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Last time on A rose for you

A smirk spread across Sasuke's face. "I'm glad." He came closer towards the lavender eyed kunoichi and stood inches from her face.

Hinata could feel his breath on her skin. 'Wh...why is he so close?' She felt the heat run to her face and her stomach swell up in anticipation. 'Is…is... he going to ki…'

Before the Hyuga could think further over the matter Sasuke leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. He handed her the bag and turned around to leave. "Bye Hinata-chan, I had a good time on our date."

Hinata stood there all flustered and shocked as she watched Sasuke's back disappearing. She felt the nervousness in her stomach decrease and let out her breath. 'The way he was so close… I thought he…he was going to…'

With that thought plaguing her mind, Hinata went inside and softly closed the door behind her. She leaned against the door and recalled today's events as she grabbed her cheek.


Prepare to be seen as an Uchiha

Chapter 9

"Neji! Neji!" With the exuberant power of youthful bliss Lee ran up to the big oak tree his teammate was currently sitting under. "Neji, what are you planning to do about that guy?!"

Cracking an eye open, the Hyuga prodigy looked over his teammate in annoyance. Why did he have to be so loud? Rethinking the situation his girlfriend had set up, and the plan he had concocted on short notice, Neji opened his other eye and settled his gaze on Lee. The Hyuga had decided on a straight forward approach...sort of. "What guy?"

The handsome devil of the leaf village jaw dropped, Neji couldn't have forgotten that fast. "You know, that guy that was talking to the youthful Ino!"

Lee awaited his teammate to erupt with anger and start shouting obscenities about killing Sano…but he didn't. Neji merely dusted off a blade of grass from his knee and stated in an indifferent and calm tone, "Oh, that guy."

"Wait, why are you so…why aren't you…what do you mean 'oh that guy'?! A couple of hours ago you wanted to kill him!"

"Did I?"

"Yes!" Lee nodded violently. "But now, in the honor of Team Gai we must take this guy out. When I went to see Tenten he was there!"

"Really?" asked Neji, trying to sound interested although he had already heard this news from a certain blond.

"Yeah and," Lee disappointedly dropped his gaze to the ground, "and he asked her out on a date," he finished, with a slight sound of bitterness in his voice.

The Hyuga prodigy noticed his teammate's reaction. "And she accepted."

"Yeah," replied Lee, his gaze still on the ground.

"And you're not happy?" It was more of a statement than a question.

"What? Huh? Oh no I…" Lee quickly put on a forced smile.

Was he kidding? Did he really think he could trick the Hyuga prodigy and his long time teammate with that? Neji had to admit, it was rather weird seeing Lee in this state. He was always so full of energy and perkiness and seeing him so down was rather unusual. "Then what's the problem?"

"Well it's just…" he hesitated. He sighed violently and lifted his hands up against the side of his head in exasperation. He seemed to be stuck on what to say or whether if he had anything to say at all. "It's just I don't think he's good enough for her."

The prodigy stretched out one leg and brought the other one to his chest. Looking up at the blue sky he asked, "Are you sure that's what's really bothering you?"

Lee dropped down to the grass on his knees, pounding the floor with his fist. "Yes! He's going to hurt her, I know it!"

"I doubt that."

The tai jutsu master glanced over at the prodigy in disbelief. "He is! He was flirting with Ino one minute and then flirting with Tenten and asking her out the next."

The Hyuga's eye twitched; did he have to keep bringing up Ino's encounter with Sano?! "Hn, well I guess we have no choice." Neji stood up, dusted himself off, and took out a kunai from his pouch. "We'll just have to kill him."

Lee quickly got up from the ground and stammered, "What?! No, don't you think that's a little drastic?!"

The prodigy began twirling the kunai around his fingers. "Didn't you suggest we," he pierced the oak tree behind him with the kunai, sinking it further and further in, "take him out?"

