if enemy ninjas were to approach they would cower in fear.

"Listen up you stalkers; I'm going to say this once and only once. Stay the hell away from me. I don't like any of you and I will NEVER like any of you!" He then gave them a look that could kill and man, if looks could kill they would all be dead on the spot. He then turned around and walked off.

The girls just stood there confused as to why THEIR Sasuke-kun would say something like that.

"But Sasuke-kun, I thou-"

Sasuke had turned his head towards the girls, sharingan activated, and with a harsh monotone voice uttered "If you ever touch me like that again, I'll break your fingers one by one."

This made the girls shudder at the thought knowing that he would really hurt them.

Sasuke smirked at their reactions and with that walked off to find a certain lavender-eyed brunette.


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