Meet Alex Nuñez, a seventeen year-old girl and her adopted brother, Jimmy. Alex had black hair and dark brown eyes. Her brother, Jimmy, was an African-American with black hair and brown eyes. The two walked into their friend, Snake's, lab. Jimmy plugged his guitar into the large amplifier. He put all the knobs at maximum. He took out a pick and twirled it between his fingers. He strummed the guitar strings and he and his sister were blown across the room into a bookshelf. Alex groaned in pain.

"Whoa. Rock n' Roll" Jimmy whispered, looking at Alex, who was rubbing her head. The phone rang. Alex stood up and answered it.

"Hello?" she heard.

"Hello. Is this Snake?" Alex asked.


"This is she. Where are you? Is Einstein with you?"

"Oh, yes he is. Listen can you and Jimmy meet me at the mall at 1:15?"Snake asked.

"In the morning?" Alex asked.

"Who is it?" Jimmy mouthed.

"Snake." Alex mouthed back.

"Yes. In the morning."

"Yeah sure."

"Oh by the way, you and Jimmy don't use the amplifier. It's got a malfunction."

"Yeah, we'll keep that in mind." The alarms rang from the clocks all around the room.

"Are those my clocks?"

"Yeah. It's eight o'clock."

"Right on schedule. My clocks are twenty five minutes behind."

"Twenty five minutes behind! Are you telling me its eight twenty five?" Alex shouted. Jimmy's eyes widened as he packed up his guitar.


"We're late for school!" Alex hung up the phone and grabbed her skateboard. Jimmy put his guitar bag around him and grabbed his own board. They hurried and skateboarded off to school.


Paige Michalchuk walked down the steps of Degrassi. Her girlfriend, Alex, was late for school again. She stood there for a few minutes before seeing two people skateboard up. Alex and Jimmy got off the skateboards and walked up to her.

"Hey." Alex said, before kissing Paige. She began to walk up the stairs when Paige pulled her and Jimmy back down.

"Not that way. Raditch is looking for the two of you. If you guys get caught it'll be the fourth tardy in a row." Paige led them around to the back way. They walked through the backdoor and the three walked down the hallways, Jimmy walking behind the two girls. "So, what are your excuses today?"

"Snake put his clocks so that they're twenty five minutes late." Alex felt a hand on the collar of her jacket. "Jimmy would you…" It was Raditch. "let go of me?"

"Did I here you say Snake? As in Archibald Simpson? I wouldn't hang out with him if I were the two of you." Mr. Raditch said to Alex and Jimmy. "A tardy slip for you, Miss Michalchuk." Paige plastered on a fake smile. "If you hang out with Mr. Simpson, you two shall find yourselves in huge trouble. You understand me?"

"Oh yes sir." Alex said, sarcastically. Alex, Paige, and Jimmy began to walk away.

"You've got a real attitude problem, Nuñez. You're both slackers, just like your father. He was a slacker, too."

"Can we go now Mr. Raditch?"

"I saw your band's name on the dance roster. Why even bother, Nuñez? You don't have a chance. The both of you are too much like your old man. No Nuñez ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley." Alex put her hands in her pocket. She really needed anger management classes.

"Things are gonna change." Jimmy said making sure Alex didn't get them into even more trouble. He, Paige, and Alex walked to class in silence.


Alex stood at the side of the gym talking to Paige, while Jimmy, Marco, Ellie, and Craig got ready to perform.

"Alright, Downtown Sasquash, you're up!" Alex grabbed her guitar and went on stage with the others (In this story, Alex is a part of Downtown Sasquash).

"Ellie, give us a count." Craig said. Ellie did as Craig said and began to play.

I don't know if you'll forgive me

For being so blind to how you felt

Don't ask me why I couldn't see it

'Cause that'd take me years to figure out

And that's not something I know much about

But there's only one thing to find out

What I know is that I hurt you

What I know is that I suck and what I know is that I'm sorry

What I know is I'm a loser

"OK. Hold it." Craig and the others stopped. "I'm sorry, but you're just too loud." Jimmy gave Alex a questioning look. She looked back with the same look.


"We're never gonna get to play in front of anybody. Hey Jimmy, watch where you're boardin'." Alex said, as she and Paige walked down the street.

"Don't say that Lex. One rejection isn't the end of the world." Paige said, as she watched Jimmy skateboard ahead of them.

"Maybe we're just not cut out for music."

"But you guys are good, Lexi. And this demo is great. You've got to send it in to the record company." Paige said, tossing Alex the CD. Alex pocketed the CD. "And it's like Snake says-"

"I know. I know. If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything." Alex said, checking out two other girls as they passed. Paige turned Alex face to her and kissed her.

"That's good advice, Alex. And don't you ever do that again." Alex chuckled.

"Do what?" Alex said.

"That's my girl." Paige said.

"Anyway, Paige, what if I send in the CD and they say they don't like it? What if they say get out of here kid? You got no future. I don't think I could handle that kind of rejection. Jesus, I'm starting to sound like my old man." Paige put her foot on a bench and began to tie her shoe.

"Come on. He's not the bad. At least he's letting you and Jimmy borrow the car tomorrow." Paige said, as she stood up straight.

"Check out that 4x4." Alex said, looking at the truck Jimmy had stopped skateboarding to look at. "Someday Paige. Wouldn't it be great? Taking that truck to the lake." She wrapped her arms around Paige. "Throw a couple sleeping bags in the back. Sleep under the stars." she said seductively. Paige began to blush and looked away from Alex.

"Stop it."


"Does your mom know about tomorrow night?"

"No way. She thinks me and Jimmy are going up to the lake with Craig, Ellie, and Marco." Paige sighed. "Well, Paige, she'd freak if she knew I was going up there with you. Hell, she'd freak if she knew I was dating a girl or into girls for that matter." Alex and Paige looked away from each other. "I get the constant lecture about how she never did that stuff when she was my age. I swear, I think she was born a nun."

"She's just trying to keep you respectable." Paige said, looking back at Alex.

"Well, she's doing a horrible job." Alex said, pulling Paige in for a kiss.


"Save the clock tower." said a woman who had just walked up to them. Paige and Alex pulled apart. "Mayor Wilson is planning an initiative to replace that clock. Thirty years ago, lightning struck that clock and it hasn't rung since." Paige, Alex, and Jimmy looked back at the clock, then back at the woman. "We at the Hill Valley Preservation Society think it should be preserved as part of our town's history-"

"Alright. Here's a quarter." Alex said, putting a coin into the jar the woman was holding. Jimmy put in a dollar and then turned his iPod back on.

"Thank you and don't forget to take a flyer." The woman walked away and Alex rolled her eyes.

"Where were we?" Alex asked with the flyer still in her hand.

"About here." Paige and Alex went back into their original positions. Jimmy rolled his eyes at the couple.

"Paige." called a voice. Paige pulled away from Alex. Alex sighed. It was Paige's father. "Come on."

"It's my dad." Paige said. Alex nodded "Gotta go." Paige got up.

"I'll call you tonight." Alex shouted after her.

"I'll be at Dylan's. Here. Let me give you the number." She ran back to Alex and wrote the number on the flyer in Alex's hand. She kissed her good bye. "Bye." She ran to her dad's car. Her dad drove off. Alex read what Paige wrote. The number and a little note.

I Love You

Alex looked at Jimmy who was shaking his head.

"Come on lover girl." Jimmy said. "Let's get home." Alex grabbed her bag and skateboard. She got on the skateboard and she and Jimmy skitched onto a police car.