"Yeah but I-''

Neji let go of the kunai and eyed him irritated. "You want to take him out, but you don't want to kill him. I think your problem isn't about him hurting her but of you."

"What do you mean? I don't want to hurt her!"

The Hyuga placed his arm across his chest. "Of course not, but maybe the reason you're acting all weird (well more than usual) is 'cause you're bothered by the fact that she's going out on a date with him."


Neji rolled his eyes, how dense was his comrade? "You like her," he bluntly stated.

Lee's bushy eyebrows lifted in surprise and shock. "Er…uh no she's just…she's kind, smart, strong, pretty, and youthful and…"

"And you like her."

"No I –''

"Face it, you see her as more than a teammate."

Lee opened his mouth to protest but was halted by his teammate's comment.

"You.Like.Her," pointed out Neji through clenched teeth. He felt as though he were about to burst a vein on his forehead. Man, his blond girlfriend definitely owed him. She knew he wasn't good at "feelings" and such, yet she still made him do this. Well at least the prodigy was able to devise a plan that avoided any kind of sentimental crap. He merely used decisive wording to help Lee come to realization of his "feelings". Although, Neji admitted, it was getting rather irritating due to Lee being so dense.

"Now I suggest you go talk to her and tell her you like her before that guy does."

"But what about him?" inquired Lee, with a hint of displeasure.

"I'll deal with him."

Lee's eyes began to burn bright with youthful power as the handsome devil placed his arm in the air in a valiant manner. "The handsome devil of the leaf village will win the heart of the youthful and beautiful Tenten!" He cracked a big white smile, and portrayed a 'thumbs up'. A slight 'Ping' was heard.

Neji sweat dropped and began to walk away, but not before being stopped by Lee. "Thank you Neji!" he screamed, running towards the Hyuga to embrace him in a big hug.

'WTF?!' "What the hell are you doing?! Let go of me before I break your arm. Guys don't hug."

Lee instantly let go of him when he noticed his comrade's anger. "Well Gai-sensei always hugs Kakashi-sensei so I figured…"

"Against his will!"


"Nothing, just save it for Tenten," uttered Neji stiffly. With that cleared, he angrily turned around and walked off. His girlfriend owed him BIG.

Phase two: Complete


Knock. Knock

Hinata felt the door rattle and awoke from her daze. She hadn't realized she had been leaning on the door all this time! How long had she been like that? Seconds, minutes, hours?

The kunoichi felt a knock on the door again and instantly a nervous feeling filled her stomach, almost as if a swarm of butterflies had violently erupted. 'Is…is it Sasuke-kun?' A tinge of happiness lifted her heart upon that thought.

Knock. Knock.

"Hinata-chan, are you there?"

'Ino-chan?' Hinata quickly turned around and placed her hand on the doorknob. "Is that you Ino-chan?"

"Of course it's me, who else would it be?"


Casting the thought aside, the ex-heiress turned the knob and opened the door to reveal her best friend. "Hey Hinata-chan."

"Oh hey Ino-chan. What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be helping Tenten?"

"Yeah but she's err busy."

"Oh, well come in." Hinata stepped out of the doorway to allow the blonde to pass. Ino made her way in and sat down on the white long couch in the living room.

"So what have you been up to today?"

"Um well," Hinata closed the door and walked to the opposite couch. She sat across from her friend. "I went to work." The Hyuga nervously looked down wondering whether to tell Ino about her encounter with the Uchiha.

The blue eyed kunoichi looked over Hinata with suspicion and curiosity. "Ok, spill it."


Ino crossed her legs and placed her arm on the armchair. "Something happened. I can tell."

"Uh I." The lavender eyed kunoichi felt the heat run to her face as the memories of today's events flooded her mind. The lunch… the roses… the lily… and the kiss.

Ino began to giggle at her best friend's reaction. "Oooooh this is gonna be good. Your face is so red, it's cute."

"Um," Hinata peeped. "Would you like some tea?" Before she could get up and go to the kitchen Ino stopped her.

