Hard, smooth, cold, and unfeeling; those words described the hands that were on his soft and pliant body. Never once did they press too hard, or caress too harshly. Shaping him up like tender clay, all from memory of touch that he no longer had. Soft moans became heavy pants, hands gripping sheets tightly. The cool voice that teased him was completely unfazed, and even that was maddening. Sometimes it just wasn't fair that he was the only one feeling things! It wasn't his fault! His partner had mapped out every part of his fleshy body like he did his damned dolls, knowing which strings to pull and which to stroke for the right reactions. The blonde never failed to be impressed by his Danna.

Cold lips pressed over his, and he kissed back even if he knew it was pointless. Everything was symbolic with them anyway, like playing with wood or clay. He was shaped, and his partner polished. Breathy pants and moans of 'Unn..UNN…' filled the smallish room the blonde resided in as his fingers scratched uselessly at wooden surfaces, those solid-cold fingers filling him and doing the job as efficiently as anything made of flesh ever could. Head tossed back, long hair clinging to his damp skin, wantonly gazing into those cold glass eyes that gave away nothing. But his partner was smiling; he could do that at least. It was enough. 'Daanna…unnnn, Danna!' They grew louder, more insistent, no doubt alerting those outside to their activities. Neither minded, perhaps it was even what one or both wanted. And artfully, a melodious cry sounded as the blonde gave in, releasing his suspended passion in one satisfying… yes, a bang!

They could argue over it as they had before; the blonde saying that he'd told him it was art, even in sex. And the redhead would counter that no, it would have been much better if his partner could have held on longer, because it was the moment before the said 'bang' that was beautiful. But not today. Today, the blonde closed his eyes and felt the wooden arms embrace him.