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All across town, kids started groggily getting up for the first day of school, the girls trying on thousands of different outfits to find the perfect one, and the guys just hoping to find something clean. One boy had ramen noodles for breakfast, one girl was too nervous to eat. Some hopped in their cars, some walked, and some took the bus. Unfortuatly for the people who didn't have cars, the bus comes reeeaaally early, and if you miss it, too bad. Shika was mumbling at the bus stop about getting a job so he would have enough money to get a car. Ino laughed and said hell would freeze over before he got a job.

"Oh, shut up. You have a car, why in hell are you here?"

"Sheesh, you can be so stupid sometimes. Sasuke rides the bus, but Sakura drives. That means I get first dibs!" Shika groaned with disgust. Not that again, he thought.

Choji walked up, rubbing his eyes and yawning. "It's so early…"

"I know! Why can't we be like every other school in the world and start at 8:30? But, nooooo, we have to start a freaking hour earlier! Stupid evil school!" Tenten yelled, jumping in the conversation.

"I can't believe we're juniors now, though. It seems so weird." Ino remarked, with a glazed look in her eyes.

"The scary part is that Lee, Neji, and you are seniors now." Sasuke strolled up, talking to Tenten. Ino screamed "Sasuke!" and jumped on him, asking him how his summer break was, telling him to tell her every little detail, and asking did he miss her, and was he excited about starting school again, and on and on. Shika was making motions like he was throwing up the whole time, which made everybody laugh, and Ino self-conscious because she thought they were laughing at her.


Down the street a ways, Hinata made her way down the sidewalk, feeling a bit woozy from nerves and from not eating breakfast. It was her fist year at this school, and everyone else there had known each other since they were little.

God, she thought, I think I'm going to faint. My dad said this would be like a new exciting adventure. Adventure my ass.

To make matters worse, one of the reasons her father had sent her there was because her brilliant cousin Neji went to the school. Of course, he didn't know that Neji hated her.


Naruto woke up to the sound of an alarm clock going off. He flailed one of his arms around for a bit on his nightstand trying to find it and turn it off. It was LOUD. Then, a thought occurred to him.

Wait a second, I don't have an alarm clock… Oh, crap!

He tried to jump out of bed, realizing it was the fire alarm, but failed, crashing into the floor tangled in his blanket. He dashed outside his apartment, clad in only his boxers, expecting to find the whole building on fire. Instead, he found a kid around eight years old standing next to a pulled fire alarm staring at his hand in puzzlement, wondering why his hand was blue. (A/N: Some fire alarms are rigged so they squirt you with ink when you pull them.)

Naruto stared like idiot for a while, then went over to the kid, asking him why he pulled the alarm. Discovering you couldn't hear anything over the stupid alarm, he shut it off. They were still the only ones in the hall. Apparently everyone else who lived there didn't care if the place burned down. Not a very smart group of people.

After telling the kid not to do it again, Naruto went back inside. He was a little mad he got woken up that way, but it was about time for him to get up anyway, so he shrugged it off.

He heated up some ramen, and started getting dressed. Basketball shorts, a shirt with "Believe it!" written on it, and his bright orange letterman jacket.

He had been on the varsity football team last year. In junior high he had sucked, was constantly made fun of, and was always picked last for teams. But once he got to high school he got his act together, and was now one of the best players on the team. He mainly played midfielder, because he always had so much energy, but he could play anything. He wasn't even half bad at being a keeper.

He ate the ramen, grabbed his bag and his keys, went out the door, and headed for his car. He had a beat up burnt orange Jeep. Someone had spray-painted a fox on one side; on the other side someone had keyed the whole length of the car. He never kept it locked, because he figured if someone wanted it, they could have it.

As he was driving down the street, he saw a dark-haired girl with a backpack on. He figured she was going to school too and offered her a ride. It was a long walk from there.

When he asked her she shook her head a little, and managed to get out a little, "No t-thank y-you…" He shrugged and drove on.


Hinata's heart was still racing. The most amazing thing had just happened. She was walking along, wondering if anyone would even talk to her today, when it happened. The most gorgeous boy in the world drove up to her with his music blaring and asked if she wanted a ride. His car wasn't much to look at, but he sure was. He had bright blue eyes, golden hair, and a really nice build; she bet he played sports. He could have been a model!

And what did she do when he asked her? In her utter stupidity she had said no. NO! She was so mad at herself! And it wasn't even a good no; she had stuttered. She had gotten rid of her stutter in third grade! What was wrong with her! Now she had to walk all the way to the school, and it was a long way off. She wasn't really even sure how to get there; she had been too afraid to go to orientation. She mentally kicked herself, thinking, Ugh, what is wrong with me?


Hinata made it to the school ok, and found her first class after only a bit of wandering about. English.

She found a seat in the back, and settled in. The teacher introduced himself; his name was Iruka. He started telling the class the outline for the year, when suddenly to there was a huge thump at the door. Iruka didn't looked puzzled though, and opened to door to a smiling Naruto on the floor holding his head in one hand and a bag of donuts in the other.


"You do this every year, Naruto," Iruka sighed.

"What do ever do you mean?" Naruto said innocently.

"You get donuts, so you arrive late, and then run into the door because you forgot to open it. Again." The class cracked up; they weren't used to Naruto's antics. It was mostly 10th graders. Actually Hinata and Naruto were the only juniors, because they had failed the class last year.

"Take a seat, Naruto. It's the first day and you already have a tardy."

"I brought you a donut…" He said slyly.

Iruka thought for a second. "If it's a jelly then you're off the hook," he chuckled.

"Yessss! I knew you had soft spot for me!"

"No, I happen to have a soft spot for jelly. Now hand it over and take a seat or I will count you tardy."

The blonde handed over the donut and looked around. There were a couple seats open, but he spotted the girl from that morning and saw one open next to her. She was the only one he'd even seen before. Iruka started back up, talking about the curriculum.

"Hey, you're that girl from this morning. Want a donut? I was worried you wouldn't make it, I mean, walking so far and all."


He was talking to her again. Granted, she couldn't understand him because he was whispering and her heart was beating so fast, but he was still talking to her. She felt weak and like she was going to throw up. She really should have eaten breakfast that morning.

"Hello? Can you hear me? You don't look so good. Are you ok?" he whispered.

And then, everything went black.


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