Hey there!

I've recently been obsessing over FMA and I just love this pairing (GreedxEnvyxWrath)

If I owned it, would I be writing this?



Envy is sitting on a couch in Dante's mansion, enjoying a bit of peace and quite while she is gone. He is just about to mutter to himself about being bored when Wrath walked into the room.

"Hey Envy, why can you shape shift?" asked Wrath, plopping down on the couch across from Envy.

"Because I can, go away"

"That's not an answer"

"Yes it is, go away"

"No it isn't, answer!"

"Yes it is, go away!"

"Answer me, answer me, answer me…" screamed Wrath.


"So, why can you shape shift?"

"Because, I am Envy. That means that I want everything you have, just because you have it. That includes your face, your body, and…" Envy trailed off after turning into Wrath and let his eyes wander south, sliding down the couch towards Wrath who was sliding backwards. Wrath hit the arm of the chair and Envy pounced on him. Greed walked into the room.

"No fair, you didn't invite me," said Greed attempting to pout and failing miserably. In the other room Lust mutters, "I hate Mondays."