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When Sakura woke up, she was once again in the same room. Although the room was clean, something about it that made it older than she remembered. She turned to the door, when she heard it slide open. There stood a young boy, about seven, staring at her. He smiled widely at her. Then without warning, he screamed down the hallway.

"Okaa-san, Onee-chan had finally woken up."

Sakura sweatdropped.

"Sasuke-chan, not so loud."

Sasuke looked at Sakura confused.

"How did you know my name?"

"Ah, Ah. I see you are finally awake. I am…"

"Uchiha Mikoto."

Mikoto blinked in confusion. "Ah, how did you know that?"

"Yes, how did you?"

Sakura turned to see an expressionless Fugaku. However, his eyes were hard and cold, just like Itachi, thought Sakura.

"Who doesn't know the great Uchiha family?"

Mikoto giggled. "That is true."

"What's your name onee-chan?"


"And?" Fugaku's eyes narrowed, but Sakura paid no mind.

"I…" Sakura hesitated. "Don't remember."

"Oh dear, it's probably because you were struck by lightning."


"Fugaku dear, I'll take her to the hospital today."

"Do as you wish." He left the way he came.

Sakura watched him leave. Mikoto just smiled and left too. Sasuke stayed behind pushing around his feet. Sakura gestured for Sasuke to join her, which he happily did. Sakura just watched Sasuke continue to smile. She wondered when Fugaku changed so suddenly. Now she thought of it where was…

"Are you hungry?"


Sasuke smiled again and waited for Sakura to get up. Walking hand in hand, they made their way to the dining room. Sliding the door open, Sakura locked eyes with the very person she was thinking of.


"Sasuke-chan, you should be quieter first thing in the morning."

"Hai Okaa-san."

"Sakura-san, please sit."

Sasuke grabbed her hand and guided her to the table. He placed her by Itachi before going to sit by his mother. Sakura turned to Itachi to find him staring at her. Mikoto or Fugaku noticed it. As they were about to start eating, an Anbu suddenly appeared. In a blink of an eye, Sakura bolted out of her place. She managed to grab a kunai out of Itachi's leg holster. Then Sakura pushed him against the wall, said kunai against his throat. Everyone was stunned. No one had caught her movements at all. It is wrong to say Fugaku and Itachi were not impressed. Recognizing this man as Konoha Anbu, Sakura let him go.

"Sorry, bad habit."

"Quite alright, Haruno-san."

Sakura froze in her place. She turned to him quite surprised.

"Haruno? If I remember correctly, Haruno means spring. Oh how fitting for you, Sakura-san."

"How do you know that in the least?"

"Hokage-sama told me. Welcome home Captain. He told me to give you this, and to report in with Uchiha Itachi."

Sakura took the bracelet he held out, instantly recognizing it. The Anbu saluted and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Sakura walked back to the table gripping the bracelet. She sat back down next to Itachi. She handed him back his kunai. He accepted it not saying anything.

Sakura and the Uchiha family entered the Hokage's office. He looked up from the files he was discussing with some Anbus. He smiled and stood. He took out his pipe and made his way towards Sakura. Sakura bowed with respect to the Third. At least it fits was all she could think.

"Fugaku-san, it wasn't necessary for you to come as well."

"I don't trust her."

Sakura did not seem to notice as she was currently scanning the room, quickly remembering everything. The Hokage just continued to smile. Itachi stepped forward and saluted to show his respect. The Third nodded his head in acknowledgement. Itachi put his hand down and relaxed again, if he ever does.


Both Itachi and Sakura both looked at the Third. Itachi looked over at Sakura, who was giving the Third her full attention. Fugaku turned to the Hokage confused.

"Ah sorry, I forgot that both Itachi-san and Haruno-san are both Captains."

Itachi looked at Sakura with a brow raised. Fugaku did too. Mikoto and Sasuke were just in the back jaws dropped open.

"She's so young though." Fugaku pointed out.

"Yes, she was no older than Itachi when she became an Anbu. I do believe she was only thirteen as well." The Third looked over at Sakura for confirmation. She just nodded her head.

"Yes, now. Sorry about her hiding her identity. I am afraid she is not one to trust even our own anymore. Sakura-chan, it is all right to tell them. No harm will come of it."

Sakura just looked at him blankly. She looked between Itachi and Fugaku, who both were staring at her with cold eyes. She shrugged her shoulders. She did not want to get into it. She lifted the bracelet and her own eyes began to harden.

"Where is she?"

The Third looked unfazed. Of course, why would he not? He had to deal with both Uchihas and Hyuugas. He nodded his head to the balcony. Sakura began to make her way over there. She quickly grabbed a kunai off his desk and left out onto the balcony. The Third stopped them from following her. He moved to behind his desk and sat.

"Only she can go see her right now."


"It's classified, Fugaku-san." The Hokage smiled and crossed his hands. "I'm sorry if my granddaughter has caused you any trouble at all."

The Uchiha family looked startled at this information. Fugaku stepped forward startled.