"Don't try to avoid this Hinata-chan. Tell me everything." She eagerly leaned forward, wide eyed.


After about 15 minutes of detailed explanation and squealing from Ino, Hinata managed to finish her story without dying of embarrassment.

"Oh so that's why you're holding that lily?"

"What?" Hinata looked down and realized she was still clutching the lily in her hand. How had she not noticed?! Her head was definitely in the clouds.

"I had been wondering why you had been holding it all this time. But, now that I know that it's a symbol of your first date I-''

"Date?!" Hinata interrupted. "Do you really think it was a date?" The Hyuga looked down at her knees and turned thirteen shades of red, "He didn't call it that until he left but-''

"Of course it was," protested Ino. "Judging by everything you said….I mean he asked you to have lunch with him, which attests to him "asking you out", paid for the lunch, gave you a beautiful flower, offered to carry your stuff, which no guy offers to do unless he's trying to impress you or you ask, he also chased away other guys, and kissed you! This definitely falls under the category of date."

Hinata looked up at Ino, who was now jumping up and down with excitement. "Aww this was your first date Hinata-chan! And you had a good time too!"

The ex-heiress got up from her seat and headed into the kitchen. She reached up and opened the cabinet above the kitchen sink and pulled out a small vase. She filled it with water and placed the lily in it. Taking a deep look at the flower, she pulled a strand of her long hair behind her ear and smiled. "Yeah, I did have a good time. Sasuke-kun was really nice."

Ino, who had followed her into the kitchen, stopped her victory dance abruptly and gazed with disbelief at her best friend. 'KUN? Since when has she been addressing him as kun?' Despite this new advancement changing the next phase of her plan, she couldn't help have a big grin spread across her lips. 'This calls for a celebration!' The blond quickly twirled around, "Hey Hinata-chan you wanna do a little shopping?"

The kunoichi turned her eyes from the lily to her best friend. "I don't have any money, I get paid until Friday," replied Hinata apologetically.

The blue eyed bombshell gave her a wink. "Don't worry, it's on me. We can go buy our kimonos for the Valentine's festival."

"Oh but I already have some."

Ino narrowed her eyes, "But those have the Hyuga crest and according to your pompous father you're no longer one. No worries though, you can just get a new one and start off fresh."

Flashing her best friend a grateful smile, Hinata said, "Ok, let's go Ino-chan."


After the end of his big date with Hinata, Sasuke was now making his way back to the Uchiha compound. Bystanders walking by wouldn't think this however, the Uchiha, to them, seemed a bit lost. He was lost alright, lost in thought. Perhaps it was due to the fact that he kept replaying his date with Hinata over and over again in his head.

Sasuke placed his hands in his pockets and let out a big sigh…that kiss….

When he had stood on her doorstep he had realized just how inviting her rosy plump lips were. He wouldn't, or rather he couldn't contain himself. He had found himself slowly moving closer and closer to her, until he stood inches from her face. He had leaned in and…chickened out! He changed his mind at the last minute.

But the Uchiha had a reason of course!

Suppose he had gone through with it, how would have Hinata responded? What if she had slapped him?!...or worse, never spoken to him ever again out of anger. Wait, he knew Hinata better than that, she never got angry, the way her father had always treated her was proof of that. But, she probably would have avoided him for the rest of her life….and Sasuke just couldn't have that, oh no.

So instead, he had turned his head and gave her a peck on the cheek.

The raven haired shinobi turned a corner and avoided nearly bumping into an unknown villager. Damn, he was thinking way too much. 'I wonder what she thought of,' a crooked smirk spread across his handsome face, 'our date.'

No sooner had his heart lifted when out of the blue he heard a loud screech and felt something, or rather someone cling to his back.

"Sasuke-kun! I've been looking everywhere for you!"

