Till Death.

What you do to me
makes me cry out for more,
I know I'll never see you again,
because you call me a dirty whore.

Leaving me alone,
destined for a lonely love,
I feel you there,
you fit with me like a glove.

I told you one day,
we'd be together,
Like I've told you so many times,
till death do us part.

A part of every soul is the love and hate shared between each moment that is Un-willing to break. Some just think of hatred as the pure anguish ones heart should emit when in bleak pain. Though hate is really just the inside to love, love is a many wonderful thing, neither man nor does woman alike know to the full extent what love can cause. Hate is just the expression when ones heart is broken. Hate is simply what should be called the mistake one should make. Once the anger in true love is tormented should hate arise, one other day it should one so lonely and left behind.

The love between two men and a woman should be forbidden, but sometimes a situation such as that, should arise. The anger they shut keeping their lives in a strange disguise. The triangle a secret that only two should know.

Jack Sparrow waltz into the newly opened Faithful Bride in Porte Royal, Jamaica. On this day he was to meet Miss Elizabeth Swann, whom he soon hoped would be Mrs. Elizabeth Sparrow. He was humming 'A Pirates Life for Me.' He was in quite a good mood. He walked to the bar tender, "I'd like some rum." Jack mused happily. "Make t'at two Bottles o' rum, not a pint, Bottles." His voice sounded greedy when he repeated 'Bottles.'

The bartender shot him a strange look, "Whatever you want ye' drunk."

Jack laughed walking out of the door, he saw Will Turner walking around the market area with a smile on his face. "Found yer'self a girl mate?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, a girl." Will said smiling looking at Jack, "She's a great one too."

Jack smiled, "Glad yer getting over all t'at jazz t'at happened back there." He tilted his head toward the ocean. "Ye know me and Lizzie will go back one day."

Not if I can help it. Will thought, "I guess so."

"Ye' have fun with that girl Turner. And I'll do the same with mine, savvy?" Jack said walking away.

"Right." Will whispered under his breath.

"Lizzie!" Jack called waltzing into the shack of a home he bought for Elizabeth and himself, Elizabeth had insisted that he lived somewhere other than the mansion, just from the tension between Governor Swann and himself.

"Yes?" Elizabeth asked walking out of the postage stamp sized kitchen.

"Tonight, I am going to cook ye dinn'r by the ocean and it will be a can'le lit very very' roman'ic dinn'r. so I insist ye were very exquisite' clothin' for the momen'," Jack said smiling, he held up the two bottles of rum. "These two little buggers will be ther' too."

Elizabeth smiled vaguely, "Really? Candle lit? I dare say, Captain Jack Sparrow has grown soft." She kissed his cheek. "I'll go home and get ready; as a woman, I'll need Estrella's help."

Jack smiled very seductively. "Than I will go prepare."

"Miss he's going to propose!" Estrella squealed.

"No, Stella, all he honestly would do is asking for more sex." Elizabeth laughed. "Captain Jack Sparrow is not one to do the whole marriage thing."

"I wouldn't be so sure miss." Estrella said mater-of-factly.

"I would!" Elizabeth barked gently.

"Your right Miss Swann, I have no business in saying that." Estrella apologized with shame.

"Yes." Elizabeth said her head high, "Even if he did propose. I don't know what I would say."

Estrella nodded, "Hold your breath." She pulled strongly on the strings to Elizabeth's corset. She helped Elizabeth put up her hair, and chose a simple but elegant and beautiful dress.

Elizabeth kissed her father good-bye and a carriage waited out the front door of the Swann Manor and she stepped into it and the driver took her to the spot Jack Sparrow had set up for their candle lit dinner. She thanked the driver and walked over to a nervous Jack Sparrow.

"Hello." Elizabeth said as if she had met a stranger. Jack Sparrow was not in his usual dirty pirate attire, but he was in nice clothing. "Wow…"

"Wow yourself Miss Swann." Jack said kissing her hand. He pulled out a chair for her to sit on, "Here luv'" he said smiling ear-to-ear.

"Jack this is absolutely amazing, I didn't know you could cook."

"There are lots of thin's ye don't know 'bout me, Lizzie." Jack replied.

