This is a prelude to the story. It holds all the vocabulary that you will see. Everything here is for the story that lies ahead so read carefully. I have written it all down so that you will know exactly what each word means. I found a word generator that allows for English to Japanese and Japanese to English. So enjoy the vocabulary words and my story.

This whole story came to me in a dream. For some unknown reason I was dreaming about Inuyasha I don't know why but I was so when I woke up I started writing this and I haven't stopped yet..LOL. Well this is just a little bit of what I want to tell you on here. Anything else I use will be put at the beginning of the chapter for I can't wait to put this up. I am already at 15 chapters and still writing it so enjoy.

Vocabulary words

Ningenteki - Human

Ookami - Wolf

Inu - Dog

Hanyou - Half demon

Youkai - Demon

Hebi - Snake

Kyodai - Brother

Oniisan - Older demon brother

Ani - Older human brother

Ototo - Younger brother

Shimai - Sister

Ane - Older human sister

Onesan - Older demon sister

Imoto - Younger sister

Neko - Cat

Oi - Nephew

Ideyu - Hot springs

Kumo - Bear

Kitsune - Fox

Watashi - Eagle

Uma - Horse

Ryu - Dragon

Oji-san - Uncle

Taiyo - Sun