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Following my recent -thing- for Envy x Lust.


When she met him, she thought the best thing she could do for him was help him. It was as if she were seeing again the one who'd brought her back.

When she realized her memories had gotten the best of her, he was already confessing his love to her. It was wrong.

When her unforgiving nails pierced his heart, his eyes glazed over and those words of affection he'd whispered to her ear died with him.

When she pulled her nails back, indifference hinting at her lips, his body reached the floor with a dry thump

It didn't matter if he'd loved her, because she'd never be able to return the favor.


When she saw him, she couldn't picture clearly her thoughts. It was as if he held some unspoken superiority over her, and at the same time, the other way round.

When the meetings at night became a routine, they didn't feel wrong. They felt relieving.

When he wrapped his arms around her, Lust was silently thankful that her nails couldn't kill him.

When her nails recoiled and returned to their normal size, she would usually let him hold her.

It didn't matter how many times her tough nails pierced his heart, Envy was just persistent, he always came back.

Who knew, some day it could pay off.

Part in cursive, referring to Lewjon.

Part in... normal, referring to a somewhat OOC Envy. But hey, I did my best...


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