I know, I know…another fic, but this one was a challenge at the Electrick board, and well I couldn't pass it up. So here is chapter one…there are certain things that the story had to have, and if you want to see a list PM me…Hope you enjoy, and reviews are greatly appreciated!

Try to forget about it
Ordinary things: typical predictable
Baby I knew the end before it started
You got me feelin' like I owed you something
'Cause you were there at times when I had nothing
But you threw it all away
With the shady things you do

First Sarah…now Maxie Jones…Lucky had wasted his second and third chances. Drug habit or not…she would not be his doormat any longer. Thank God Cam was at her Gram's tonight…she didn't know where she would go, but she knew that her life with Lucky was over once she saw him wrapped in the skanks arms.

Baby please forgive me
For what I'm about to say
And what I'm about to do
I can't take no more
I know you ain't been true
Ain't got no love for you

She went off on them; relishing in letting the venom spew. Maxie stood behind Lucky a smirk on her face. She was pretty sure the bitch had premeditated this whole thing…probably was the one who was stealing drugs from the hospital and feeding them to her husband. When Lucky grabbed her arm she pushed him away as rough as she could. Lucky faltered surprised by her strength. Then he saw the fire in her eyes when she turned back, "go to hell Lucky, and take your tramp with you" she spat the acid dripping from her tongue.

I ignore my intuition
And pass it off as a suspicion
But you were just so bold
You kept puttin' it in my face
I can't deny I let you hurt me

-Deborah Cox lyrics "It's over now"

Patrick had told her…looked her in her eyes and told her that he saw Lucky and Maxie kissing on the docks. She yelled at him; told him that he was just trying to undermine her marriage. The hurt in his eyes rang true but she just walked away. She hadn't spoken to him since that day…and that was why her trek had led her to the Metro Court hotel standing poised to knock at his door.

Patrick Drake sat at his table watching the race cars zoom around the track. He was alone…all alone on a Friday night. He'd always supposed the ending of his relationship with Robin would be because of his infidelity…that was until he walked into her apartment hallway to see her kissing Nikolas Cassadine. For weeks she had been pulling away spending all her free time on that damn island helping the Prince with his newfound son. He could be mad, but he always made it a point to tell himself the truth…and the truth was he cared deeply for Robin. But his heart was never in it…and in fact they had been rocky for a month….ever since he saw Lucky Spencer making out with Maxie Jones on the docks. Unfortunately they spied him too…and Maxie went running to her big cousin to save the day spinning a tale that made Patrick look like the bad guy. Robin had gotten into his face before he could go tell Liz. He squashed it for awhile, but Liz was the best friend he had…and he couldn't keep a secret like that from her. So he spilled…and she turned and looked at him fire in her eyes. She told him that she loved her husband, and that she would not let him undermine her marriage with these lies. He would be lying if he said that her words hadn't stung. Elizabeth had stopped speaking to him after that. Cordially walking by and handing him her charts, assisting in surgery…he could hear her, "yes doctor" so prim and proper in his head. Maybe he blamed Robin for that…for him losing his friend…and now Robin was gone, and the little cars spun around the track, and Patrick tried not to think about the two brown eyes, and two blue ones that invaded his thoughts. Then he heard the knock at the door.

When he swung it open the two blue eyes in questioned stared up at him. She had been crying…he had memorized the signs from the first time he had seen her cry in the chapel when Lucky was missing. No doubt that bastard had made her cry again.

"You gonna invite me in" she asked her honey laced voice music to his ears.

He nodded seemingly having lost his voice and she walked in.

She didn't mean to blurt it out, but it came as soon as he shut the door…she was still turned so he could just see her back.

"You were right…my husband is screwing Maxie Jones" she said before the tears came.

He didn't know what else to do, but grab her before she fell. He brought her down to the ground, and they both sat on the floor while she sobbed in his lap.

When she quieted she pulled back, "I'm sorry" she said drying her tears.

