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For you who don't know Edwards birthday is February third (in the anime at least). And don't question how Roy is getting all these flowers in winter….he just IS okay! Maybe he transmuted them or something!

Warning: Shonen-ai/yaoi, boy love, Roy and Ed making hot sweet love to each other (okay not really…they do that after the fic ends…keh keh keh). If you don't like don't read. Large amounts of fluff cuz I have no angst ability…

February Third

A single ray of sunlight found its way into the dark bedroom, landing on a ruffled pile of blonde hair known as Fullmetal. A low groan made its way from the petite alchemist as he curled himself into a tighter ball on the soft bed, a flesh hand groping its way across the covers, searching for the source of warmth of his lover, only to come to a small empty indent in his bed where the dark-haired man should be. With a frustrated growl, golden eyes blinked opened to search for the missing lover. With a lover still no where in sight Ed begrudgingly sat up, cursing at the annoying ray of sunlight that found its way directly into matching golden eyes.

"Roy?" Ed said in a low voice, still heaving from sleep and rubbing an eye with a flesh hand. A muddled mind could not work out why his lover was not present today of all days. Edward let his eyes scan the room and let out a small gasp when they landed on the bedside table.

A delicate red vase, filled with violets, soft purple primroses and a single stripped carnation. Next to it lay and simple folded sheet of paper with the name 'Edward' written in familiar scrawled handwriting. A smile graced supple lips as a metal hand reached for the sheet.

Dear Shrimp,

A growl from Edward.

Happy Birthday. Hawkeye called me in for work, so I won't be home until late. Don't worry short-stuff; I've left you something to keep you entertained.

Violets and Primrose: Born in February.

Stripped Carnation: Sorry I can't be with you.


The Bastard.

A tired sigh left Edward's lips. Of course Roy had work. Which each rank he rose to, the longer hours he had at HQ. Ed never minded it on most days, as he would almost always be working by his side, but today was supposed to be their day, with Al off in Risembol to finally ask Winry 'the big question', it would be just him and Roy, a day without work or research, a day for them to be just like any other couple with a relaxing day at home.

"Damn Hawkeye." He muttered under his breath as he slid out of bed, reaching for a pair of boxers that had been discarded in last night's…activities. Grumbling his way to the bathroom Edward contemplated ways of revenge on the woman for ruining his day. Reaching said bathroom Edward, with mind still muddled from sleep, reached blindly for his toothbrush, to rid his mouth of the taste of morning breath, only to find a perfect white camellia in place of his worn toothbrush. Picking up the delicate flower, he turned his head to see written in bright red lipstick (which he would have to question Roy later about how and why he owned lipstick) a quick message to make the younger boy blush.

White Camellia: You're Adorable.

The blonde smirked at the sight of red lip marks at the bottom of the mirror surrounding the name of his lover. Lifting the flower to his nose he breathed in its sweet sent, before setting it down to find his toothbrush. After his morning breath was successfully replaced by minty freshness Edward left his bathroom, camellia in hand, and placed it into his birthday vase before heading downstairs for that nectar from the gods commonly known as coffee.

Having reached the kitchen Edward couldn't help but smile at the sight before him. Laid out across the table was a, still hot, breakfast made of waffles, bacon, eggs, and of course coffee. Sitting in the middle of it all, was a tall clear vase holding a single white lily. A giggle-which Edward would deny ever happened-escaped him as he couldn't help but feel spoiled at such treatment. Walking over to the table he quickly grabbed his short letter from Roy.

Dear Shorty,

White Lily: Youth and Beauty.

The Bastard.

A bright blush found its way on Edward's cheeks, as he quickly set down the letter in a huff and began eating in a flustered manner. He grumbled to noone about how Roy was treating him like a girl, yet if you looked close enough you could see the small smile that would twitch onto his lips whenever he looked at the majestic flower.

Finishing his meal, Ed wondered what he could do next and if Roy had left any other surprises for him. With another sigh, Edward made his way into the living room, where he had last left his newest book. Plopping down on the well worn in couch he reached for the book opening it up to his marked page. Out of the page dropped down a freshly pressed pink camellia and a folded piece of paper and nothing could hold back the grin that broke out onto Edward's face.

