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Filler Chapter Two:

Erik sighed happily, locking his office door behind him. Summer break couldn't have come at a better time. The big Phantom convention was coming up, and this was the first year he had been invited.

Whistling, Erik made his way down the hall to his room, swinging his Punjab jovially. His cheerfulness was instantly doused when he found the authoress perched on his dresser.

"What, may I inquire, do you want?" he asked, clearly irritated.

"You," the authoress began. "are taking me with you to the convention."

"What makes you think that?" Erik questioned, raising his only eyebrow.

"Because I'm the authoress, and I can make you do whatever I want."

"Hmm, you have a point there… All right, fine! But I'm leaving at 7:00 tomorrow morning and not a moment later. Be here with all of your things."

"Aye aye." And with that, she dematerialized.

"How does she do that?"



Once their things were loaded in the trunk of his car, Erik slammed the hood down.

"I want to drive," the authoress whined.

"Do you have your permit?" Erik asked, knowing fully well that she wouldn't.

"Yes, I do," she replied as it materialized in her hand.

"Darn it!" he murmured to himself.

"Think of it this way," she said, "You can spend the ride eating and composing."

"Fine," he grumbled, stalking off and getting in on the passenger's side of the car.

They had been driving for about twenty minutes when the authoress said, "Let's listen to some music."

"Okay." And Erik began to sing.

"Oh… nononononono… I really don't want you to wear your voice out. Let's listen to a CD instead, okay?"

"All right, but since you're driving, I get to pick." The authoress fixed him with a deadly stare. "Or we can listen to whatever you want."

She popped in a CD, and much to Erik's horror, "All I Ask of You" began playing.

"Change the song!" he cried, covering his ears.

"Oh, that won't help any. This CD is a mix of every version of "All I Ask of You" ever recorded, legally or illegally."

"Then put in a different one!"

"This is the only one I brought," she explained, barely concealing her evil grin while shoving her entire CD collection out of his sight.


Erik stumbled from the car, still clearly in a daze (Well, what do you expect? He had been listening to the song he hated most for ten hours straight).

The authoress popped open the trunk and began pulling suitcases out.

"Hey, Erik, do you want to help?"

(No response)

"Erik, your mask fell off!"

"Oh, (insert a very… colorful word here)!"

"Oh, shut up and help me carry the bags."

Erik did so, very (un)graciously.

Once they were checking into their hotel rooms, they met back in the lobby to go to the convention (would you believe it was being held at night?).

Erik drove while the authoress slept in the back seat of the car. Once there, however, she instantly forgot that she was tired.

"Erik," she whispered, "do you realize that every Phantom ever created is here right now?"

"Yes, I do."

"That means somewhere I'll find Crawferik… Kerik…" She stopped when Hugh-Panaro Phantom walked past her.

A/N: Unfortunately, I don't remember much else from the convention. I guess I was far too busy following Hugh-Panaro Phantom and John-Cudia Phantom around and talking to Crawferik, Kerik, and David-Gaschen Phantom.

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