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After school, Naruto drove Hinata to his work. She looked around.

"Burger Palace?" She looked at him with disbelief. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah!" he said cheerfully. "It may not look like much, but it's a good place to start."

She sighed but had to agree. 'Did I think I could start with a multimillion dollar job?' she thought.

Her interview went fine, and Naruto said it was a sure thing. She was actually kind of looking forward to working, as long as it included Naruto.


She hated working; she absolutely hated it. She had grease in her hair, her hands hurt form scrubbing, and she hadn't seen Naruto the entire time.

She began cleaning what must have been the umpteenth plate that day. She was nearing the end of her shift, and she was counting down the minutes.

When the manager came and told her she was done, she could've cried with relief. Working was a lot harder than she thought. Her spirits were soon lifted, though, when a familiar blue-eyed boy came up to her with a smile and one of his arms waving with movie tickets.

He had had the foresight to know she would have a bad first day, and decided to try something to cheer her up. He showed her the tickets to the comedy he had chosen; it was one she had been wanting to see. She hugged him in gratitude and they quickly set off to the movie.

"I know it's weird, and everyone always thinks they're annoying, but I have to confess, I love watching the previews," Naruto told Hinata as they walked along.

She looked at him and laughed, saying, "Me too! It always annoys my friends when I tell them to get there early so we can watch them. I guess I'll just have to go with you from now on," she said, smiling.

They watched the movie in silence. Well, relative silence. The movie was hilarious and they kept on bursting out laughing. Naruto decided he liked Hinata's laugh. It was light and bubbly.


The rest of the week passed by quickly, happening much like the days before. Hinata would almost go crazy at school, be worked to death at her job, and then go somewhere fun with Naruto afterwards.

On Friday, Hinata and Naruto walked in to find a very decorated school. Wondering about the sudden change in décor, Hinata asked Naruto about it and was informed that it was the first football game of the season tonight.

"Are you going?" he asked her.

"I don't know…" she replied.

"You should come! I'm playing in tonight's game!"

She smiled. "Ok, then. But if it's boring, I'm just going to get up and leave," she teased.


The class stared in wonder at the two people in the front of the classroom. Never, in a million years, would they have thought anything remotely close to this situation would happen. The radio was blaring out a song that almost everyone knew, and the class continued to stare at the front of the class.

Being led by Naruto, the World History teacher, Ebisu, was doing the Cha Cha Slide.

Alas, not very well though. He would do the opposite of whatever the song told him. If it said to "slide to the right," he would immediately step to his left and collide with the boy next to him who was trying to teach him.

Eventually the class recovered from their severe shock and as the DJ on the radio played the song for the second time, everyone pushed their desks to wall, making and impromptu dance floor and joined in on the fun.

About halfway through the song however, Tsunade, who was also the principal as well as the Home Ec. teacher, walked in on the craziness.

Everyone stopped, and looked at Tsunade in fear, especially Ebisu, who looked like he was about to wet his pants, he was so scared. Tsunade looked at them sternly, and then hopped in the middle of the classroom, going along to the dance, saying, "Why did you stop? The song is still going!"

Naruto was the first one to follow, then the rest of the class. Ebisu, at last, toward the end of the song, got up and participated in the makeshift dance party.


During P.E., Asuma pulled Naruto aside, saying he had something important to say to him. He sighed, running his hands through his hair as he took a long drag from his cigarette.

"I'm sorry, Naruto, but you're failing English." He sighed again before continuing. "You can't play in tonight's game."

Naruto stared at his coach. He had been expecting something like this. What he was not expecting was the next words out of his coach's mouth.

"But I do have a spot for you in the game! You can be the mascot!" he said excitedly. "We haven't had one in years," he added.

Naruto stared at Asuma intensely. Was he mentally challenged? The mascot? Of course they hadn't had one in years, their school mascot was the turkey. Not the Hawks, the Eagles, or even the Owls. They were The Fighting Turkeys. Yes, they were the birds that look up when it rains and are too stupid to figure out its raining. They were The Turkeys.

But, Naruto surprised even himself when he agreed to the deranged idea, and Asuma practically jumped for joy. This was going to be hilarious. Asuma already had bets placed on whether or not Naruto would fall flat on his face during his routine at half time.

Naruto asked Asuma to have the rest of the day off from school to practice in the gym. Asuma granted his permission gladly, considering he was one of the one's betting on Naruto's success.


Hinata was on her break from work, and she was sitting at a booth in the restaurant. She thought about Naruto's situation. It was all around the school how he had been forced to take the position of mascot when his grades weren't high enough to play in the game. She was still going to go to the game to cheer him on, though.

Across town, Naruto smiled. He had just put the finishing touches on his creation. Tonight would be a very interesting night…


The game was great. The Turkeys were winning with a good lead, and Naruto hadn't broken any bones yet. He mainly walked around the stands, throwing up his arms to try to get the crowd to scream. Every once and a while he would get a ball and juggle it on his costume's beak to get the crowd going. All and all, Naruto was a pretty good mascot.

Halftime came, and the first part of Naruto's routine came into effect. He tackled the other team's mascot and ripped the tiger costume's head off the poor boy inside. Naruto ran around the field like a chicken (Excuse me, turkey,) with its head cut off, clutching the head in his hands, holding it high above his head in victory. The crowd loved it; everyone was on their feet screaming battle cries to the other team.

Naruto did some flips and other things; the regular mascot routine. But toward the end, he ran up the bleachers to where Hinata was sitting, took off his costume head and told her to look at the field as he pressed a button inside the turkey head he was holding.

Hinata gazed with wonder as she saw the field light up with Christmas lights that spelled out something. She looked closer, realizing that that was why Naruto had run all over the field. It was to spread these lights. The note on the field read,


And slightly below it,


Hinata heard shouts coming from behind her, and swiveled her head to the noise. She started laughing as she saw several girls crying and screaming at Naruto that of course they would go with him.

Naruto thought to himself that maybe he should have put Hinata's name on the note as he noticed the desperate girls yelling at him.

Hinata looked at him, bringing his attention back. She pulled him in slowly, turkey costume and all, to kiss him gently but passionately on the lips.

She pulled away, and Naruto opened his eyes, and said,

"Should I take that as a 'yes'?"

She slugged him playfully on the shoulder and as he pulled her in for another kiss, she managed to get out, with a big smile on her face,

"Only if you take my shift at work…"


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