She could barely remember what happened. She laid in the dirt facing the pouring down rain. She was too weak to move. However, she knew very well, she needed to get out of the rain. It was soothing and calming, but the after effects could be deadly. She needed to get up and move, but currently she felt drained.

An umbrella came into view, stopping the rain's onslaught. Sakura slowly moved her eyes to the source. A young woman carrying grocery bags looked down at her. Pity, sorrow, worry, Sakura could read it all in her eyes. She was a beautiful woman at best. Sakura could not find any other word due to a pounding headache. She slowly closed her eyes, welcoming sleep not hearing the woman calling out to someone.
Sakura bolted awake. She regretted it soon. She slowly lowered herself back down. Opening her eyes, Sakura scanned the room. White was favored in its décor. It was elegant, yet quite simple. The bed she currently occupied was rather large for someone her size. She stared up at the canopy. A dazed look across her features.

Thinking back carefully, Sakura pulled at her most recent memories. She had been standing outside in the kingdom. She was watching as well as helping fix the damage. A heavy rain had covered the city while Sakura had an earlier conversation with Tsuki. Deidara had offered her his cloak, which in turn, Sakura put on Tsuki demanding she not catch a cold. Irony set in later as she continued to work, Sakura began to feel lagged as well as the nicely sized headache moved in. Dark dots began to cloud her vision. She felt herself slipping and falling. One name passed her lips. Then a warmth caught her from the ground. In the back of her mind, she knew who it had been. The very person she called out to.


None of it made sense though. Itachi would not just leave her in the middle of the ground. He had better not at least. Sakura unconsciencously cracked her knuckles. A growl escaped her lips. Then something occurred to her, Sakura did not recognize the woman or this room. The door opened to the said woman, with could it be? Sakura felt her heart stop and her eyes widened in surprise. A little boy clung to his mother's leg.

"You're Uchiha Mikoto."

Sakura lay in bed contemplating what just happened. She had spoken with the Uchiha mistress, the dead one. Mikoto had walked in smiling, asked Sakura not to strain herself, treated her fever and left, claiming they could talk later. The strangest thing was the little boy, who she instantly recognized. Speaking of which, he was currently at the cracked door, curiously looking in. Sakura faintly wondered when he lost this cute innocence.

"Come in Itachi-kun."

His ears perked at his name. He cautiously made his way to her. Sakura easily picked him up and put him on the bed. He continued to look at her with wide, inquisitive eyes. He opened his mouth then closed it again, as if debating on saying something.

"Your hair is pink"

"And yours is black."

"Your eyes are green."

"And yours are black."

"Why do you have to have the last word?"

"Why do you have to keep asking questions?"

"You're annoying."

"And you're rude."

Itachi continued to look at Sakura with a glare. Soon it was replaced with wide eyes that finally registered her last comment. Then something happened that surprised Sakura. It also made her feel guilty and want to climb under a rock. Itachi was looking down, squirming, and his eyes filled with tears. Sakura instantly grabbed him into a tight hug, repeating sorry over and over again. A small giggle reached her ears. Instantly she pushed him back and glared.

"You tricked me."

Again, his eyes filled, and again she pulled him into a hug. The night continued like that until sleep called them both. Itachi snuggled close to her, while a protective arm encircled his body. It was the same scene, Mikoto encountered, when she went to check up on the patient. Mikoto was surprised that Itachi had attached himself to someone so fast, but it was all lost on the giggle she gave. It was the same giggle that woken Sakura.

"Good morning sleepy head."

"Morning Mikoto-san."

"How are you?"

Her stomach rumbled. Sakura turned and picked up the sleeping boy as Mikoto followed. They entered the kitchen. Sakura sat on a stool watching Mikoto start breakfast. Itachi snuggled into Sakura, not daring to wake.

"I never asked your name. I am at a disadvantage. You know my name, but I don't know yours."

Just then, Fugaku walked in. He stopped upon seeing Sakura. He looked down at his sleeping son. Sakura could have sworn she witnessed a loving look in his eyes. So the Uchihas do have hearts, was all she could think. She turned her attention back to the mistress of the household.

"Sakura. My name is Sakura."

"And your surname?"

Sakura shrugged her shoulders. It was best to play dumb. She had no wish to alter the future, if she was indeed in the past. It was somewhat sad to loose this innocent Itachi though, and a happy Sasuke. Speaking of which…

"You're pregnant."

