He hadn't called, or come to find her...she thought of giving chase, but she decided to give him some time to cool down...She figured she would just see him at the hospital and talk to him there...but when he didn't show for three days thought about who she could ask without looking too conspicuous. She didn't have to when Noah approached her.

"Well how are my three favorite grandchildren?" he asked smiling at her.

She smiled back and pointed at various points of her abdomen, "well this one likes to sit on mommy's bladder, this one likes to play the xylophone on my ribs, and this one is probably going to be a soccer player the way he, or she kicks"

He could sense some sadness in the young woman's voice, "hey...don't look so sad Patrick will be back from Paris in a week...Robin really is adamant on talking him into the treatment for Laura"

She nodded but felt her heart break a little bit; he left without even saying goodbye. She decided at her lunch to go see Cameron. When she walked into the day care he ran to her, coming short of her belly.

A tear came to her eye when she kissed her belly three times, "what was that for peanut?" she asked him.

"Patty told me kiss the babies for him" he said matter of fact.

She nodded, confused, "when did Patty come to see you?" she asked.

He thought for a second, "Patty come everyday and eat goldfish and apple juice, but he going to French so he can't come and want me kiss babies for him" he babbled.

Liz nodded the tears already puddled in her eyes, "I love you Cam" she said kissing him atop his head and walking out.

When she came out Nikolas was standing walking towards her, "how is my favorite pregnant lady?" he asked until he noticed the tears, "wait, what's the matter?"

She just let herself get enveloped into her arms and she spilled the whole story.

He smiled at her after, "Liz...why do women do that?"

"Do what?"

"Draw their own conclusions about things...based on the assumptions you make?" he asked.

She laughed through her tears, "I just...I don't know, but now I have messed it all up"

"Do you love him Liz?" he asked seriously.

She nodded and he continued, "then fight for him" he said before giving her another hug and a quick kiss on the forehead.

A hundred days had made me older
since the last time that I've saw your pretty face

A thousand lights had made me colder and I don't think I can look at this the same
But all the miles had separate
They disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face

Patrick stood on the balcony of his hotel room looking out at the lights that glistened below. He was in the most romantic city in the world and the only person he wanted there was thousands of miles away probably at Jason Morgan's house. It pained him to think of another man touching her, holding her, kissing her. He loved her...more than anyone else he had ever loved; he loved her. And there she was with his babies, and he didn't even know if she wanted to be with him.

I'm here without you baby
but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
and I dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby
but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight it's only you and me

Robin had invited him to dinner with her and Dr. La Grassi but he passed...all he wanted to do was sulk in his hotel room the reality of it being that he wanted to sit alone her and think about her...they weren't together a long time but he had already committed to memory every inch of her face...the way she smiled, laugh, the flecks of the different colors in her eyes...And so he held turned over and pictured her body pressed against his, and it made him feel better and ache all at the same time.

Everything I know,
and anywhere I go
it gets hard but it won't take away my love
And when the last one falls,
when it's all said and done
it get hard but it won't take away my love

Nikolas was right...she wasn't going to give up this easy. She had messed things up being emotional, but the truth was Patrick was the best thing that had happened to her in a long time. She lay in bed, wondering what he was doing...if he was thinking of her too...she hoped he was. And when he got back she was going to tell him just how much she loved him. Everything that had let up to this moment led them together...and she wasn't going to lose him now...so she curled up to her pillow and imagined it was her arms wrapped around him...and the dull ache pulsed in her chest, but she felt alive again.

I'm here without you baby
but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
and I dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby
but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight girl it's only you and me

Here Without You – 3 Doors Down

Patrick woke up feeling refreshed...he had 3 more days in France, and then he would be going home. He wasn't going to let her go...she was his family...the babies, and little Cam...that was where he was meant to be. He made a quick call to Port Charles to start things in motion for his new family.

Liz woke to Cameron running and jumping on her bed.

"Mama! Mama!" he announced.

She woke up and peaked through one eye at her little boy in his footsie pajamas. It was funny how just looking at Cameron brightened her day. And when she saw the box at the end of her bed. She cautiously pulled off the lid and she saw the familiar scrawl, Cameron was written on a smaller box. She handed it to the little boy and when she nodded for him to open it he ripped the paper with gusto.

Inside sat a shiny yellow car with various French sponsorships on it. The little boy squealed in delight.

Liz noticed the big white envelope with, Liz written on top of it.

She sighed deeply before opening it and pulling it out. Something was written on the front in French...but on the inside was his familiar chicken scratch.


I've been sitting in this hotel room for two days watching the rain pour onto the cobblestone street. I am in the most romantic city in the world and yet it means nothing because you aren't here to spend it with me. I don't know exactly what you want...and to tell you the truth I am scared. Scared that I am not good enough for you or our babies and Cam. But I want to be...and if I have to wait forever until you are ready; I guess that is what I will do...I love you Liz...


Underneath wrapped in tissue was a statue of the Eiffel Tower with a tag, "Wish You Were Here" She wished she was there too.

Three days goes excruciatingly long for two lover's separated. Neither called not wanting to step on any toes. But she called Nikolas and found out what time their plane touched down. She would be there at the gate to tell him exactly how she felt.

He sat in the plane antsy...Robin making fun of him. He couldn't wait to get home and go find her...they needed to talk...she needed to know.

She jumped in the car, and the rain was batting lightly at the windows. It was nothing to worry about...and she didn't see the car coming, until she felt the pole smash into the passenger door. Her head hit the steering wheel pretty hard...and as she lost consciousness she focused on four brown eyes, and 30 little toes she still needed to see.