Pink Camellia: Longing for you.

The flush made itself known once again on the flustered Elric as he jumped up suddenly deciding the library would be a better placed to read, where Mustang's presence wouldn't feel as heavy. Rushing up the stairs Edward headed towards his sanctuary in hopes that he could loose himself in his books until his Roy would come home. Of course he should have known better, Roy knew his thoughts better then anyone, so of course he knew Edward would head towards the library when he got flustered, and of course he would be one step ahead of the blonde, so of course Edward shouldn't have been surprised at the sight before him, but of course this was Edward, who couldn't think quite clearly when flustered, so of course he couldn't hold in a gasp of amassment when he opened the library door.

Before his eyes could register anything, Edward was engulfed in and overpowering sent of the blossoms. The where everywhere, the pure white flowers, covering the floor in a soft carpet, laying across the bookshelves next to softly burning candles, nestled on top of research notes that littered the tables. Edward slowly walked into the library turned garden in a stunned awe carefully minding not to crush the delicate flowers that lined the path to one of the tables. There laid two red colored envelopes, standing out against the pure white of the flowers and soft green of the shinny leaves. Across one read in that scrawled hand writing, "Read first." Raising a finely arched eyebrow the elder Elric opened the crimson note, golden eyes quickly scanning the text.


I hope this helps make up for me missing your big day.

White Carnation: Sweet and Lovely, (when you sleep in my arms)

White Chrysanthemum: Truth (what you showed me)

White Rose: Innocence (what you gave up to save the one you loved) Purity (what you gave to me)

Gardenia: Secret love (even though it's not a secret anymore.)

Dogwood: Love undiminished by adversity (because our love survived ever adversity life managed to throw at us)

I love you.

Edward felt tears prickle at the edge of his eyes, but he blinked them away. He was Edward, he would not cry for sap-heart wrenching, loving, perfect-No dammit don't cry! Eyes blurred with liquid that was NOT tears, Edward could make out a small array drawn on the bottom of the note. Ed smiled for what felt like the hundredth time that day, before wiping away the not-tears, his hands lightly touched the circle feeling the warmth of the reaction as the paper changed form under his fingers. Shifted into a now familiar camellia, this time a startling bright red.

Not-tears flowed down tanned cheeks as he picked up the second note, a single sentences written carefully across the white paper.

Red Camellia-You are the flame of my heart.

Oh, screw it, they were tears running down his face, and a smile that made his cheeks hurt. God damn stupid Roy, for being too sweet for his own good when he tried. Now he had to wait in an empty home all day thinking thoughts of his lover like a love struck schoolgirl.

Or would he? A smirk to make Roy proud squirmed its way onto Edward's plump lips. He quickly stood, having only a few hours before his love entered back through his door.

Roy sighed as he walked up to his house, tired from a grueling day as general. The thought of his short-tempered blonde with his little presents made him slip an honest smile onto his lips. Opening the door, though, it was Roy's turn to be shocked for the day.

Red rose petals lined the floor. Roy didn't need a note to know their meaning of love and passion. The petals made a trail that headed towards the stairs, causing Roy to make his trademark smirk as he followed them. Resting at the floor in front of their bedroom door laid a single red carnation on top of a white sheet of paper. Roy's smirk grew as he bent down to grab the note from his love.

Red carnation: My heart aches for you

The smirk turned into a grin as he opened the door to find his love sitting cross legged on their bed, in one of Roy's oversized button up shirt. Lying on his lap was a small yellow flower. He smiled that smile that was simply Edward, as he gestured for his lover to come over. Roy did as he was told sitting next to his golden haired youth and was handed the flower along with his note.

Jonquil: Affection Returned, Desire, Love me.

A devious smile took Roy as he turned to his love, coal eyes burning with both love and lust. Catching his lover's chin he brought the boy close to him, a breath space apart. "Happy birthday, love." He whispered before capturing the tempting lips before him and pushing him back onto the bed. The single Jonquil falling, forgotten on the floor.


Be honest, how shitty of a story was that? This may stay a one shot or could turn into a collection depending on if I get inspiration or not. Feel free to give me ideas!