The sun was setting upon the ocean. It's hues were a rainbow of fiery colors, making the water look like some sort of magic spell was going on. And this must be, as a sunset was actually showing through a mist like it shouldn't have. Most people wouldn't have thought anything about it, just wanting to take a picture of the scene.

However, someone was watching, their eyes narrowing in anger as they heard the name Legolas spoken by some of those and realized that there was an addition to the group. It had been there waiting for something, but hadn't expected this and the person licked their lips.

Thought sprung through the persons mind, and ideas formed that were not necessarily true, but to the person's mind it was. As the friends said goodnight to Hermione, the bigger of the three others who had gone helped the Elf Legolas to where ever they were going, keeping in the shadows.

It should have crossed the person's mind that Legolas should have been adult sized, but of course… the person's mind didn't think like this… it thought erratically.

Author's note – Well, this has been nice. It took me two years, three months and seventeen days to finish this one. When I first started, I thought it would only be ten chapters roughly in length. It became clear very fast that this would not work out as well as making it three times as many chapters… a total of thirty-two. Many of my ideas were cut along the way, or changed drastically from what it once was.

If your wondering if it's all over… I always leave my fanfics open to sequels and/or prequels… and this one does have a few already planned. Sorry for listing this, but as I do end up writing them, I'd like people to go straight to them when they are written.
Draco's Dilemma – Covers Draco's side of the story
Meet the Lox – One-shot where one gets to meet Ainel's wizarding side of the family.
Angel of Death – Covers Fred and George's first year before the time rewind… and why Ainel isn't there. Warning though… it will be rated M.
Angel of Life – A parallel of Angel of Death, not rated M, where Fred and George… well, it ends up different… way different.
Time Rewind: Cuts – This will be the writing up of some of the things cut or majorly changed. They are WAY different from the things that happened here…
Spider Web – Actually… this one was written a long time ago… and is already posted…
And more...

Anyways… thanks to all who have read this and reviewed. Do let me know what you think of the above stuff… though I am not sure when I will get to them. I also hope that this was something that was unique compared to what most of the LotR/HP fanfics are like...

1/1/2014 - Instead of sequels the story is getting a major rewrite... eventually, some time. Who knows when.