The next morning, Raimundo was wearing a cast on his arm hanging from his neck and wearing bandages around his head. Kim was wearing bandages around her eye, a Band-Aid near her mouth, and was wearing bandages on her left leg. Dojo was giving Ron, Rufus, Wade, and Kim a ride home back to America.

"It was great to see you guys," Kim said. "I hope we'll meet again someday."

"I hope so, too," Kimiko said. "Don't worry, though. I'll send you an E-Mail."

Ron and Raimundo did a high-five.

"It was great seeing you again, buddy," Ron said. "I hope we'll see each other again, soon."

"I hope so, too, dude," Raimundo said.

Rufus jumped on Raimundo's shoulder and hugged him on the face again. Rufus jumped on the ground and did a high-five for Dojo.

"I'll call you sometimes, little man," Dojo said.

Rufus did a thumbs-up and went into Ron's pocket.

"It was nice seeing you guys," Wade said. "I better get back home to fix my systems."

"Hold on," Kim said. "Before we go, I wanted to say something. Ever since what happened yesterday before I won, Raimundo's evil self will say he'll be back and get revenge, even on me."

"If anything strange happen like that," Clay said. "We'll let each other know right away."

"It was nice to see you, too," Omi said. "You know, I'm certain that our paths will cross again."

Dojo grew in size, Wade, Ron, along with Rufus, and Kim got on his back, and then flew to the skies.

"We'll see them soon again," Raimundo said. "I'm sure of it."

With that, he did a smile and waved good-bye.

The End

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