The male groaned, he knew who the owner of the voice was without even having to turn around. It was the person he hated the most in the world, besides Itachi that was, his stalker, Sakura Haruno. "What do you want?" he asked, in a cold tone.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura screeched. "I was looking for you everywhere! I wanted to give you something."

The Uchiha survivor pried himself from her manly grasp. "I don't need or want anything from you," he bluntly stated, annoyance evident in his voice.

"Hahaha you're so funny Sasuke-kun!" The pink haired troll, uh I mean Sakura, pulled out a red rose from behind her back. "I got you a red rose! I know you got me one too right?!"

Sasuke eyed her as if she had lost her mind. Why would he ever give her a red rose?...he would rather give one to Naruto and have people think he was gay than give one to her. Hell, he would rather give a rose to the entire male rookie nine!

But that was beside the point. The only person he'd be willing to give a red rose and spill his guts to, was to a certain lavender eyed kunoichi.

"Sasuke-kun here!" she shrieked, forcing the red rose on him. "Oh Sasuke-kun I heard a silly little rumor that you," she began to laugh like a hyena, "went on a date with," she roared with laughter even more, scaring the crap out of the poor unfortunate people who just happened to be passing by, "with Hinata."

"I did."

Sakura gasped. "But…but…but Sasuke-kun she's not good enough for you! She's ugly, plain, stupid and weak! She's a disgrace; she got kicked out of the Hyuga Clan!"

A vein nearly burst out of Sasuke's forehead. He could have practically punched Sakura right in the face. "And you're so much better?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"Yes I am. I'm the most beautiful kunoichi in all of Konoha. That stupid Ino-pig only won last year's beauty contest 'cause she cheated!"

The male teenager looked her over, ugh she was so revolting. Her forehead was abnormally huge and grotesque, her hair was uneven, brittle, and dry with many split ends, her body was rather disturbingly manly, and her choice of clothing was gaudy and outmoded. For kami's sake she was wearing the same shirt she wore when she was 12! And she wonders why she didn't win? She was the total opposite of her, the girl with the porcelain skin who made his heart aflutter every time she looked at him.

"Hinata is a major freak and stupid. I'm sooooo much better for you Sasuke-kun!"

Sasuke shot her a death glare, followed by a sadistic grin that was brought upon by a sudden idea. He outstretched his hand, leveled to his chest, and slowly crumpled the rose in his hand.

Sakura watched as all the red petals fell to the floor. She then felt something hit her square in the face. It was the stem. The Uchiha had flung it at her. She looked into his eyes and realized that he had activated his sharingan.

"Don't ever compare yourself to Hinata-chan," growled Sasuke.

"But she's not good enough for you!" protested Sakura.

"She is," an amused smile spread across Sasuke's handsome face, "in fact, I'm gonna go ask her to marry me." And in a sudden flash the Uchiha was gone.



"Come on Hinata-chan, let's go into this store," gestured Ino, pulling Hinata into a fairly big shop, obviously thrilled about going shopping.

The store was pretty big in size compared to rest of the stores surrounding it. It had glass doors and windows, as to allow shoppers to see what was inside, marble floors, and many manikins centered in the middle, displaying the various styles of kimonos. The store was really crowded, up to the point where the line to enter stretched a few feet outside.

Then again, what did they expect? It was Wednesday and the Valentines Festival was to be held on Saturday.

The two kunoichi formed themselves in the line. "Maybe we should go to another store?" suggested Hinata.

"But." protested Ino. "This is the best kimono store in Konoha." She looked up the line and counted the number of people. "It's not that bad anyway. There are only seven people in front of us."

All of sudden Hinata felt something wet splash her on the arm. She looked up. A blanket of cold drizzle was slowly starting to fall. "I hope the line moves quickly, before it starts to rain."


"Sasuke," yelled a familiar hyperactive ninja.

The Uchiha groaned and turned around to see Naruto. "What do you want dobe?"

"Sasuke-teme you gotta help me!" screamed the blond, worry and fear evident in his voice.

Sasuke quirked an eyebrow and sighed, "What did you do this time?"

