Title: Mayhem a la Chibi
Authoress: Darka-Chan
Summary: When Malik and Yami change into a chibi by accident, Seto is stuck to take care of them. Too bad no one told Seto.

Chapter 01

Malik and Yami are arguing over a very random and pointless thing once again…

"Really… This is getting on my nerves." Yuugi mumbles with a sigh, his hand moving to where he feels a headache coming up.

"Hmm…" Bakura looks at the two, his brow set in a slight frown. "I can use my shadow powers to make them stop…"

"ARG! LET ME HELP! PUH-LEASE LET ME HELP!" Mariku begs desperate.

"I know your pain." Yuugi offers sympatic, patting the tanned spirit on his spiky locks.

Grinning at the other, Bakura grabs his Millennium ring. "On 3… 2…"

Mariku takes his rod in his hands and finishes; "1… NOW!"

Dark strands of shadow magic engulf the two shocked targets who can only scream as they get hit before they can defend themselves. As the dark shadows start to fade, Bakura, Mariku and Yuugi blink.

"Uhm… Where are they?" Yuugi asks confused.

"YOU BAKA!" Mariku yells at Bakura. "YOU MADE MY HIKARI GO BYE-BYE!"

"NO I DIDN'T! YOU DID THAT YOURSELF YOU PSYCOTIC BAKA!" Bakura yells back in defence.

"Uhm, yami's…" Yuugi stutters.


"They're… not gone." Yuugi squeaks with a slight 'eek'.


The two yami's look at the place the hikari and yami were, and their jaws drop. Two chibi's are in the place the two teens were before let's not count those 5000 years of a certain Atemu, shall we?

"Hi-hikari?" Mariku asks flabbergast.

"Yami?" Bakura asks confused.

The two chibi's seem to respond to these words as they look up.

The smallest chibi, the chibi with blonde sandy hair, looks at Mariku with big amethyst eyes which shine with purity, while the biggest of the two looks at Bakura confused, his spiky-haired hair falling around his head and his big, yet narrowed eyes blink.

"HIKARI!" Mariku yells, hugging the bigger chibi.

"Erm, Mariku…" Yuugi mumbles.

"WHAT!" Mariku yells/snaps at the small hikari.

"That's Yami." Yuugi says with a sweatdrop.

Blinking, Mariku looks at the chibi in his arms. Noting the crimson eyes and the spiky hair he shakes his head. "Nah, 's Malik." He says with a face-stretching grin.

Whacking the blonde yami on the head, Bakura lets out a sigh. "Dobe."

Looking up at his yami; Malik nibs on one of the wings of the Millennium rod cutely.

"… Why does Yami have the rod and hikari the puzzle?" Mariku wonders. "A-HA! YOU FINALLY DID IT HIKARI! YOU STOLE THE PUZZLE! GOOD BOY!"

Quickly taking his yami away from the psychotic yami, Yuugi hides behind Bakura.

"Are you sure you didn't his him as well?" he whispers.

"Nah, he's always like this." Bakura replies with shrug and a faint chuckle. "Ne, dobe. Pick up your hikari, he's cuter then Yami anyway."

Looking at the small chibi, Mariku crunches down on his knees. "Are you Malik?" he asks serious.

Nodding, the chibi looks away slightly.

"Awh damn." And with that, Mariku faints.

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