"As goes the same for me." Elizabeth smiled in return, her eyes crossed over and examined the food. On the farther most left side of the table there was a little pot of Ham, and closer to it on each side stood plates of Shrimp and Crab. In the middle of the table there were 3 candles lit in precise flames, and towards the candles there were croissants and dinner rolls. Than plates, knifes, forks, spoons, and napkins stood in front of each seat.

"Jack this is amazing." She said breathlessly.

"Elizabeth," Jack said towards the end of their dinner.

"Yes?" Elizabeth asked looking up from her food.

"I'd like to ask you something." Jack said slyly.

"And that would be?" Oh god, Estrella was right. He's proposing. Elizabeth swallowed.

"Don't you think that the pearl needs new paint?" Jack asked.

"Why? Oh, I guess it could. It's your choice." She laughed.

"I'm just messing with you, Elizabeth Swann." Jack said getting down onto his knees. "I am a pirate, I am a citizen, I am your lover, and I am a man. I have asked you here on this dinner tonight to ask you a question. This is something that I have spent hours over just thinking about it. Elizabeth Swann if you will take me, would you marry me?" He pulled out a small box that contained a ring with a small little stone on it.

Elizabeth Swann had been taken by surprise. "Excuse me?" she said gasping. "What did you just ask?"

"Will you marry me?" Jack repeated.

She stared into his eyes petrified, she opened her mouth to say something but suddenly she couldn't speak. She felt tears rushing into her eyes, and she grasped her other hand protectively. She sat petrified, as she remember how William Turner had proposed, how much more romantic it had been. She sat with her mind spinning and mortifying thoughts crashing through her brain.

"No." She choked on the words. "No."

Jack's brow furrowed as his cheeks grew red, "What? I don't understand. I thought it was time, I was sure we were ready. Why not?"

"Because, because. I—" She couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence.

"You…?" Jack asked raising an eyebrow.

"I—I— I love, I love…" She swallowed, "I love Will." She covered her mouth with both hands as if she was ashamed of herself.

"WHAT?!?" Jack screamed furiously, "YOU WHAT WITH WHO?!?"

"I love Will, Jack. I love William Turner! I never loved you, I've always loved Will, and I should have never left him for you Jack! I made a mistake, I'm so sorry, but I love Will. I love him. I can't change what I feel, or who I fell for!" Elizabeth was now in tears.

"I'm gunna kill 'im!" Jack swore under his breath, he stood, threw the ring on the ground, and walked toward the shack-like-home and then Elizabeth heard the clatter of swords and she knew Jack was looking for the right one. She ran to the house, but found Jack had also equipped himself with a gun.

"Jack stop it!" She growled grabbing his arm as he tried to walk past her, "Jack what your doing is wrong stop it!"

Jack ignored her completely. His walk became much faster and angrier than to begin with, he suddenly started to run to the Smithy, Elizabeth knew that much. Than the rain came, and she knew, the gods and angel were mourning.

"WILL!" Jack screamed when he got close enough to the Smithy that he knew Turner would hear. Sure enough he came out of the Smithy and onto the street.

"Jack what are you doing, for heaven's sake Jack, it's raining!" Will stammered walking out of the Smithy.

"Do you know what happened today?" Jack growled, "I proposed to Elizabeth, do you know what she said."

"I don't…" Will replied cautiously.

"No. She said no, that she couldn't because she loved you!" Jack roared.

"Jack, I don't know where that came from, I swear, ever since she left me, I would have never dreamt of touching her!" Will said backing away a little.

"Well it's really too late for apologies Turner, you ruined the one thing I had ever loved!" Jack screamed tears streaming down his cheek.

"Like you hadn't destroyed what I had loved as well!" Will snarled in return, suddenly he realized he had no weapon. His dark eyes pleaded with Jack to leave, but the other man was too overly consumed in fury to notice.

"I loved her!" Jack screamed. "And you took that boy! You took the one thing I loved away. I hate you!" Jack screamed raising the gun with a shaking hand. "That's why I'll do Satan a favor, and kill you now!"

The cold air was pierced with a gun shot that could've been heard all over the port had it not been for the freezing rain pouring from the sky.

William Turner felt his hands go instinctively to his stomach where the bleeding was, and his legs grew weary, he fell to the ground. Once his back crashed on the cold, hard cobblestone he gasped for air. His eyes had burnt as he felt the blood rush to his head.

"See you in hell, Turner." Jack spat walking away from a dying William Turner.