"Don't be"

She smiled sadly at him, "I'm sorry for coming here; I'm sorry for not believing you…you probably have plans with Robin; so I will just…" she started to say as she turned to leave but he grabbed her arm.

"I don't…have plans with Robin…and I want you to stay" he said giving her the dimples.

She laughed, "you must think I'm a mess"

He squinted at her, "just a little" he said causing them both to laugh.

It became quiet and he broke the silence, "c'mon you want something to drink…I will show you my race track"

She smiled again; knowing that in five minutes with Patrick she was happier than she had been in months, "I bet you say that to all the girls"

Half an hour later they were sitting with controllers in their hands drinking beers.

"I so kicked your ass" she said laying the controller down.

He shrugged, "I let you win" he said and before he finished he felt the pillow whack his head.

"Oh no you didn't" he yelled picking her tiny body up and throwing her onto the couch. What he didn't anticipate was her pulling him down with her and he caught himself but still hovered over her. They laughed…and then in became quiet; breaths became labored as he looked at her.

It was fun; she was laughing…but then he was over her…and in an instant it changed. She could smell him; his cologne mixing with the scent that was solely his. She looked up into his deep brown eyes….and she felt something she hadn't in a while…desire.

He started to pull away and in an instant her lips were on his kissing him. The kiss was magical and he turned to his side so they lay parallel. He wrapped his hand in her hair and kissed her with a wild abandon. She pulled back, breathless…he was willing to let it go with just an amazing kiss, and as he moved she pulled him back.

She didn't know why she kissed him…well she knew why…she had wanted to for a long time. To get lost in those brown eyes with those skilled lips on hers…so she kissed him. To say it was amazing was an understatement…and when they broke she saw the want in his eyes, but he pulled back…so she said the one thing to make him realize what she was feeling.

"Please Patrick…take the pain away"

Patrick felt her hover over him and place her perfect mouth on his. He quickly took control again and wrapped her legs around his waist and carried her to the bed. He felt her moan against his mouth, and he opened his eyes to look in hers. Desire, want, need, and passion…all written in those two blue eyes.

Must be doin' something right
I just heard you sigh
You leaned into my kiss
And closed those deep blue need you eyes
Don't know what I did
To earn a love like this, but baby, I
Must be doin' something right

It was slow; he took her time with her. Each article of clothing he peeled off with aching preciseness. He placed loving kisses from her ankles up to her abdomen…quite literally worshipping her body with his mouth.

Anywhere you wanna go
Baby, show me the way
I'm open to suggestions
Mmm, whatever you say
Tonight's about giving you
What you want, whatever it takes
Girl, I hope I'm on the right road
And judging by the smile on your face

-Billy Currington Lyrics "Must Be Doin' Something Right"

They lay intertwined under the sheets and she cracked a huge smile, "wow" is all she muttered.

He nuzzled closer to her, "wow"

She couldn't believe it was two months ago that she had finally left Lucky…and spent one amazing night with Patrick. They didn't talk about it after. He figured if she wanted to broach a subject of something further she would…he knew that she had to deal with her failed marriage before anything…so back to their easy friendship it went…As for Lucky…he was gallivanting around time with Maxie Jones like he hadn't a care in the world….the glassiness in his eyes noticed by all. He had alienated himself from his family, his friends and Liz was pretty sure he would self destruct at any moment.

Liz knew the signs…the test hadn't needed to show her. For weeks she was hiding the throwing up in the morning, the fatigue, but she couldn't ignore the fact that she was late.

"Oh my God, oh my God" she stated holding the pregnancy test in her hand…This couldn't be happening.

She ran to the one person who she knew wouldn't judge her.

"What's up" Jason asked opening the door and letting her in.

She didn't know how to say it so she just did, "I'm pregnant"

The problem with Jason was he wasn't the easiest person to read, but he spoke after a long pause, "does Lucky know?"

Leave it to Jase to ask the simple most complicated question.

She smirked at him finding great irony of her situation, "Well see…that's the thing…I kind of slept with Patrick Drake…so really I don't know if this baby is Lucky's or Patrick's"