You Give Me Hot Blooded Fever By Falconlobo

I don't own Foster's or Aspirin

What could a Possible Fever do to a redhead after one bad night?

One Rabbit is about to find out the fun way

Herriman took a shower after that disaster of a night

Wilt, Ed, and Coco, took turns taking showers to wash the mud off after Mr. H was done.

While the rest were taking turns getting clean,

Herriman sent Bloo to bed with water and aspirin went to check on Frankie who had one heck of a bad night..

He picked Frankie up by her bottom and touched her forehead.

She was warm he was a little worried she was coming down with something

He said "Ms. Frankie Are you alight?"

She started touching his face and below deck and he blushed causing her to blush.

Apparently she has a fever he thought otherwise he might want to act upon this further

"I'm fine she said just a little spooked from this ordeal" if you are fine then why are running a fever then?

"I'm not running a fever I was running from a maniac with a hook hand in a raincoat that's why I'm warm.

And maybe you're the one with the fever Mr. Herriman."

"Why would you think I Have a fever?"

"Then why are you acting like you want me explain that?"

"It could be a fever I guess, or maybe I do want you did you ever think of that?

And the reason I think you have a fever is because you're acting like you want me as well."

"Well perhaps I do want you, do you want to find out?"

Herriman was getting a bit nervous and exited cause he wanted Frankie

and he hoped to no end that she wanted him too.

But her health was more important so he said

"Ms. Frankie I do want you to go get cleaned up so you don't get sick"

"Aw you do care you crazy rabbit" then she kissed him on the lips and went to get cleaned up"

Herriman stood there for a half hour with a love-struck look then he decided to take another shower a cold one.

But by the time he got to his bedroom after his shower of the cold kind,

he reached out to open his door then he noticed his bedroom door was already open.

He went inside only to find a Redhead in a black short sexy night in his bed.

Needless to say he was aroused, but he was still worried if Frankie was herself or not.

He did not want to take advantage of her if she was not well.

"Err Ms. Frankie are you sure you don't have a fever?"

"Only for you BunnyBoy I took my temp and its normal

I'm just a hot blooded redhead who just wants some bunny-loving."

He replied "Well allrighty then let's go for it."

So they did get it on all night long. Both hot blooded burning with the fever of love for each other.

Oh what a lovely way to burn.

The End