His eyes welled with tears as he felt his body grow colder by the minute, the cold crimson blood staining to cobblestone beneath him. To his dismay the world above him felt frozen. The rain pouring from the sky as the heavens wept, loosing a soul to the world that should never have taken away. In his darkest hour she was not there, she was not there to comfort him. To tell him to carry on, she left him, for the man he had foolishly called his best friend, the man who did this to him, and the reason why he was lying there dying.

"Help," His voice croaked. "Please," his voice faded, he tried screaming but it hadn't attracted any attention.

The bullet that was wrenched in his abdomen was killing him. He knew it, he could feel he was dying; this was the way he had never wanted it to be. He felt his body grow weary, colder. He let a moan escape his lips, "Please," his mind wavered from moments of fear, to hate. His eyelids grew heavy as the cold blood continued its steady flow from his open wound. Don't close your eyes.

Why not? He thought as his mind was bewildered. Why not, why couldn't he close his eyes and just die. What was there left for him in this life, nothing. He was nothing, he was dying nothing could save him now.

"Will!" Elizabeth screamed her voice cracking she ran to him in the rain. "Will, please pelase don't die. Please Will, I need you!"

"It..." His head fell to the side, "Hurts…" Blood trickled from his mouth, as a silent tear rolled down his still face.

"Will no! Will please don't die! Will I need you, please Will just don't give up, Will please." Elizabeth let her tears run free down he face and neck, "just a little longer Will."

"HELP!" Elizabeth screamed, "Please help, he's dying, I need help!" She choked on her sobs, "Please, please help." Finally two men came outside. "Please get him to the hospital. He needs help he was shot, please!"

The men's eyes grew wide and both nodded, they helped pick up Will's body and frantically got him to the nearest hospital. The men though had very little hope for William Turner's survival.

"I'm so sorry Miss." Dr. Jonathon Riddle said with his head down, "There was nothing we could do to save him. It was simply his time, the lord took him."

Elizabeth broke down, "It wasn't him time. What did you do wrong?" She said furious with the man before her "Leave me alone with him." The doctor obeyed her wishes and left, she in turn walked to Will's bedside and lay in the bed next to him. She cried onto his sleeve, "They tried Will…" She moaned, "But it wasn't enough." Sobs racked her body violently. "I loved you always."

Jack Sparrow walked into the room, Elizabeth stood up and slapped him hard across the cheek. "Bastard." She spat in his face. "You bastard, you killed him."

"Aye," Jack said as regret filled his eyes. "I'd take it back if I could." She watched as a tear spilled from his eye.

"Save it," Elizabeth snapped. "Some other woman will believe you but I know not to, you are a foul dirt pirate. And I hate you for everything you have done, and most of all I hate you for this." Elizabeth snarled and again slapped him. She looked up at him, "Why'd you do it?" She asked angrily pounding her fists into his chest.

"Because I was mad, that he stole you from me." Jack said with tears glittering in his eyes.

"So you understood what Will felt," Elizabeth snapped. "Right?"

"Yes." Jack said shamefully.

"Guards!" She screamed. Two men came in, "arrest this man, he is a murderer who should hang."

"Will do Miss Swann." One of the men bowed while the other cuffed Jack.

"Elizabeth you can't do this," Jack begged.

"I think you'll find I can." She watched as the men dragged Jack Sparrow away and to the cell, where he would await his death. That was the last time Elizabeth Swann would ever see Captain Jack Sparrow alive, that was the last day that the legend of Captain Jack Sparrow was ever spoken around her again.

Elizabeth walked in a black gown, holding a white rose to her chest into a graveyard with low lying mist. She followed the brick path to the tombstone marked with the name of William Turner. She read it quickly.

William Turner II
Beloved Friend, Fiancé and lover.

She felt a tear prick at her eye; on her desk in the mansion she had written a final note of goodbye to her father. She carried a pistol with her; she sat down in front of the grave of her lover. Exactly where his body was placed, and lay down just like one of the dead, she put the rose on her stomach rose the gun to her head and whispered. "I should be put to rest with the one I love." A shot pierced the night, and Elizabeth Swann was dead.

The note found at her side had written on it:

"Mr. William Turner & Ms. Elizabeth Swann cordially invite you to there wedding which is to take place on the 13th of August in the year of 1764."


That was the End of Crimson.
I really hope you liked it.
It's rather long.
But I feel accomplished by it.
Thank you all!
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