He grabbed his and Robin's bags and carried them down to the terminal. He expected Nikolas Cassadine waiting...instead he was greeted with Jason Morgan wringing his hands.

"Robin" he heard the man call almost guttural.

Patrick saw Robin's face, "oh God Jason...what's wrong...is it Nik" she barely squeaked out.

"No" he said turning to Patrick, "it's Liz...she was in a car accident...she is in the hospital"

Patrick suddenly felt his heart in his throat, "is she okay?" is all he could manage.

"She is stable; they have the babies on a fetal monitor, but you should get there as soon as possible"

Patrick nodded, "let's go"

All three hopped into the SUV and it sped off.

"Where is Cam?" Patrick asked and Jason answered that Emily had went to stay with him since Audrey wanted to be at the hospital.

Before they had even pulled up to the entrance Patrick had already jumped out of the car. Immediately he ran into Epiphany.

"Well there ya are Dr. Hottie...you best go in there your girl is waiting for you" she said pointing to a room.

Audrey was in there holding her hand when he walked in, "Patrick...I'm glad your here...she is stable; they have her hooked to a fetal monitor...but the babies are okay...but she needs you here. I am going to get home to Cameron so he isn't scared...you call me if anything changes"

He nodded, "thank you Miss.-"

She cut him off, "Grams" she said before pulling him into a hug.

As she walked out Patrick walked over to the bed and looked at her. She had abrasions on her forehead, but still she looked like an angel.

He choked back the tears, "I don't know what I would have done if I lost you...for so long I have been skirting around exactly how I feel about you...maybe I should have been more vocal. This is so new to me...and you came into my life, and you changed everything...I love you Elizabeth...you are my best friend...my world...you, these babies, and Cam...you are it for me...I'm sorry it took me so long to just lay it out there...and as soon as you wake up I will tell you again and again until you believe me"

He felt her hand tighten around his, "I believe it...and I love you too Patrick...you, Cam and these babies...this is what is meant to be, and I'm sorry"

He smoothed her hair, "shhh, just rest...I love you" he said before kissing her forehead.

Three Days Later...

"Mommy go home" Cameron said trying to push the wheelchair.

Patrick put his hands over the little boys and helped guide her wheelchair, "but the doctor says mommy has to take it easy for the babies"

"Hey, mommy is right here you two...and Mommy knows she has to take it easy"

When they climbed into the car Patrick turned to Cameron and winked, "So Miss Webber, how does a picnic by the lake sound?" he asked.

She nodded basking in the way the sun felt on her skin. She felt the babies move and she looked at her little boy babbling to her bigger boy...everything was going to work out fine.

They parked and walked to a dock that rested on the lake behind a house.

"Patrick, whose house is this? Wait, is this Ric and Alexis' house...I really don't think we are supposed to be on private property" she protested.

He kept walking...and parked themselves on the small dock laying out a blanket and helping her sit down.

"I talked to the owner and he is fine with it, okay?"

"Okay" she nodded letting him lay down the blanket and set up their picnic.

After they ate she lay her head on his lap as they watched Cam throw rocks in the lake and play with a boat on a string.

"I could stay here forever..." she whispered.

"We can" he said brushing the strands away from her forehead.

As if on cue Cam ran up with something shiny in his hand, "mommy, mommy look what I found" he said handing her a key and running away.

"What is this?" she asked almost stuttering.

He smiled big dimples etched deep in his cheeks, "you hold the key...the key to my heart...and the key to that house right there...if you want it"

"You bought a house?" she asked.

He shook his head, "Alexis is holding it for us if we want it...but you hold the key right there...so what do you say?"

She didn't think this time; she just nodded her head...they walked towards the house...towards her new life.

"Push baby push" Patrick called holding her from behind.

"I am pushing; so unless you want to get down here and push for me...please be quiet"

He grinned at Epiphany over Liz's head.

"And wipe that grin off your face"

"UGGGGGHHHHHHH" she screamed loudly.

He leaned down to kiss her temple, "I love you Liz"

"I love you too" she whispered before pushing again.

She lay in the hospital room exhausted...flanked by three bassinets.

Patrick came in wearing the perpetual smile, "how are you " he asked gently.

"Great now" she said grabbing his hand.

"So what about names for these...I was thinking of, Patrick Jr., Patricia and Patrice, what do you think?"

"Shut up"

Three Weeks Later...

"I can't believe they are finally asleep" she said sitting down in the living room.

He laid her down and began to rub her feet...then her legs...then her hands...followed by each finger.

When he got to the ring finger; he stopped...

"I was thinking...I don't like this"

"What" she asked groggy.

He grabbed the ring from his shirt pocket, "I think this finger is naked...and I was wondering if you would let me do something about that" he asked smiling as her eyes got wide.

To that he got down on one knee, "Elizabeth Spencer...will you marry me?"

Three Years Later...

"DADDY!" Cameron Drake yelled loudly from the backyard.

"THE TRIPLETS are eating dirt again"

Patrick looked at his wife holding their newborn daughter. Little Aubrey was just the newest edition to their family.

He walked outside and saw rings around two of the kids mouth and a conspicuous dirt ring on the thirds shirt.

"Noah, Stephen, Matthew...what did I tell you about eating dirt...now get inside" he said to the three.

Cameron followed, "Daddy, I don't know why they eat dirt...I told them we were ordering pizza!"

Patrick looked at his children sitting at the dinner table...he had adopted Cameron shortly after Liz and he were married...in his heart he was as much his child as any of his biological ones.

Liz came in with the baby monitor and laid her head on Patrick's shoulder, "whatcha thinking?"

"About how my life couldn't be more perfect..."


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