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Pairings: Sasuke and Sakura, Naruto and Hinata, Neji and Tenten, Shikamaru and Ino!


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Chap 1


Our favorite 4 kunoichi were at team 7's training grounds panting from 2 straight hours of training. Kunai, shuriken and various other weapons laid all around them. The majority belonged to Tenten but a few others were Hinata, Sakura and Ino's.

"-pant- -pant- so… you guys hungry?" Sakura managed to ask. The others were to tired to talk so they nodded. " come on let's go get some ramen." Ino said standing.

Yes once they all became chuunin the girls had become quick friends after realizing they had to stick together to survive as ninja. Now they were skilled jounin but remained best friends.

And they actually were able to cure Hinata from her shyness. Now she was bold enough to speak her mind but stilled blushed when Naruto came around.

Right getting off track here…

The girls gathered their weapons and stopped by the river to wash off real quick and were now on their way to dun dun duhhhhhh!…. Ichiraku's!

They were happily chatting about some of the weirdest things like what inanimate objects would most likely rule the world ((my and my friend do that a lot! 0.o!)) but shut up when they saw everyone's favorite 4 boys Sasuke, Neji, Naruto and Shikamaru.

They smiled and Tenten asked "mind if we sit here?" the guys finally noticed them after about 5 minutes of them standing there.

"huh? OH! Hey guys what's up! Wanna come sit with us?" Naruto said/asked. The girls sweat dropped at his stupidity. But never-the-less took the seat open. The seating was this:

Hinata, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke (he didn't want to sit close to Naruto), Neji, Shikamaru, Ino, Tenten.

The girls ordered their ramen and started to eat while talking in between bites. 5 minutes later the boys got up and left after paying it almost seemed as if they forgot the girls were there. Even Naruto didn't say bye to them!

They sat there fuming silently well the were silent on the outside… their inners were ranting, swearing, and tearing things apart. But the silence was broken by………………………………...


"ARRRG! I'm soo tired of being ignored!" she said standing and paying for all their ramen since it was her turn.

"I know! For once they could pay attention to us!" Sakura yelled standing as well.

"exactly! The only time they ever actually SEE us instead of through us is during a mission! Even then we get very little attention unless we some how screw up!" Ino shouted jolting to her feet.

" we have to find out a way to get them to notice us! Then we could show them what it's like to be ignored!" Tenten yelled leaping off her stool.

"I call an emergency sleep-over at my house!" Sakura said since she lived alone. They had done this before and knew what they needed to bring.

Hinata would bring losta movies. Different kinds for different moods. Ino brought comfort food. Most of it from Chouji. Tenten would bring things for them to take their anger out on. Sakura would provide everything else.

So they rushed home and got everything they needed and they 3 other girls arrived at Sakura's house at the same time like always. They opened the door with out knocking knowing Sakura wouldn't care.

They changed into their p.j.s and sat on the comfy blankets she had laid out. They immediately started to talk about plotting revenge tuning out the music in the background.

"so what do we do?" Hinata asked eating her favorite ice-cream.

"I say we make their lives a living hell by torturing them slowly at painfully!" Tenten said sharpening a kunai.

The girls were now used to this and ignored her comment. They also ignored her evil, sadistic mutterings.

"I agree we should torture them but in a different way. A mental torture." Sakura. Uh-oh! Ibiki is starting to rub off on her!

"hey I know! We should get advice from they other jounin! You know the other older guys! See what makes them tick and find out what turns the guys on!" Ino said actually using the brain under the blonde.

"yeah! Then we could have Kurenai and Anko help us out!" Hinata said catching on. They turned to Tenten expecting her to say something. She was still muttering things to her self -.-;. She looked up after feeling the aura in the room changed.

"oh! Uh… yeah! I agree completely! But could you run that by me again?" she asked pretending that she had paid attention.

So they spent the rest of the night plotting and coming up with a list of guys to talk to then split them up so each 20 (or 21 in Tenten's case) yr old had different guys.

Tenten: Gai and Ibiki since she was the toughest and we would have the hardest time.

Hinata: Kiba and Shino since they were her team mates as well as Kotetsu.

Sakura: Kakashi, Genma, Raidou and Iruka since they would probably be found together.

Ino: Chouji, Asuma and Hayate Gecko ((the dude in the preliminary matches))

So the next day the would spend gathering information and they would spend the next week at Sakura's house to plot. So after a few movies they went to bed. The would need a good night's sleep if they were going to deal with the guys all day tomorrow.


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