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Legal Guardian: Prologue

Mon Mothma, leader of the Rebel Alliance, gazed around the conference room, eyeing every officer and Alliance committee member. They were still on Yavin, and the Alliance needed to find a new base as soon as possible, to avoid getting wiped out by the Empire.

"Gentlemen," Mothma began. "As you all know, the Empire is still very much intact, and now that we have destroyed the Death Star, they will be looking for us more intently, now more than ever." Everyone silently nodded. "I have gone over possible new bases with some of you, and now it is time to decide which planet is best."

"Well I, for one, wish to pick Jomark," General Madine declared.

"Jomark is a populated system," General Donnada, one of the people who had not previously gone over the possible new bases, said.

"I agree with Donnada," another officer declared. "It would be impossible to move our base of operations to a populated system without being discovered."

"You forget," Madine said, "That it was the Jomarkans who alerted the Empire of our presence when we asked for assistance. They said they would help, and then turned on us as soon as we let out guard down."

"That's true," Donnada commented. "What are you suggesting?"

"That we wipe them out. We would be taking care of two things, paying them back for what they did, and get a new base at the same time. There is currently no imperial presence on Jomark, and it's in the outer rim, which means that no one will know that anything ever happened," Madine finished, leaning back in his chair, smiling.

There was silence in the room while everyone contemplated this. It was true that there were not many people on Jomark, and those few people who did live there were loyal subjects of the Empire. Because of the Jomarkans alerting the Empire, hundreds of rebels had been killed. It was time for the Alliance to take action.

"Very well," Mothma said at last. "Whoever disagrees with this course of action, speak now." Everyone in the room remained silent. It was obvious that they all agreed with this new plan. "Very well. We will have to tell the other lower ranking officers know about this, but I believe that this is the plan that we'll be going with."

With that, the meeting was finished, and everyone began to exit the conference room.

"Mothma," Madine said, coming up beside her. "What do you think Princess Organa will think about this?"

Mon Mothma paused for a moment before answering. "She's still ignorant of some of the things that we must do because we're at war. She doesn't believe in bloodshed, but we must get her to see that this is the right thing to do."

General Madine nodded. "So we'll see you at the next conference?"

"Yes. Have Solo and Skywalker attend as well. I believe that they need to know of this plan too."

"Very well."

With that, Madine and Mothma parted, each on their way to perform their own tasks before the next meeting when they would finalize their decision.


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