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Roy was rather shocked the first time he caught Edward in the act. He had just been coming to home after a stressful day of work and been expecting either his lover to be with Alphonse sitting in the living room with alchemic books strewed across the floor. Instead he was greeted with an empty house and assumed that Edward had left to visit his brother and a now heavily pregnant Winry. He walked down the long hallway and into the empty living room, tossing his heavy military jacket across the back of the couch. He slowly became aware that the silence of the supposed empty house was broken by a distant sound of soft humming coming from the back of the house. Roy had slowly followed the sweet sound and found himself next to the door leading to the backyard. Quietly as he could Roy opened the door and was taken back by the site of his lover pinning up clothing to the clothes line.

It truly was an odd site, Edward, Edward, short-tempered-stubborn-in-your-face-hater-of-any-feminine-joke-made-on-his-behalf EDWARD, was doing the laundry, and from the sounds of the light tune he was humming, he was enjoying it. Roy had to make a quick scan of the sky to make sure there were no meteors coming crashing down to ensure the apocalypse. The safety of the world ensured Roy returned his attention back to his domestic working boyfriend. His golden was tied back in a tight pony-tail, his lips were lifted in the smallest of smiles, and his eyes held a softness to them different from any emotion Roy had ever seen in his young lover's perfect eyes.

It was so rare for Edward to look so peaceful, and Roy could not bring himself to interrupt the blonde's moment. He had quietly left the house to take a walk around the block, allowing the younger boy to finish his chore and by the time he got back Ed was sitting on the couch with alchemic notes spewed throughout the room like he first expected him to be.

It was a few months later before he caught Edward again, this time washing the dishes humming the same tune. Once again Roy could not bring himself to interrupt his little blonde and had jogged around the block. After that Roy would be careful whenever entering their house just in case Edward was in a domestic mood. Every time Roy saw Edward doing a household chore he would watch in silent wonder, asking to himself what thoughts were going through the golden haired boys head to give him such a look of utter peace-yet at the same time held such sadness in that small upturned-smile.

Roy wasn't really aware how long it had been since is first discovery of the blondes little habit, but throughout their first few years together it was just one of the mysteries that made Edward, Edward. A mystery that one day was unraveled accidentally by an annoyed Roy.

It had been a particularly difficult day at work, and since it was Edward's day off he had no one to console him during his signing Paperwork Mountain, dodging a PMSing Hawkeye fury, and the chaos of something or another getting loose is the hall…Roy didn't even want to know…anyways, he was walking home in a huff the only thought on his mind was getting home, crashing on his bed, and taking a long needed nap before grabbing Edward so the blonde could… 'comfort' him. In his irritated mind he completely forgot to listen for the enchanting melody as a sign of Edward cleaning, and naturally the one day he forgets would be the day Edward was making the bed, where Roy stormed into with full intent on collapsing on the comfy surface. Instead he was greeted by Edward still caught up in his trance like state.

Roy had just enough sense to start backing out of the room, but to his misfortune the exact place he set down his foot let out a low creak which snapped Edward out of his spell.

"R-Roy!" He stuttered with a violent blush forming on his face. "What are you doing home early?!" He quickly threw down the bedding in hopes it would hide what he had just been doing.

"I'm not…" said Roy hesitating on what to say next. "um…" He sighed unable to come up with the right words and went to sit down on the bed motioning Edward to follow him. As the blonde sat down hesitantly the elder wrapped his arms around him and dragged him down so they were laying on the half made bed with Edwards head resting in that crook of Roy's next that he seemed to mold perfectly with."It's not…" Roy sighed again and pulled Edward a bit closer to himself. "It's not my first time seeing you like this." He finally let out and felt Edward's form stiffen next to him.

"Oh." He replied, for once at a loss for words, causing Roy to raise a small smile and kiss the younger's temple softly.

"May I ask why?" whispered Roy in a soft genital voice. Edward sighed and nodded, shifting from Roy's grasp so he could sit up and stare down at his lover.

"Well," The small blonde paused trying to find the right way to begin. "well, when I was younger, and trying to impress Mother with alchemy I discovered how to dry clothes. I thought of how much this could help her with her daily chores, since she had so many. When I showed her she gave me that smile she always did when I did alchemy for her, but the next day there she was hanging up the laundry instead of asking me to dry it for her. When I asked her why she smiled and said 'Why don't I show you?' and she taught me how to hang up the laundry while singing that song. When we were done I still didn't see why she wouldn't just do the easier way and she just replied with a smile and said 'Sometimes it's nice just to do something with your own two hands and cleaning is such a simple thing really, that you can let your mind wander, it's a peaceful time.' Well after that, I guess, Mother taught me all the household chores and back then I never really enjoyed it, but now…" He paused glancing back down at Roy, who was listening intently, "but now it reminds me of her, and it does put me at peace, you know?" he mumbled a light blush coming to his face. Roy smiled and sat up next to him, cupping his chin.

"Yeah, I know." He whispered as he descended onto the younger's lips and wrapping an arm around his petite waist to bring him close. In hearts as scarred as theirs few things brought them peace; becoming lost in an old memory or becoming lost in each other's embrace we're two of the very short list which brought the two to a level where they could momentarily forget about pain and be truly happy.

After that day Roy was still careful not to burst in on the blonde while is was off in his memories, but every once in a while he would find himself folding clothes with his young lover smiling and learning the proper tune to hum, and creating new domestic memories for him to look back upon one day when he is old and grey and a much older Elric laid beside him to replace the nightmares of yesterday's pains and yesterday's sorrows with dreams of simple pleasures of just being next to the one who could bring him the peace he always wanted.


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