"While I was washing Kakashi-sensei's laundry I accidentally ripped his favorite shirt!" The fox boy's eyes grew wide with fear. "He's gonna kill when he finds out…or worse he'll send me to train a whole week with Gai-sensei!"

The raven haired shinobi grimaced; just the thought of Gai's "light training" made his muscles ache. He sighed, "Why don't you just buy him an identical shirt loser."

"Come with me!" Naruto placed his hands on Sasuke's shoulders. "You have to help me find an identical shirt!"

"No," the teenager blurted out without a thought. With a single hand gesture, he swiped his comrade's arms from his shoulders.

"But Sasuke-teme!"

"No," Sasuke repeated, already walking away.

"You don't understand, the shirt I ripped was that shirt."

Sasuke froze, stopping dead in his tracks. No, not that shirt. Anything but that. He remembered Kakashi giving him a death glare once for even looking at that shirt. From what he had heard from Naruto, the shirt involved some sort of bet dealing with poker, pakun, Gai and Asuma. 'Damn, the dobe is so stupid he'd probably pick one that isn't remotely similar to that shirt…or worse he'd try making one himself. Fuck, there's no way I'm letting Naruto's stupidity screw me over by having Kakashi take this out on me too.' "Fine, I'll help but," he began to walk towards the compound again, "I'm going to go get an umbrella."

The drizzle he had felt 5 minutes ago was now turning into heavy droplets of rain.


"Wow that looks really cute on you Hinata-chan."

After a long wait in line, Ino and Hinata had managed to finally get inside and look around for kimonos. Just in time too, since five minutes later it had began to pour down hard.

Hinata looked into the mirror that she was currently standing in front of. "I don't know, Ino-chan. Isn't it a bit too much?" She wanted something simpler; the light green kimono she was wearing was really extravagant, its array of mixed colors and dragon patterns seemed to overshadow the kimono's simple intended beauty. Besides, it was extremely bold, something that Hinata would never wear.

"How about this one?" inquired Ino, holding up a gorgeous baby blue kimono with a diagonal array of flowers that ran along from the bottom and stopped 5 inches from the obi. Its floor length sleeves also had a small patch of flowers centered at the right hand corner. It was the perfect furisode, it was elegent yet casual. (A/N: A furisodeis a kimono that is traditionally worn by unmarried women.)

Hinata's face filled with delight. "That's perfect. I'm going to go try it on." She got the kimono and headed towards the dressing room.

'Now I have to find one for myself,' thought Ino as she walked along a row of kimono dressed manikins. She reached to touch the soft silk of the one nearest to her but was halted by a girl's whining.

"Ah it finally finished pouring outside, but now the ground is all muddy! Just look at my new shoes!"

Ino let out a soft chuckle and continued down the row until she reached an alluring butterfly printed purple kimono. 'I think I just found mine!'


"What?! What do you mean you don't have one?!" Naruto began scavenging through the piles of clothes that had been neatly folded on a shelf. "You have to have one somewhere!"

Sasuke eyed the clerk. "Are you sure you don't have one?"

The old clerk grimaced under the infamous Uchiha glare. "Nope," he peeped. "I'm sorry but I'm positive."

Scratching the back of his head, Sasuke let out a sigh. "Come on dobe. He's doesn't have what we're looking for." Naruto scurried past his comrade and made his way to the shop across the street. "If anyone asks, you didn't see us. Got it?"

The clerk timidly nodded that he understood. Sasuke followed the fox boy's lead and walked to the shop across the street. By the time the Uchiha got to the next shop piles of clothes had already been thrown across the floor. Every two minutes he would hear Naruto curse under his breath and then ten shirts would get tossed into the air.

The raven haired ninja turned to the shop owner and asked, "So do you have one or not. I don't want to waste me time."

The clerk looked puzzled. "Have what? I don't know what you are looking for. That kid," he pointed to the blond, "just came in here screaming about a shirt and started tearing up my shop."