"She's your…"

"Yes, Sakura-chan is my only granddaughter." The Hokage stood and bowed. "Please treat her kindly."

Sakura moved out onto the balcony, moving the curtains out of her way. She closed the door quietly. There was no rush into any of her movements. Sakura moved with grace and timing. She had no reason to become threatened, yet. Another woman stood out on the balcony, she turned to face Sakura. Sakura tossed the bracelet to the woman's feet.

"You're a dreamwalker."


"I assume you're the one to inform the Third about my presence."

"You know very well where you are now, don't you?"

Sakura nodded her head.

"And you know what I am?"

"A dreamwalker lives in the realm of dreams. Good and bad. You are neutral. Dreamwalkers never interfere in people's lives unless for a special reason. You basically move through time in only dreams."

"You're quite knowledgeable in my race."

"I have a good teacher. I also have met another one of your kind before."

"Yes, Lila. She informed us that you are trustworthy."

"I'm an Anbu. She was a client."

"Yet you didn't accept any payment."

Sakura just remained silent. The dreamwalker smiled kindly at her.

"Why am I?"

"You should know that better than anyone. You know that we dreamwalkers only deal with people that have really strong hearts."

Sakura just stood there not talking, trying to think of why she was here.

Sakura and Itachi were walking side by side while Sasuke was running just a bit up ahead. Itachi would glance at her occasionally. Sakura was still too deep in thought. Itachi stopped walking. Sakura did not notice so she kept on walking.

"Cherry Blossom."

Sakura instantly stopped. Her head shot up recognizing his deep voice. It was still a bit higher but not much. She turned to him with wide eyes. A smirk played on his lips.

"You seem to be used to this nickname."

"Tch. Just don't say it again."

"Or else?"

Sakura glared. "I'll kill you."

Itachi smirked. "Do your worse."

Sakura came at him fast. He easily dodged her. He however did not see or sense her. She was under him. She brought her leg out and swiped him to the ground. He grunted in pain. Before he could move, she had a chakra-filled hand at his face. He looked startled, and then he smirked.

"Perhaps, I should fight you instead."


Sakura did not understand. She moved to let Itachi up. She put out her hand for him to grab. He looked startled at this courtesy too. He too it though with a small thank you. Sakura just lightly smiled. He looked at her with uncertainty.

"You're weird."

"And you're rude."

"You're hair's pink."


"It's weird."

"Not as weird as you."

"I'm taller though."

"What? You are…"

Sakura looked up at Itachi. Shit, she was smaller.

"I don't believe this and I'm sixteen."

"Whoa! Sixteen, really?"


"I'm thirteen. Nice."


"Aniki! Onee-chan!"

Sakura and Itachi turned to see Sasuke far up ahead. He was happily waving to them. Sakura just smiled kindly at him. Itachi looked a little envious. Sakura did not notice as she made her way to Sasuke. Itachi out of impulse held her back. Sakura looked over her shoulder at him.


"Don't go."


Itachi let her go.


Sakura looked uncertain at Itachi. She took his hand anyways, and they made their way towards Sasuke together.

Sakura was too tired to care about anything right now. She flopped onto the bed, forgetting about her clothes. She moved into the bed more falling more into sleep. Sasuke had worn her out. It took her some chakra to keep from Sasuke doing any damage to her or himself during his practices. Itachi had just sat afar watching. However, after Sakura began to stumble, Itachi called it quits. She had not seen him after that. Sakura fell to sleep not caring.
Sakura woke up familiarly warm. She turned around to only choke a scream. Here was the past Itachi in bed with her. His arms not letting go, were tight. She began to squirm, only to wake him up. She looked slightly panicked. Itachi rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked at Sakura. Seeing her expression, he smirked.

"What are you doing in my bed?"

"Yours." Itachi chuckled. "You're mistaken Cherry Blossom. This is my room."

Sakura just continued to look at him. He did not move either. The wood door slid open revealing a very happy Sasuke.

"Onee-chan, you promised to help me today."

"Ah. I remember."

Sakura made to move, but Itachi's arms tightened around her. She turned to him. He had a cold look on his face, but it was hidden from his brother. Sakura was slightly worried. She reached out and touched his cheek. He turned to look at her, putting that expression away.


"I do need to get up anyways."


Itachi let her go. Sakura slid out of the bed and realized someone had changed her clothes because they were on the chair across from her. She turned to Itachi slightly red in the face. He just leaned back, folding his arms behind him. He was smirking in satisfaction. Instantly, she was on top of him, kunai to neck.

"Undressing me better be the only thing you did." Sakura whispered so Sasuke would not hear.

Itachi just chuckled. Sasuke looked confused at them.

Mikoto was putting the last of the dishes away. Fugaku looked over the paper to see his wife's smile. He put the paper down with a sigh.

"Don't even think about it Mikoto."

"Think about what?"

"You know what. Even if she is Hokage's blood, I will not allow Itachi to marry such a weak and worthless girl."

"Fugaku, Sakura is far from that even if wasn't the Hokage's blood."

"I will not repeat myself."

