A hundred days have made me older,

A thousand lies have made me colder,

His eyes welled with tears as he felt his body grow colder by the minute, the cold crimson blood staining to cobblestone beneath him. The frozen rain pouring from the sky as the heavens wept, loosing a soul to the world that should never have taken away. In his darkest hour she was not there, she was not there to comfort him. To tell him to carry on, she left him, for the man he had foolishly called his best friend, the man who did this to him, and the reason why he was lying there dying.

"Help," His voice croaked. "Please," his voice faded, he tried screaming but it had not worked properly. The bullet was wrenched in his abdomen, and it was killing him. He knew it he could feel he was dying; this was the way he had never wanted it to be. He felt his body grow weary, colder. He let a moan escape his lips, "Please," his mind wavered from moments of fear, to hate. His eyelids grew heavy as the cold blood continued its steady flow from his open wound. Don't close your eyes.

That voice, who had it belonged to? It didn't matter. He craved death, he needed it so clearly. The pain was too much.

"Will!" Elizabeth screamed her voice cracking she ran to him in the rain.

"It..." His head fell to the side, "Hurts…" Blood trickled from his mouth, as a silent tear rolled down his still face.

She watched painfully from the foot of his bed, how the doctors attempts to revive him wouldn't work. His once tanned skin had become frighteningly pale, and his skin cold as ice. He died earlier that evening, she found him when he died, that very moment. She regretted being with Sparrow earlier, and when he left the tavern raging mad, yelling he was going to kill him she didn't listen. But look where it brought her now. She watched as Sparrow entered the room, she stood up and smashed her palm hard on his cheek with a deathly crack, "You killed him." She muttered angrily. "Because I said I loved him, not you."

"Aye," Jack said as regret filled his eyes. "I'd take it back if I could." She watched as a tear spilled from his eye.

"I hate you, know that." She said before walking over to Will's bedside, to hold his hand. Although she knew, he could never grasp her hand again. He would never kiss her again, he would never embrace her again, and he would never speak to her again.

My Dearest William,

Today I buried you; you have no idea how hard that was for me. Watching you being lowered into the ground, I put a white rose on your casket, which was what you gave to me before you asked me to be your bride. I remembered that, I had you buried with your sword, and your wedding band. Because I love you, when I found you dying in the street, I wanted to die. I watched with all hope that I had, as the doctor tried to save you. And I listened as he told me, he is gone. God took him, I'm sorry. I don't see why he took you William. I miss you, I'm so sorry, I told you that Today, I did. I kissed you one last time too, but it was different you didn't kiss back. Your body was so cold William. I want to be with you, I was waiting for you to get up, and tell me you loved me too, but that isn't going to happen. That's why, tonight I am going to go to your grave, when all others are dreaming, and I will shot myself, and die just like you did William. Just because I want to see you again.

Forever yours,

Mrs. Elizabeth Turner.

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