Sasuke smacked his head. Was the dobe trying to make a scene with his frantic yells? "We're looking for…"

"I found it!" screamed Naruto, obviously thrilled. He began to do a little victory dance and cry in a comical way at the same time.

Sasuke's eyes rolled. "Just pay for the stupid shirt so we can go." The fox boy ran to the counter and pulled out his fat froggy wallet.

The Uchiha decided to wait outside. He walked out and leaned against the wall of the shop, leaving the umbrella inside with Naruto. He looked around and spotted a familiar face. Instantly his heart began to beat wildly. 'Hinata-chan?'

She and Ino were coming out of the kimono shop. Sasuke felt his heart skip a beat.

"Thanks for buying it for me Ino-chaaaaannnnnnnn…" The ground was still wet and slippery and with one bad step Hinata found herself hurling towards the ground. Before she could hit the ground she felt someone grab the back of her shirt and jerk her forward. During that fast instant, in reaction the shopping bag slipped from her hand and flew across into the muddy ground. The sudden thump caused the kimono to swivel out of the bag and strew across the floor. Before Hinata had the chance to react, uninvolved pedestrians passing by stomped over it. The muddiness, the soles of their shoes, and sheer bad luck saw to the ripping of the beautiful new kimono.

It had all happened so quick…within seconds.

"Hinata-sama are you alright?" her savior asked.

Hinata's eyes began to fill with tears. The kimono she was staring at intently could no longer be seen through the blurriness that now filled her vision. She didn't even see when Ino walked past her and picked it up.


The voice brought her back to reality. She turned to her rescuer. "Neji-niisan?"

He nodded. "Are you alright?"

Hinata shook her head softly, wiping away the tears from her eyes which she had managed not to let loose. She turned towards her best friend, gazing upon what was left of her purchase.

Ino noticed and gave her a condoling look. "We'll just get you a new one ok?"

Hinata gave her a thankful smile. "No, that's ok Ino-chan. You already spent money on this one and I wouldn't want you to waste your money on another one."

'I don't mind Hinata-chan."

The lavender eyed female shook her head no. "Maybe I can salvage it. It's only ripped in certain areas." An optimistic smile spread across her face. "All it needs is a good cleaning."

Ino smiled. "Well if you change your mind, the offer still stands." Turning towards her boyfriend, she gave him a sly wink. "Let's cheer up 'k, Neji-kun here is going to treat us to dinner."

Neji's face filled with amusement. He decided not question his girlfriend's statement. Grabbing her elbow, he pulled her towards him and whispered in her ear, "Phase one: complete."

The prodigy was further amused by her reaction. Her face filled with delight, like a child in a candy store. "I knew you could do it!"

Hinata watched the couple in confusion. 'What are they talking about?'

Meanwhile Sasuke had felt his heart stop completely when he watched Hinata almost fall. He was ready to run for it and catch his beloved but Neji appeared suddenly and saved her. Sasuke had refrained from a scowl adorning his face, but he couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed. After all, he could've been her knight in shining armor.

Truth be told he just wanted to be near her.

The Uchiha had watched her reaction. The tears she was about to spill had made his stomach turn over; he felt hopeless when she cried. He had felt the sudden urge to march over there, swoop her up, and take her away from there.

But she had managed to cheer up.

Sasuke's gaze focused on the kimono. 'Perhaps it's still there…in that room…her…' His thoughts were halted by Naruto's yell.

The loud blond was standing beside his comrade with an ecstatic smile. "Oi Sasuke-teme I got it."

The Uchiha muttered, "Ok" under his breath and turned to walk away.

Naruto scanned his surroundings and spotted the three shinobi a couple feet away. "Hey isn't that Hinata-chan?"

"Shut up," Sasuke hissed. "You don't have to be so damn loud."