Fugaku got up to leave. However, the voice of his wife took him back a bit.

"But Fugaku-kun, I was just like her. Did you not love me?"

Fugaku left without another word to his wife.

Sakura entered the house quietly. She just did not have it in her to make much noise anymore. Being Anbu can do that to a person. Well maybe not Naruto, if he ever made it. Sakura just sighed at the thought. She heard sniffling coming from the kitchen. She went to investigate. It could not be Sasuke; she just dropped him off for Mikoto. In addition, Itachi and Fugaku would die before they cried. This left only one other. Sakura felt great sadness as she saw the Uchiha Mikoto sitting at the counter crying.

Mikoto looked up startled as she heard the clicking of the stove turn on. Sakura placed a teakettle on the flame. She then turned and took out cups and everything she needed. The water soon whistled and Sakura finished making the tea. She took them both to the counter. Placing one in front of Mikoto, Sakura sat opposite of her, quietly supporting her. Mikoto smiled at the gesture.

"You know, I always wanted a baby girl."

Sakura looked at her strangely.

"It's like when you're here you take up that space of loneliness. I am not complaining. I have two wonderful boys, but there's only so much you can do with them before they want to be men."

Sakura nodded her head in understanding. Mikoto seemed lost in thought.

"I really did think he loved me you know."


"I was a regular girl. No name, no power, yet he took me anyways. He told me that none of that mattered as long as we could find happiness together. The thing is I believed him. Lately though, no since Sasuke was born, Fugaku-kun just seems bent on power. Nothing will get through to him anymore. I don't think he cares anymore."

Mikoto began to sob again. Sakura placed her hands on Mikoto's. Her hands were shaking with sorrow and Sakura's were steadying her.

"Fugaku-san, I believe, truly loves you. So do not give up on him yet. I believe that man that married you so long ago is still there. He'll come back to Mi-mama."

Sakura smiled tenderly at Mikoto. Mikoto just tried her very best from crying. She smiled through her tears, nodding her head the whole time.

"Arigatou, Sakura-chan. I like the nickname."

Sakura smirked. "I thought you would."

Mother and new daughter shared a very special smile. When Mikoto turned to get up, Sakura cut her eyes to the doorway. She knew he was there and she lightly smiled.

"I'll go get some more sugar."

"Oh, but you don't have to."

"No, I need to."

Sakura left out of the doorway she knew he was at. She walked through and looked at him. She smiled and whispered something, he was truly grateful for.

"Good luck."

Sakura left out the door and walked down to the store and wherever else, giving the two time. Mikoto put the teacups in the sink as she heard a cough. She turned to see her husband in the doorway looking embarrassed.


Mikoto just smiled at him.

That night, Sakura felt something terribly wrong. She slid open the door only to cover her mouth. The smell of blood was strong. She flipped the kunai in her hand over to be ready. She moved slowly through the house. Three bodies caught her eyes. Quickly, rushing forward, not thinking, Sakura knelt down to Sasuke. He seemed in pain but was alive. She quickly moved to the other two. She shook her head in disbelief. They were both dead.

A chuckle came from the darkness in the room. Sakura turned quickly around. There he stood with blood all over his face and body. Sakura quickly moved to where she was shielding Sasuke's body. She moved into a defensive position. Itachi just smirked and chuckled lightly. He moved closer to her like a panther on the prowl. Sakura glared at him, demanding him to stop. Itachi paid no mind though. Twirling the katana in hand, he stopped right in front of her.

"I think I'll kill you now too."

"Why? Why did you do this?" Sakura just kept glaring at him.

Itachi resheathed his katana and grabbed her forcefully. The kunai was knocked out of her hand. Her body pressed against his. He leaned down to whisper into her ear.

"I like being taller than you, but you know what I love more?"

Sakura tried to break free. Another chuckle escaped him.

"Afraid of me?"


Sakura connected her hand to his abdomen. Itachi was sent flying back. He hit the wall laughing. Sakura looked at him unnerved. Maybe he lost it this long back. He stood still laughing. Finally closing in on her, his laughter began to die down. Then it happened, Sakura grunted in pain. She looked down to see blood.

"I love the sight of your blood. Blood of the Cherry Blossom."

Sakura looked up at Itachi. He was smiling. He was happy. Itachi was happy about killing her. Sakura fell to the floor with a grunt. He kneeled down and pulled out the kunai without caring if he hurt her more. She looked up at his cruel smile. He pulled out his katana and prepared to strike.

"I want to see how beautiful you are when you die."

The blade came down.

Sakura slowly opened her eyes to see the sunlight. She could not make much out. She was still drowsy from the dream. Sakura slowly began to focus on things. Finally, her eyes landed at the one man that she possibly loved and yet hated. He was the man who killed her in her dreams. She felt scared but relieved to see that this man looked calmer than the one she met in his past. Then again, she does not know this man at all. However, she knew the reason why she had the dream. She just did not understand completely yet why she would want to do it. Her heart though, was calling out to his. Was his also calling out to hers?
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