The Dahaka; a gargantuan creature with horns shaped in the symbol of infinity. According to Legend, this creature is the guardian of the timeline; watching over two worlds.

In one world, humans lived like normal; going to school, driving the latest in car designs, wearing the latest fashion etc. However, in the other, humans co-existed with a race of creatures known as 'pokemon'.

There were so many species, it was hard to keep track. The Dahaka enjoyed this world in particular for its odd creatures.

However, one unfortunate day, something had happen to this world, and the planet, exploded.

The Dahaka, rather upset by this, decided to reconstruct this world; making sure no rock nor tree nor building was out of place. Although, getting every person back would be a challenge.

But, there was a certain group of friends he particularly took interest in watching. Therefore, he brought them back to life, but placed them in, what he called, The Normal World…

Oddly enough, this world also knew of pokemon, but in a different sense. Rather than being real, they were materialistic merchandise. Games, cartoons, stuff animals, book, clothes etc.

The Dahaka knew that they, the group of friends, would fit perfectly into this world, until their own world was back to normal. For now, they would have to get used to the fact that, pokemon don't exist……


May wiped the sleep from her eyes, and stared up at the ceiling. The sun had barely risen, the first morning rays peeked through her curtain.

Today was the day; the day, she began high school. She already knew that being a freshman, a first year, would be tough.

According to Ash and Misty, there were different clicks you could become part of. At the top of 'the list' was the popular click. All those cheerleaders, models, outstanding singers (but with looks), and those football players.

There were only a handful of freshmen who were capable of being accepted into this click. Next, you'd get the sport players. Not as popular, but popular enough to get second in the cafeteria line.

Then you'd get the goths, punks, skaters, musicians, and just your average-Joe.

And of course, because of society's media, you get the so called 'nerds and geeks'.

May shuddered at the thought of being in that click. She decided to just go with 'average-Joe'. Being normal rather than anything else.

Slowly, she got up and out of bed.

After 30 minutes in the bathroom, she was all dressed and ready for school.

May slowly walked over to the bus stop; drinking an Up-N'-Go cereal drink as she strolled along the streets.

"Hope Misty and Ash aren't sick today," she thought to herself.

When the bus arrived, she hopped on the big yellow vehicle, and took a seat at the very back.

The bus drove slowly, and got caught in traffic. May heard the driver curse softly. It wasn't that difficult since she, and another student were the only two on the bus so far.

She lent her head back and couldn't help but think of the dream she had that night before.

Absentmindedly, she placed her hand down on the seat, but didn't count on it landing over the hand of another.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked a rather irritated boy about May's age.

May glanced down and saw her hand slightly grasping his hand. She felt her face go bright red and she quickly moved it away.

"I—I'm sorry! It—was an accident! I was, daydreaming and didn't realise I," she muttered.

"Whatever…" he said and turned away. May found herself somewhat staring at his surprisingly shiny green hair.

In the corner of his eye, the young 17 year old green haired and green eyed boy saw her looking at him. He turned back and returned her stare.

"So now you're staring at me?" he said rudely.

"Oh uh, sorry…I was just…err…looking at your hair…" May stuttered and turned away.

"Hmph…weirdo…" he snorted to himself and looked in the other direction.

"This is an outrage! How dare my chauffer have gotten drunk and driven my silver Ferrari into a tree! Now I have to take this pathetic excuse for transport to school. Hopefully I won't have to deal with such insolence ever again…But now, I need to prepare myself,"

"10…9…8…7…" he began.

May turned to him instantly.

"What are you counting down for?" she asked. He gestured her to wait.

"3…2…1," as 'one' left his lips, a group of girls got onto the bus.

"I swear, I like can't wait to see Dre—" she began but suddenly stopped when she saw him sitting on the back seat, and looking out the window.

"Look girls! It's Drew!" the girls screeched with glee and bolted over to him.

May quickly jumped up and over the seat in front of her and avoided being squashed by the some what 15 girls.

"Drew what are you doing HERE? Shouldn't you be in your Ferrari?"

"Yeah, what happened to it?"

"gasp did it get stolen while you were in it!"

"Are you OK!" the girls all fussed over him.

Drew smirked and told them what happened. When he finished, he lightly flicked his hair, making the girls giggle and complement him about how abnormally handsome he was.

May frowned slightly. So this was who he was? Drew. An extremely popular green haired and green eyed boy, who the girls seemed to be wooed by.

"Well, one thing's for sure…There's no way I'd be one of those sheep…" she said referring to the group of girls.

"Don't worry, you're not alone," said someone in front of May. She turned around and saw a boy kneeling on his seat and facing May. Had he read her thoughts? What was he on about?

"Excuse me? I don't understand what you're talking about," she said.

"I mean you're not the only girl who doesn't like Drew as much as those girls. There's this other girl, maybe you know her? Her name's Misty. She positively hates him…And don't worry, none of the guys seem to like him either. But the majority of the school is occupied by girls…So he has it made…" the boy said. He had semi long dark purple hair, and light blue eyes.

"Yeah, I know her…She's my friend. My name's May. May Maple. Who are you?"

"My name's Henry Dawdle. Nice to meet you." The two chattered all the way to school. And all the while, Drew kept glancing over at her before turning back to his fan girls.