Of course being the loud mouthed blond that he was caused the three to look in their direction. Hinata caught Sasuke's eyes and quickly looked away, blood gushing to her cheeks. He let out a soft amused chuckle.

"Hey guys," yelled Naruto, walking towards the group with Sasuke following.

Ino smiled inwardly. "You're just in time guys. We were about to go to get some ramen for dinner."

"Ramen?!" Naruto screamed. "We're in!" Sasuke merely shrugged and nodded in agreement.

"Ok then let's go." Ino put her arm in her boyfriend's and led the way. Neji, being the stoic person he is, seemed unaffected by her action. He had grown accustomed to his girlfriend's display of affections but despite this, a slight blush still creped along his cheeks.

Hinata smiled as she observed her cousin and best friend. Ino seemed really happy as she giggled over what her boyfriend was talking to her about. Their long silky hair, blond and black, swayed as they walked and Hinata couldn't help but notice the little things they seemed to have in common. Hinata followed behind them, with Naruto and Sasuke behind her. In a couple of steps, the raven haired teenager managed to walk along side the porcelain skinned kunoichi. "We sure seem to be seeing a lot of each other lately." He smiled that crooked smile of his. "Perhaps it's fate."

Hinata nearly hyperventilated. That crooked smile of his was mesmerizing. It was something he hardly showed, she had noticed. It wasn't like the smirks he portrayed when he had the upper hand or even a regular smile….it was much more. 'Why is my heart beating so fast?'

The female Hyuga looked over Sasuke. He was so handsome, as she had always known, but she never realized just how handsome he was. His chalky pale skin, dark onyx eyes, his features, straight, perfect, angular all seemed to be inhumanly beautiful.

Apparently Hinata hadn't noticed she was starring until Sasuke let out a soft, enchanting chuckle. In a flush of embarrassment she dropped her eyes at once. 'What's happening to me?'

Hinata was thankful when they finally arrived at Naruto's favorite ramen stand. Of course he was the first one to sit down. However, they weren't the only ones there.


"Ok Lee I kind of got it the first time," responded a very happy Tenten.


Ino began to squeal with excitement, slightly tightening her grip on Neji's arm, as if saying 'You did it! They're finally going out, thank you so much!'.

"So you two are finally official huh?" asked Ino.

"Y-yeah," an embarrassed Tenten replied.

Before anyone else could comment an excited yell came from behind Tenten and Lee. "Innnnnnnnooooo-ccchhhaaannnnnnnn."

Ino looked at the male, stunned that he had been there the whole time. "Innnnnnnnooooo-ccchhhaaannnnnnnn," he yelled as he ran to her in enthusiastically in slow motion. Before he could hug her Ino kicked him on the head, slamming his head to the ground face first, making sure he couldn't peep up her skirt.

"What are you doing here Shinji?" grunted Neji, annoyance clearly in his tone.

Shinji quickly got up from the ground. "I came to visit my adorable cousin Tenten."

"Sorry guy, I forgot to tell you he was coming to town. He's only going to be here for a day or two," Tenten spoke up.

Neji pushed Shinji aside forcefully and led Ino to a seat. Shinji ignored the rude gesture and stared at Hinata. "Hiiinnnnnnaaatttttttaaaaa-ccccchhhaaaaannnnn!"

Once again he ran in slow motion with a big grin on his face towards the female Hyuga. Before he hugged her, it was Tenten who smacked him on the head. "Leave her alone."

He looked appalled. "But how can I when we were meant to be together," replied Shinji in a dramatic tone.

"How do you know her?" threatened Sasuke, eyeing Shinji. He had light skin, honey colored eyes, and brown bobbed cut hair. He was rather unusual.

Hearts filled Shinji's eyes. "She was my first love." He grabbed Hinata's hands in his, which caused her to flush. "I remember our first kiss in fact…it was when-."

He was cut short by another smack from Tenten. "Don't believe this idiot," she assured Sasuke, somewhat scared by the menacing aura he was emitting. "He always says that about cute girls." She grabbed her cousin from the ear and dragged him to where the others were sitting.