Mikoto blushed and smiled in happiness. Fugaku wore a goofy smile. Sakura could tell they were excited. Itachi began to stir. His eyes opened from their dreamy sleep. Fugaku walked over and took his son. Father and son shared a special smile. What happened to this Itachi?

"Okaa-san is going to have a boy. I'll be an aniki."

"Now, now…" Mikoto giggled. "Itachi-kun, Okaa-san and Otou-san have both told you, we're expecting a girl. You'll have an imouto instead of an ototo."

"Aw…" Itachi pouted. "I want a boy."

"Yes, but your Okaa-san wants a girl."

"As do you, darling." Mikoto glared at her husband.

Fugaku gave a nervous laugh. Itachi laughed at his father's nervousness. Mikoto grinned in victory, before going back to cooking. Sakura could feel the love in this house. She smiled at the warming atmosphere. Itachi squirmed out of his father's arms. Mikoto sucked in a sharp breath as she burned herself. Fugaku was instantly by her side. He put her finger in his mouth. Mikoto lovingly looked at her husband. Itachi climbed back on Sakura's lap.

"I think Mikoto-sama will have a boy."

They all laughed at her horrified expression. Itachi clapped in excitement. Sakura caught the relief look in Fugaku's eyes. Breakfast continued with light conversations, and happy laughs from Itachi.

Sakura spent the rest of the day playing with Itachi. Occasionally, when he started to get tired, Sakura would stop and help Mikoto with chores. It would not take Itachi long to get jealous. He would quickly pull Sakura away.

"Itachi-kun, you're going to hurt Okaa-san's feelings."

Itachi stopped and looked at his mother. She feigned a hurt expression. Itachi easily became unnerved. Quickly letting go of Sakura's hand, he raced towards his mother. He grabbed tightly to her leg. He snuggled his face into the fabric of her clothes. She smiled kindly and lightly patted his head while chuckling in amusement. Sakura honestly wondered what happened to this boy. Sakura could not help think that Mikoto really looked like a mother right now. What would possess him to kill her?

"Sakura-chan? Would you be so kind as to get Itachi-kun?"


Sakura put down the ladle she was using. She left the kitchen and walked down the hall. Mikoto had put Itachi down for a nap before starting lunch. Sakura had offered to help, which Mikoto happily accepted. Sakura had memorized everything. She slid open the bedroom door, only to find it empty. Sakura walked over to the window. Opening it quietly, Sakura jumped out of it. Following Itachi's tracks, which were not easy, Sakura finally found him.

Body targets were set up on the surrounding trees of the clearing. Sakura could see he was trying hard to concentrate. He threw another kunai that landed a perfect blow. Sakura purposely snapped a twig to alert the boy. He quickly sent kunais in all directions, knocking the rest of the body bags. It looked like he had failed in throwing. Itachi turned to Sakura once she entered the clearing.

"You weren't in bed."

"Ah, I was practicing my throwing. I am not very good. Is lunch ready?"


Itachi walked over to her and took her hand. Sakura could see why he was a prodigy. Squeezing his hand reassuringly, Sakura spoke.

"You don't have to lie to me. I'm not Fugaku-san."

From the way Itachi's body went rigid, Sakura knew she guessed right. She bent down and picked him up. She apologized and promised his secret was safe with her. Itachi tightly clung to her whispering a small thank you. Sakura and Itachi made their way back to the house to share lunch with Mikoto.

Night eventually came, and Mikoto was just welcoming her husband home. They shared a light kiss, which of course made Itachi make a gagging sound. Sakura giggled. Fugaku left his wife's side to tickle Itachi. Mikoto resumed cooking.

"Oh no."

"What's wrong?"

"I'm out of soy sauce. Sakura-chan if you're feeling up to it, could you run to the store please?"


"Me too!" Itachi piped in.

"Make sure to take an umbrella, it's really coming down again."


Itachi followed Sakura and mimicked her movements. Slipping on their sandals, then Sakura grabbed a large umbrella as she tucked the money in her pocket.

"We'll be back soon Okaa-san."

"Alright! Be careful."

Itachi and Sakura left hand in hand. They walked quietly, just absorbing the sounds of the rain. Just then, they heard the crack of thunder close to them. Itachi had jumped in fright. Sakura was surprised. She never thought she see the day of a scared Itachi. Then it happened. Lightning came straight down right in front of them. It sent them flying back and then nothing but darkness.