A still red Hinata followed behind. Sasuke, calming down, followed as well.

Everyone was already eating. It was Naruto on the farthest left seat, and going in a line it was Shinji, Tenten, Lee, Neji, Ino, and the last two seats were now taken by Hinata and Sasuke.

A bowl of ramen was placed in front of the female Hyuga. She picked at it with her chop sticks. Sasuke eyed her. "Aren't you hungry?"

"Um no not really."

He chuckled, "Oh I see, you're still full from our date."

Hinata's face turned scarlet, her eyes widened.

Sasuke couldn't help but smirk. "Or maybe it's because of that kimono that was ruined."

She groaned and turned to look at him. "You saw that?"

He nodded.

"Well I'm going to try to repair it." She looked over at the shopping bag that was under Ino's seat. She had carefully folded it and placed it in the bag. "I can hopefully still salvage it."

"Don't bother," murmured Sasuke. "I have something for you."

Hinata cocked her head in confusion.

Sasuke smiled in response, he angled his chair towards Hinata. "You'll see."

She pouted in disappointment, her eyebrows knit together. "Can't you tell me now?"

"You're just like a five year old." He sounded amused.

"Why can't you tell me?" challenged Hinata.

Ino leaned forward on the counter and looked over at the two. "It seems she's more comfortable around him," she pointed out to her boyfriend.

He looked over as well. "It seems so." He turned back to his girlfriend and placed his arm around her shoulders. "You owe me big for that," the pointed to the now official couple to the left.

Ino giggled as she leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. She pulled away after a few seconds and went back to eating her ramen, leaving a stunned Neji. He obviously hadn't been expecting that.

"Come to the Uchiha compound tomorrow and you'll see." He sat forward and ate some of his ramen.

"At what time?"

He shrugged. "It doesn't matter."

"Noon?" she questioned.

"Sure." He ate another mouthful of ramen.

"Can't you give me a clue? I'm curious," Hinata admitted.

Sasuke swallowed, hesitant to reveal a clue but finally turned his whole body towards her and leaned in. Hinata looked up to see him smiling a crooked smile so beautiful that she could only stare at him like an idiot. "Prepare to be seen as an Uchiha."

Hinata pondered the statement, dazed over the turn of events. "That still doesn't help."

"I know," he muttered smugly. He got up from his seat, left some money on the counter, and murmured, "I'll see you tomorrow."

Hinata watched as he walked away, annoyed that she couldn't figure out his clue and disappointed that he was leaving. Before she could further dwell over the matter, Shinji ran to sit next to her. "Hiiinnnnnaaaattttttttaaaa-cccccchhhhhhaaaannnnnnn!"


Sasuke walked down the hall, his bare feet touching the cold wooden floor, sending chills up his spine. He hadn't been on this side of the manor for many years. Turning a corner he came upon an old dusty wooden door. It clearly hadn't been opened for many years.

Sasuke placed his hand on the doorknob, debating whether to go in or not. Merely touching the doorknob made his muscles tighten in anguish. He decided on the earlier and twisted the knob to open the wooden door.

The room was dark and he waited for his eyes to adjust to the setting. Finally figures were coming into view and in an instant old memories began flooding him like a raging river.

Everything he had had, loved, lost, and forgotten.

Walking further into the room the smell of dew and dust filled the air. Refusing to turn on the lights, for it would evoke further memories, he felt his way around, using only the moon light that was cascading through the window, until he came upon what he had been searching for.

He ran his hand along the old black trunk, encrusted with the Uchiha symbol.

He opened the trunk, rummaged through it and after a minute or so he felt the item he had been seeking. It was neatly folded, as he had expected, and even still equipped with the necklace she use to wear. He ran his slim pale fingers along the soft item, tracing the elegant embroidery, which, he remembered, had taken a long time to complete.

Hinata would certainly be seen as an Uchiha.


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